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Cafe Construction

Hampton Coffee Company

After almost two years of planning, the Library is excited to announce that construction on the Library Café will begin on April 14, 2021!

During construction we do not anticipate any significant interruptions however, all traffic must enter and exit from Railroad Avenue (near the Post Office).

This expansion will create approximately 600 square feet of usable space under the existing canopy on the Southwest corner of the building. It will provide a comfortable area for patrons to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or a snack while they read the paper, work on an assignment or converse with friends.  This project also includes the creation of wider sidewalks on the West end of the building, modifying curbs on the West side of the parking lot, a permanent emergency exit out of the Teen area and the creation of a closet in our Community Room. Careful budgeting has allowed this project to proceed without asking the public taxpayer for additional funding for this Capital Project.  The project was publicly bid and Renu contracting was awarded the project totaling $977,450.

The Library Café will feature products from Hampton Coffee Company and will offer a menu of homemade hot breakfast and lunch, coffee and espresso drinks, and lots of delicious bakery items–all baked right here at the Library!

September 29th, 2021

The vestibule with automatic doors has been installed as well as the glass storefront.  Electrical is almost complete.  Installation of drywall and flooring are scheduled soon.

Automatic door
West storefront
South Storefront
INsulated Plumbing

August 23, 2021

The walls and ceilings have been almost completely framed.  The plumbing is roughed in and insulated.  HVAC ductwork is in place.  We are ready for the storefront, and then we can really start finishing construction!

framed kitchen
HVAC ducts
entrance and side
looking out the front entrance

July 20, 2021

The concrete floor has cured and the walls are being framed out.  HVAC and duct work are being installed and plumbing is currently being worked on.  The layout of the space is starting to take shape!

counter to rest of building

June 29, 2021

The concrete slab has been poured and interior plumbing and electrical work has begun. We are a few short months away from the anticipated completion date of mid October.

ground is compacted
prepped to pour concrete
pouring concrete
pouring concrete
floor is ready

May 11, 2021

Work has been steady and we anticipate pouring foundation and replacing the walkways and curbs in the upcoming week.  This past month our General Contractor, RENU constructed a temporary wall to serve as a barrier to reduce noise, dust and debris by the current computer area.

original computer area
original computer area framed for temporary wall
computer area with temporary construction wall

A temporary door that will later serve as a permanent emergency exit was installed in the Teen Area and trees were relocated on the property.

New Emergency Exit by Teen
Plants Relocated

The Community Room closet has been constructed we await materials to finish off this portion of the project.

The Stage Before Construction
The Closet Where the Stage Was
The New Closet, Almost Finished

Sidewalks were removed as well as the existing concrete pad located under the canopy.  Once soil testing is completed, footings and foundation will be poured.

removing concrete pad
heavy machinery
deck cleaned


How the front of the building currently looks, before construction.

Front of the Library with Canopy
picture of the front canopy