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Tutoring Policy

The Center Moriches Free Public Library is the community’s favored place to meet, to learn and to discover. On a daily basis, the Library connects people to each other and to the world. As part of our mission to support the educational, informational and leisure activities of our patrons, tutoring will be supported on the premises in accordance with this policy.

  1. Tutors are individuals who provide instruction to others either on a paid or volunteer basis. Only those volunteer tutors working through the non-profit agency Literacy Suffolk, Inc. may reserve a private meeting space to work with a student. All other private tutors must adhere to the guidelines in this policy.
  2. Children under 18 years of age who are tutored in the Library are the responsibility of the tutor while on Library property until they are released to a parent/guardian. Library Policy mandates that students under 10 years of age be attended by an adult (parent, guardian, or caregiver) while in the Library.
  3. Tutors shall work with a maximum of two (2) students per session in the Library. The Library is not to be used as a classroom of office space, but as a safe and quiet workspace for students to receive instruction in order to assist them to be academically successful.
  4. Tutoring is not allowed in any open areas of the Library, but is permitted in the Community Room or the Children’s Activities Room when these rooms are not otherwise in use for Library programs. In the event that the Community Room and Children’s Activities Room are in use, then tutors may be allowed to use other rooms in the Library provided that they are not being used by patrons as quiet study areas. Tutors may not have exclusive use of any such rooms, and reservations cannot be made for any of these rooms.
  5. Tutors and their students are required to follow the Library’s Code of Conduct, which is to be found in Library Policy, posted throughout the building.
  6. The Library reserves the right to require tutoring groups that become too loud or disruptive to leave the Library.
  7. The Library does not sponsor, recommend, or assume liability or responsibility for the work and/or activities of tutors who use Library space. Tutors may not distribute or disseminate advertisements, letters, flyers or business cards identifying the Library as their place of doing business or imply Library sponsorship of their activities.
  8. It is the responsibility of tutors to establish communication with their students, and not to instruct the students or their parents to contact the Library regarding their work. The Library staff cannot take or deliver messages to students or their tutors.
  9. Tutors working with students at the end of the Library day are asked to leave the Library fifteen minutes before closing time.
  10. No money may be exchanged in the Library for tutoring services.
  11. The Library reserves the right to require both tutors and students to sign in at the Computer Lab or Adult Reference Desk in the Library, as well as to require the tutor to display a picture ID for identification purposes. Additionally, either the tutor or the student must be a registered member of the Center Moriches Free Public Library in order to use designated Library areas for the purpose of tutoring.

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees 7/9/12 Revised 12/18/23