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Security Camera Policy

The Center Moriches Free Public Library is committed to providing a safe place for patrons to enrich their lives, foster a love of reading and gain access to information. With that mission in mind, the purpose of recording video is for the safety of patrons and staff, and for the purpose of gathering evidence while maintaining the individual rights of patrons and staff. The library shall comply with all applicable state and federal laws on video surveillance and recordings. However, the Center Moriches Free Public Library retains the discretion to use such recordings for other purposes such as cooperation with local law enforcement.

A sign at the main entrance indicates that video surveillance is in use on Library premises in locations where individuals lack a reasonable expectation of privacy. Additional signs throughout the Library indicate cameras are in use.

Only the Library Director, her designee, Security and Technology Services Staff may review surveillance recordings. Footage is stored digitally on a computer that is secured in a controlled area and is kept for a maximum of 28 days where technologically possible. Confidentiality / privacy issues prohibit viewing by the general public.

Law enforcement may be supplied with live shots/recordings in accordance with applicable state and federal laws and pursuant to the receipt of a proper legal request. The requirement of a proper legal request may be waived by the Library Director.

As appropriate, images may be shared with the Suffolk Cooperative Library System and its member libraries.

A breach of this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. A Library employee who knows of an unauthorized disclosure/privacy breach must immediately inform the Director.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees on 9/18/17