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Code of Ethics

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 806 of the General Municipal Law, the Board of Trustees promulgates these rules of ethical conduct for the members of the Board of Trustees of the Center Moriches Free Public Library. These rules shall be in addition to any prohibition of Article 18 of the General Municipal Law, the Library Trustees Handbook or any other general or special law relating to the ethical conduct of municipal officers and its employees.

Duties of Trustee

A Trustee must act in good faith and exercise the degree of diligence, care and skill that an ordinary prudent individual would use under similar circumstances in a like position. To conform to this standard a Trustee should:

  1. Regularly attend and participate in Board meetings.
  2. Read, review and inquire about materials that involve the Library, including Board minutes, Director’s Reports, Accountant’s Reports, and any additional reports that involve the Library.
  3. Have a fiduciary responsibility for the assets, finances and investments of the Library.
  4. Use his or her own good judgment in analyzing matters that impact the Library.

Professional Accountability

Maintaining the public trust is an essential element to meet the Center Moriches Free Public Library’s mission. Trustees owe allegiance to the Library and must act in good faith with the best interest of the Library in mind. They should not seek to benefit personally from any business derived from the Library without full disclosure to the Board. They must avoid conflicts of interest or engage in actions that give the appearance of such.

A Trustee has a responsibility to ensure that the resources of the Library are dedicated to the fulfillment of its mission. A Trustee also has the duty to ensure that the Library complies with all applicable laws and does not engage in any unauthorized activities.

A Trustee should express individual viewpoints but work harmoniously with the board toward consensus.


Approved by the Board of Trustees on 7/13/2013