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Maintenance of Public Order at Library Facilities

I. Purpose

The following rules, regulations and procedures are enacted by the Board of Trustees for the purpose of
maintaining public order in the Library facilities and surrounding sites by all library patrons, visitors and
employees, as well as other licensees and invitees, in accordance with Section 262 of the Education Law of the
State of New York.

II. Conditional Permission for Use of Library Facilities

As a condition for the use of Library premises, Library patrons, employees, visitors and other licensees and invitees who enter upon or remain in the Library facilities, agree that they shall be subject to these rules and regulations. Failure to comply with the same shall constitute grounds for the immediate ejection as a trespasser, suspension of library borrowing privileges and revocation of rights to enter upon Library premises.

III. Purpose of Use of Library Facilities

The use of Library facilities and entry onto Library premises shall be limited to employees of the Library in the performance of their duties, and patrons and visitors to the Library facilities and offices for purposes of reading, selecting, returning and borrowing of Library books and materials, conducting business with the Library, and attendance of educational conferences, meetings, programs and concerts authorized or conducted by the Board of Trustees or other Library personnel. All persons entering or remaining upon Library premises for any other purpose shall be deemed to be trespassers.

IV. Proper Conduct of Library Patrons

  1. While on Library premises, patrons shall engage in reading, studying, using Library materials, or similar activities associated with the use of a public library. Any patron not so engaged shall be required to leave the premises.
  2. Patrons shall not disrupt nor disturb another’s use of the Library by:
    1. Engaging in loud or boisterous activities;
    2. Playing audio or video equipment so that others can hear it;
    3. Singing or talking to others or in monologue such that patrons are disturbed;
    4. Staring at another person such that the other could reasonably be considered to be annoyed;
    5. Following another person about the premises such that the person followed is annoyed or disturbed; or
    6. Engaging in any other activity which within the discretion of supervising Library personnel constitutes an annoyance, disruption or distraction to patrons and the orderly and peaceful utilization of the Library.
  3. Patrons are prohibited from:
    1. Smoking in all public areas, including vestibules;
    2. Defacing, damaging or destroying Library materials, equipment and/or property;
    3. Eating or drinking on Library property except in designated areas and with prior approval of the Library Board of Trustees.
    4. Re-arranging Library furniture or utilizing one chair by more than one patron.
    5. Sitting or putting feet on Library tables.
    6. Bringing any pets with the exception of trained service dogs into the building.
  4. Patrons shall not be permitted to enter the premises without footwear as well as proper upper and lower body covering.
  5. Parents or guardians are prohibited from leaving children under ten (10) years of age unattended

V. Enforcement Procedures

  1. The Library Director or her designees, in the first instance, shall be responsible for the enforcement of these rules and regulations. Any violation thereof shall be immediately reported to the Library Director or her designee who shall thereupon immediately make inquiry of the facts and circumstances surrounding the complaint, and who may thereupon either direct the trespasser to cease and desist the violation or vacate the premises. Upon the refusal of such person to obey the directive of the Library Director or her designee, such Library Director or designee is hereby authorized and directed to make a complaint to the Suffolk County Police Department and to sign any information as necessary charging said trespasser with the appropriate violation of the Penal Law. The Library Director shall forthwith make a report to the Board of Trustees.
  2. The Library shall indemnify and save harmless the Library Director, her designee, or any other Library personnel, from any action, claim or proceeding instituted against such person arising out of the enforcement of these rules and regulations by such Library personnel.
  3. In addition to all of the foregoing summary remedies against the trespasser and/or person in violation of law and these rules and regulations, the Library Director may thereafter, in her sole discretion, direct that the trespassers’ library privileges be suspended for a period of time not to exceed one year.

VI. Appeal Procedure

Each person whose privileges have been suspended shall have the right to submit a written notice of appeal to the Board of Trustees within thirty (30) days of any action of the Library Director suspending borrowing privileges or revoking their license to enter upon Library premises. The Board of Trustees, or their designee, shall convene a hearing within ten (10) days of submission of such notice of appeal, at which time and place the aggrieved shall be afforded the opportunity to present evidence, testify and cross examine witnesses. Within seven (7) days of such hearing, the Board of Trustees shall render a decision in writing either restoring the aggrieved person’s library privileges or confirming the Library Director’s actions explaining the reason for the continuance of the Director’s action.

Adopted 5/19/94, revised 1/24/11 by the Library Board of Trustees