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Contest Eligibility

The Center Moriches Free Public Library (“CMFPL” or “the Library”) serves several school districts whose residents can contract library service from several public libraries.  Provided they reside within a district served by CMFPL, have a current library card with the Library, and have fulfilled all participation requirements, a library patron is eligible to participate in library-sponsored contests (raffle, merit-based, etc.).  For the purposes of library-sponsored contests, employees and trustees are considered to be patrons.  There will be no special consideration given based on employment at the library, nor will any patron (except the Library’s Director) be excluded from participating because of their professional association with the library.  Contests that are open to any non-resident will be noted as “All Welcome”.

  • Relatives residing in employees’ and trustees’ households are eligible to participate under the above-outlined terms.
  • The Library Director is not eligible to enter or participate in any contest.

Contest Procedures Raffle contests will be conducted as follows:

  • All physical raffle entries will be placed in a sealed collection container.
  • Collection containers will remain sealed for the duration of the contest, unless repairs or increased capacity is needed to the collection container.
  • Where possible, collection containers will be housed in a public area, visible to public.
  • The collection container will be unsealed in public view and the winning entry will be randomly drawn from the container by the Library Director or her designee.  The winning entry will be announced publicly in a timely fashion.
  • Where reasonable to implement, technology will be used to randomly generate a winner.

Judging of Competition:

  • No contest judge shall have entered the competition or have a relative entered in the competition.


Approved by the Board of Trustees on 12/16/2020