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Abramson, Harry B.
8/25/32 Principal hears wedding bells p.1
Adrienne, Psychic Performer
12/21/33 Tells how to pay Xmas bills p.1
Agricultural Adjustment Administration
9/20/34 Urges study of price of food p.3
10/4/34 Claim families need more milk p.2
See also: N.Y.S. Drink more milk Campaign
Albin, Mr. & Mrs. Alonzo B.
8/30/34 Couple celebrates p.2
Alstadt, Henry C.
7/10/30 Appointed for 7th year p.1
American Agriculturist
4/23/31 LI, The Sunrise County p.2
American Agriculturist Master Farmer Awards
12/27/28 Pick Master farmers p.1
American Boy Youth’s Companion
10/11/34 Reading fun for boys p.2
American Forest Week
4/21/28 Proclamation by Pres. p.1
American Legion
9/10/26 Compensation…p.1
2/11/27 Hold dinner p.1
2/26/28 Post formed p.1
5/3/28 Hold dance p.1
5/10/28 Decides name p.1
5/17/28 Growing fast p.1
5/24/28 Hotel crowded p.1
5/31/28 Post adds members p.1
6/14/28 Plan more events p.1
6/28/28 Post active p.1
7/19/28 Receives charter p.1
8/16/28 Hold 10th convention p.1
10/4/28 Form auxiliary p.1
10/18/28 Aid to community p.1
10/25/28 Form auxiliary p.1
11/8/28 Plans observance p.1
11/15/28 Armistice day p.1
12/6/28 Aid veterans p.1
1/24/29 Active p.1
7/29 Banquet p.1
2/21/29 Working for community p.1
3/7/29 Meeting p.1
3/21/29 Greet commander p.1
3/28/29 Move to Main st. p.1
4/11/29 First joint meeting p.1
4/18/29 Enthusiastic p.1
5/2/29 House warming p.1
5/16/29 Making parade plans p.1
6/6/29 Presents flags p.1
6/20/29 Observe flag day p.1
6/27/29 Labor day event p.1
8/1/29 Carnival p.1
8/8/29 Carnival p.1
8/15/29 Carnival p.1
8/22/29 Flags up for holidays p.1
9/5/29 Holds meeting p.1
11/1/29 Meeting p.1
11/14/29 Holds big meet p.1
11/27/29 Elects p.1
12/12/29 Dinner dances p.1
7/18/29 Entertains Patchogue p.1
12/5/29 Install officers p.1
12/19/29 Responds to appeal p.1
12/26/29 Give presents p.1
1/16/30 Meeting p.1
1/23/30 Meeting p.1
1/23/30 Favors universal draft p.1
1/30/30 Establish ambulance…p.1
2/6/30 Public endorses project p.1
2/13/30 Receives support p.1
2/20/30 Enjoy party p.1
2/20/30 Make progress p.1
2/27/30 Gaining strength p.8
3/6/30 Give school awards p.1
3/20/30 E’port pledges support p.1
4/3/30 Membership drive p.1
4/10/30 Meet p.8
4/17/30 Have $1440 for ambulance. p.1
4/17/30 Urge vets to join p.1
4/17/30 Legion birth in 1919 p.8
4/24/30 Eastport helps post p.1
4/24/30 Ambulance fund boost p.1
4/24/30 Button mark of honor p.1
5/1/30 Goal is nearing p.1
5/8/30 Ambulance fund p.1
5/15/30 Ambulance fund p.1
5/22/30 Ambulance project p.1
5/29/30 Program honors vets p.1
29/30 May donate to fund p.1
6/5/30 Ambulance fund p.1
6/12/30 All veterans welcome p.1
6/19/30 Event on McAleen estate p.1
7/3/30 New ambulance p.1
7/10/30 Ambulance fund p.8
7/17/30 Air circus in Islip p.1
7/17/30 Boxing carnival p.1
7/24/30 Gets support p.1
7/31/30 County meet p.1
7/31/30 Boxing…ambulance fund p.1
8/7/30 Ambulance…ordered p.1
8/7/30 Sales…ambulance fund p.1
8/21/30 Nearly reaches goal p.1
8/28/30 Drive will close p.1
9/4/30 Sent order for ambulance p.1
9/18/30 Ambulance fund p.1
10/2/30 Ambulance is here p.1
10/9/30 Ambulance service p.1
10/16/30 New year p.1
10/30/30 Hold party p.1
11/6/30 Post praised p.1
American Legion
11/13/30 Dinner p.1
11/20/30 Basketball team p.1
11/26/30 Basketballers 1st game p.1
12/4/30 Post aiding local vets p.1
12/24/30 Meeting p.1
12/31/30 Party p.1
1/8/31 Join now p.1
1/8/31 Why join the legion? p.1
1/22/32 Plans Memorial house p.1
2/12/31 Taking out papers p.1
2/12/31 Solid in program p.1
2/19/31 Helping unemployment p.1
2/26/31 Helping Americanization p.1
2/26/31 Attends Moriches service p.1
3/5/31* Active p.1
3/19/31 Ambulance…42 calls p.1
3/19/31 Junior baseball p.1
3/19/31 Help vets file claims p.1
3/26/31 Busy days ahead p.1
4/9/31 Active in welfare work p.1
4/16/31 Spring surprise p.1
4/23/31 Fall convention p.1
4/23/32 McClain made co. chairman p.1
30/31 Offer prizes p.1
5/7/31 Affair on Memorial day p.1
5/28/31 Plans for Memorial day p.1
6/4/31 Grateful for cooperation p.1
6/18/31 Big celebration p.1
6/25/31 Dance to end contest p.1
7/9/31* Jack Hurley winner p.1
7/2/31 Dance p.1
7/9/31* Thirty divisions meet p.1
7/23/31 Monster funds from carnival p.1
7/30/31 Awards contest prizes p.1
8/6/31 Country meeting p.1
8/20/31 Ambulance calls reach 100 p.1
9/3/31 Party for community p.1
9/10/31 Convention p.1
9/17/31 Cheer up veterans p.1
9/17/31 Support officials p.1
10/1/31 Honor veterans p.1
10/8/31 Ambulance…on jump p.1
10/8/31 Post growing p.1
10/22/31 Peppy meeting p.1
11/5/31 Armistice day p.1
11/12/31 Install officers p.1
11/12/31 Over 100 enjoy supper p.1
11/19/31 Planning active winter p.1
12/10/31 Adds member p.1
12/10/31 Bernhard heads comm. p.1
12/17/31 Entertain p.1
12/31/31 Xmas party p.1
12/31/31 Northport hosp. p.1
1/21/32 Gets citation p.1
2/24/32 Members meet p.1
2/18/32 Vet’s medical center p.1
2/18/32 War on depression p.1
2/25/32 Sanitation services p.1
3/3/32 Battle orders p.1
3/3/32 War…rout depression p.1
3/3/32 Elect officers p.1
3/17/32 Many activities p.1
4/14/32 Celebration p.1
4/14/32 National meeting p.1
4/21/32 Open house p.1
4/21/32 Observe 4th birthday p.1
5/5/32 Post anniversary p.1
5/5/32 Preparing for Memorial day p.1
19/32 Poppy day p.1
5/19/32 To mobilize p.1
5/19/32 Memorial day observance p.1
6/2/32 Memorial day observed p.1
3/24/32 National program p.1
6/2/32 Legion mobilization p.1
6/9/32 Eastport flag day p.1
6/16/32 Adds to essay awards p.1
6/30/32 Present medals p.1
7/7/32 Minstrel p.1
7/14/32 Minstrel p.1
7/21/32 Pershing invited p.1
7/21/32 Convention p.1
7/21/32 Super minstrel p.1
7/28/32 Big minstrel p.1
8/4/32 Minstrel fills house p.1
8/4/32 Post keeps faith p.1
8/4/32 Convention p.1
8/4/32 Meet at Port Jeff. p.1
8/18/32 Convention p.1
8/25/32 Repeat minstrel show p.1
9/8/32 Minstrels p.1
10/13/32 Ambululance, good work p.1
10/13/32 Elect officers p.1
10/20/32 Elects officers p.1
11/3/32 Armistice ball p.1
12/7/33 Commander names comm. p.1
12/21/33 Favors bridges p.1
1/11/34 Masquerade dinner p.1
1/18/34 Legion activities p.1
2/1/34 Jolly meet p.1
2/1/32 Pushes 4 point bill p.1
2/15/34 How to display flag p.6
2/22/34 Dances p.1
3/1/34 Ambulance busy p.1
3/1/34 Takes children…in storm p.1
3/8/34 Dance p.1
4/5/34 Meeting p.1
5/11/34 Ambulance, 2 calls p.1
5/3/34 Parades Memorial day p.1
5/18/34* Sponsors Scouts p.1
5/18/32* Plans summer season p.1
5/25/34 Memorial day program p.1
6/1/34 Meeting p.1
8/34 Legion meets p.1
6/22/34 To dance p.1
7/13/34 Ambulance p.1
7/20/34 Exceed membership p.1
8/3/34 Appoints delegates p.5
8/3/34 Convene p.1
8/10/34 Kirk to head Legion p.1
American Legion
8/17/34 Use of inhalator p.1
8/17/34 Ambulance “Thank You” p.1
8/30/34 Community lifesaver p.8
8/30/34 Legion and ladies meeting p.4
9/13/34 Dance by candle light p.1
9/20/34 Dayton, Grand Cheminot p.1
9/27/34 To install p.7
10/18/34 Herrley heads post p.1
10/25/34 Armistice dance p.5
11/1/34 Armistice ball p.1
11/1/34 Meeting ends in row p.1
11/8/34 Armistice service p.1
American Legion Auxiliary
1/17/29 Card party p.1
3/14/29 Unit awarded prize p.1
3/28/29 Dance p.1
4/4/29 Dance p.1
4/25/29 Meeting in old rooms p.1
5/9/29 Sell poppies p.1
5/23/29 Sell poppies p.1
11/14/29 Elects p.1
1/16/30 Serve 140 ladies p.1
3/13/30 At Northport p.1
3/13/30 Received bulletin p.5
3/27/30 Dancers at ball p.1
4/3/30 Little tots feature p.5
4/10/30 Active p.1
5/22/30 Poppy…endorsed by Pres. p.1
5/29/30 Poppies selling p.1
6/12/30 Has $130 in poppy sales p.1
6/26/30 Doing much good p.1
7/10/30 Visits vets p.8
7/17/30 Visited Huntington p.1
7/24/30 Moonlight sail p.1
25/30 County meet here p.8
10/2/30 Give vets party p.1
10/9/30 County meet here p.1
10/16/30 Elects p.1
10/23/30 To Northport hospital p.1
11/6/30 County meet p.1
12/4/30 More new members p.1
12/18/30 Visit Northport p.1
12/18/30 Meets at Riverhead p.1
1/15/31 Meet p.1
1/15/31 Big night p.1
1/29/31 Plans p.1
2/12/31 Active p.1
2/12/31 Meeting p.1
2/19/31 Card party p.1
3/5/31* Annual dance p.1
3/12/31 Hold 3rd dance p.1
3/19/31 Meets p.1
3/26/31 Driving for quotas p.1
3/26/31 Card party p.1
4/9/31 Gives vets a dance p.1
4/16/31 Dance p.1
4/16/31 County meet p.1
4/23/31 Dance p.1
4/30/31 Special meeting p.1
5/14/31 Meet p.1
5/14/31 To sell poppies p.1
5/21/31 Have you bought your poppy? p.1
5/28/31 Adding members p.1
6/11/31 Enter float in parade p.1
6/25/31 Initiate 6 members p.1
7/23/31 Food sale…good sum p.1
8/13/31 Large attendance p.1
9/3/31 Moonlight sail p.1
9/24/31 Convention reports p.1
10/15/31 Annual meeting p.1
10/29/31 Officers installed p.1
12/10/31 Dance p.1
12/17/31 Hold dance p6.
11/14/32 Many at dance p.1
1/28/32 Initiation p.1
2/11/32 Jolly party p.1
2/11/32 Party p.1
3/10/32 Meets p.1
3/24/32 Annual dance p.1
3/21/32 Card party p.1
4/14/32 Talk on poppies p.1
4/28/32 Poppies…annual sale p.1
5/12/32 Poppy sale p.1
16/32 Wins 1st prize p.1
6/23/32 Plans for summer p.1
7/14/32 Patchogue unit p.1
7/21/32 Auxiliaries meet p.1
7/28/32 Party & picnic p.1
10/13/32 Elect officers p.1
10/13/32 Meeting p.1
10/27/32 Appoints comm. p.1
12/7/33 Dance attended by 200 p.1
12/14/33 Activities p.1
3/1/34 Flag to Scouts p.1
3/15/34 Musical program p.1
3/29/34 Lively meeting p.1
4/5/34 Supper postponed p.1
4/12/34 Past pres. meeting p.1
4/19/34 Supper has crowd p.1
4/26/34 Hears defense program p.1
5/11/34 Lady vets do welfare work p.1
5/25/34 Poster contest p.1
5/25/34 Memorial service p.1
6/15/34 Busy session p.1
6/29/34 Meetings p.1
7/13/34 Straw ride p.1
8/3/34 Meeting p.5
8/3/34 Auxiliary Jr. meeting p.4
8/10/34 Repeat straw ride p.1
8/17/34 Junior aux. picnic p.1
8/17/34 Straw ride p.1
8/30/34 At John Ducks’ p.8
8/20/34 Skeeters back p.8
9/13/34 Elect p.1
9/20/34 Despite storm 12 attend p.1
9/27/34 Meetings p.1
10/4/34 Installs officers p.1
10/25/34 Legion juniors p.4
American Legion Nat’l Employment Comm.
3/10/32 Jobs found p.1
3/17/32 Employment campaign p.1
4/28/32 War…depression campaign p.5
American Red Cross
5/13/27 Collects $500…flood sufferers p.1
11/8/28 Start annual call p.1
12/15/28 Drive p.1
11/14/29 Books for blind p.8
11/14/29 Knit for relief p.8
11/13/30 Relief, 90 disasters p.2
2/12/31 Asks contributions p.1
2/18/32 Supplying hot lunches p.1
3/26/31 Quota nearly double p.1
11/26/31 Appeals p.1
11/16/33 Poster p.8
9/6/34 Wants life guards at camps p.3
11/8/34 In 103 disasters p.2
11/8/34 Safeguards health p.2
Am. Soc. for Prevent. of Cruelty to Animals
9/13/34 Drive to aid summer pets p.3
American Spaniel Club Dog Show
2/1/34 Local dogs in NY show p.1
American Telephone and Telegraph Company
11/26/31 Letters now sent by wire p.1
8/11/32 Voice links to 6 more countries p.7
Anti-mosquito Assn. of Long Island
8/30/28 New campaign p.1
9/10/31 Mosquito question again p.1
Anti-saloon League of New York State
7/31/30 Benefit of prohibition law p.4
Antique Club
1/20/28 Feasts p.1
2/10/28 Quaint quarters p.1
2/24/28 Social eve p.1
3/29/28 Get cook stove p.1
10/18/28 Holds meet p.1
11/8/28 Rooms improved p.1
12/6/28 Big chowder feed p.1
1/3/29 Enjoy stew p.1
1/17/29 Meeting p.1
9/12/29 Build addition p.1
11/14/29 Cheer for Neville p.1
12/26/29 Have oyster stew p.1
1/16/30 Largest gathering p.1
2/6/30 Roast beef supper p.1
2/13/30 Chicken pot pie p.1
2/27/30 Supper p.1
3/20/30 Weekly supper p.5
4/17/30 Supper p.8
6/19/30 Help celebrate p.9
11/13/30 Roast duck dinner p.1
11/20/30 Chicken dumplings p.1
12/11/30 Turkey feast p.1
1/15/31 Many members join p.1
2/15/34 Frolic with lady friends p.1
6/29/34 Feasts p.1
Arbor Day
3/3/32 Proclaimed p.1
3/29/34 Graves sets Arbor day p.1
Arnold, George H.
10/25/34 Settlement reached p.2
Ashford, Henry
3/17/32 Jury acquittal p.1
Assn. of Sportsman’s Clubs
3/12/31 Dog trials p.1
Associated Retail Liquor Dealers of L.I.
1/25/34 Organize p.7
Associated School Boards
4/30/31 Meet at Freeport p.8
Associated Villages
2/26/31 Old Clothes dance p.1
Autocaster News Service of N.Y.
9/6/28 Nat. beauty contest p.1
6/5/30 Unexpected boosting p.1
Automobile Accidents
9/10/26 Killed…auto turns over p.1
11/25/26 Crossing takes 2 lives p.1
2/18/27 Narrow escape p.1
3/4/27 Close shave p.1
4/1/27 Crushed by truck p.1
4/1/27 Auto hit p.1
4/1/27 Four car accident p.1
4/8/27 Auto tries to emulate fish p.1
4/8/27 Loper…auto accident p.1
4/8/27 Driver gets $100 fine p.1
4/15/27 Arrested after crash p.1
4/29/27 Avoids auto accident p.1
5/13/27 “Can’t keep a good car down” p.1
7/15/27 Bee causes wreck p.1
7/22/27 Cars collide p.1
7/29/27 Several injured p.1
8/15/27 Many accidents p.1
8/5/27 Smoking pipe blows up auto p.1
8/12/27 One man killed p.1
8/26/27 Three fatalities p.1
8/26/27 Week…3 fatalities p.1
9/30/27 Man injured p.1
10/14/27 Two accidents p.1
10/21/27 Cars collide p.1
11/4/27 Cars crash p.1
10/28/27 Two accidents p.1
10/28/27 Three hurt p.1
11/4.27 Hit by automobile p.1
11/4/27 Raynor p.1
Automobile Accidents
11/11/27 Two accidents p.1
11/11/27 Two men killed p.1
11/18/27 Testimony of train crew p.1
11/25/27 Man knocked unconscious p.1
11/25/27 Verdict in death crash p.1
11/25/27 Two killed in crash p.1
12/9/27 In fatal accident p.1
12/9/27 Car skids…sale lost p.1
12/16/27 Lukert freed of blame p.1
12/30/27 Saarbach knocked down p.1
1/6/28 Three cars crash p.1
2/3/28 At death curve p.1
2/10/28 Hit & run driver p.1
2/24/28 Residents narrow escape p.1
3/15/28 Push car into store p.1
5/31/28 Auto hits parked sedan p.1
3/29/28 Truck…into Overland p.1
4/19/28 Local men help p.4
4/26/28 Have narrow escape p.1
5/10/28 Wanted to kill himself p.1
5/13/28 Two accidents p.1
6/7/28 Knocked down by car p.1
6/14/28 Car rolls over p.1
6/21/28 In crash p.1
6/28/28 Two are injured p.1
7/12/28 Faithful Henry hurt p.1
7/19/28 Auto collision trial p.1
7/26/28 Many accidents p.1
7/26/28 Jury trial p.1
9/20/28 Driver escapes death p.1
9/27/28 Men have narrow escape p.1
10/4/28 Crashes into pond p.1
10/11/28 When Ford meets Ford p.1
11/15/28 Peterson escapes p.1
11/22/28 Autoists in mix-up p.1
11/29/28 Trial…p.1
11/29/28 Reckless drivers trial p.1
12/6/28 Trucks & cars p.1
12/20/28 Woman killed p.1
12/27/28 Cars collide p.1
1/3/29 Accident p.1
1/3/29 Girl in accident p.1
1/10/29 Ford hit by train p.1
9/13/28 Knocked from bicycle p.1
1/17/29 Cars upset at Southaven p.l
1/24/29 Narrow escape p.1
2/14/29 Auto joy riders p.1
3/7/29 Collision p.1
3/21/29 Escapes from 9th accident p.1
3/28/29 Big truck…narrow call p.1
3/28/29 Crash at Eastport p.1
4/4/29 Man dies in wreck p.1
4/18/29 Fined…crashing into hole p.1
4/25/29 Narrow escape p.1
5/9/29 Auto smashed by train p.1
5/16/29 School girls killed p.1
5/16/29 Boy killed p.1
5/29/29 Train wrecks auto p.1
6/6/29 Narrow escape p.1
6/20/29 Hit & run fails p.4
6/27/29 Hits train…escape p.1
7/11/29 Have accident p.1
7/11/29 Sweezy truck overturned p.1
7/18/29 Officer in crash p.1
7/18/29 Train hits auto p.1
8/1/29 Boy runs into auto p.1
8/1/29 Leon escapes unhurt p.1
8/8/29 Car sideswipes p.1
8/15/29 Man shot at Manorville p.1
8/15/29 Accident only minor p.1
8/15/29 Waski escapes p.1
8/15/29 Narrow escape p.1
8/22/29 Sweezy’s trucks accidents p.1
8/29/29 Car rolls in ditch p.1
8/29/29 Moriches lad injured p.1
9/5/29 Lucas dies of injuries p.1
9/19/29 Two killed, 4 Hurt p.1
9/19/29 Car breaks axle p.1
9/19/29 Car smashed p.1
10/3/29 Car fire…p.1
10/24/29* Cars collide p.1
10/17/29 Ford smashes into pole p.1
11/1/29 Drivers escape injury p.8
11/1/29 Minister hurt p.8
11/14/29 Two killed p.1
11/21/29 Cars collide head-on p.1
12/5/29 Truck catches fire p.1
12/5/29 Cadillac occupants escape p.8
12/19/29 Escape serious injury p.1
1/9/30 Auto saws off pole p.1
1/9/30 Car overturns p.1
1/8/31 Man in accident p.1
1/16/30 Damages to burning car, $40 p.1
1/16/30 Double accident p.1
8/14/30 Truck driver exonerated p.1
2/20/30 Man knocked down p.5
2/20/30 Car catches afire p.5
2/20/30 Several hurt p.1
2/27/30 Three injured p.1
2/27/30 Macy hits snow, overturns p.1
2/27/30 Claims damage of $481 p.1
3/6/30 Loaded truck spills p.1
3/13/30 Former resident hurt p.1
3/20/30 Three cars tangled p.1
3/20/30 Driver not to blame p.1
4/3/30 Sedan & coupe crash p.1
4/10/30 Catch “hit and run” p.1
5/1/30 Week end accidents p.1
5/8/30 Movement for wider st. p.1
5/15/30 Girl has fractured jaw p.1
5/15/30 Escape in accident p.1
5/22/30 Laskie family hit p.1
6/12/30 Truck collides with express p.1
6/26/30 Girl injured p.1
7/3.30 Both drivers fined p.8
7/3/30 Leon tries…with LIRR p.1
7/10/30 Uses head, avoids accident p.1
7/10/30 Car loses wheel p.1
7/17/30 Throat cut in accident p.1
Automobile Accidents
8/7/30 Two men killed p.1
8/14/30 Wreck a car p.1
9/4/30 Hurt in accident p.1
9/4/30 Ford coupe turned over p.1
9/18/30 Two women killed p.1
9/25/30 Men injured p.8
9/25/30 No charges in crash p.1
10/16/30 Three hurt in crash p.1
10/30/30 Cars crash p.1
10/30/30 Car overturns p.1
11/6/30 Penney knocked down p.1
11/20/30 Knocked over by car p.1
12/11/30 Hit-and-run caught p.1
12/11/30 Lad killed, 5 yrs. p.1
12/24/30 Hit-and-run p.1
12/31/30 Before judge p.1
1/29/31 Youngster hit by auto p.8
2/5/31 Hit tree p.1
3/12/31 Man hurt…”hit and run” p.1
11/13/30 Bad auto crash p.1
4/16/31 Autos crash p.1
5/28/31 Car smashed…p.1
6/11/31 Baby killed by editor Roberts p.1
6/11/31 Gets 10-day rest p.1
6/25/31 Lad killed p.1
7/2/31 Bread truck rolls over p.8
7/23/31 Bursting tire…accident p.5
7/23/31 Collides with Finch’s auto p.1
7/30/31 Crash into truck p.1
7/30/31 Car turned over p.8
7/30/31 Crash, 4 to hospital p.4
8/13/31 Accidents p.1
8/27/31 Youngster hit p.1
9/10/31 Crank starts auto p.1
9/10/31 Lassie hit p.1
9/24/31 Davy gets car mussed up p.1
10/8/31 Two collisions p.1
10/8/31 Crash, “Smitty” out of order p.1
10/15/31 Claim against town p.1
10/29/31 Car topples over p.1
10/29/31 Man is killed p.1
11/5/31 Policeman fined $50 p.1
12/24/3l Hurt in auto turn-over p.1
2/25/32 Mystery in accident p.1
2/25/32 Escapes after hitting train p.1
3/10/32 Cars meet head-on p.1
4/7/32 Auto turned over p.1
4/14/32 Men killed on death corner p.1
4/14/32 Truck is overturned p.1
4/21/32 Inquest p.1
4/28/32 Auto fatalities increase p.1
6/2/32 Tire blows p.1
6/2/32 Car crash p.1
7/7/32 Serious accident p.1
8/4/32 Bullock has lucky escape p.1
8/4/32 Porter injured p.1
8/25/32 Hits auto…into pond p.1
8/25/32 Car overturns p.1
9/1/32 Accident on turn p.1
9/29/32* Car crashes into pole p.4
10/6/32 Inquest held p.1
10/13/32 Ford runs over motorcycle p.1
10/20/32 Duck grower killed p.1
10/27/32 Search for driver…hit twins p.1
10/27/32 Jones in accident p.1
11/23/33 Hurt…cars crash p.1
11/30/33 Death in closed garage p.6
12/7/33 Cars crash p.1
12/7/33 Fords greet in crash p.1
12/21/33 Two badly hurt p.1
12/28/33 Blow-out throws car p.1
1/22/34 Alstadt “flivver” meets car p.1
1/18/34 Drunk driving p.1
3/15/34 Snow causes accident p.1
5/25/34 Mrs. Buckheit dies p.l
6/15/34 Man injured p.1
6/15/34 Motorist as early caller p.4
6/22/34 Pays $2 for having no license p.1
6/29/34 Escape as train rams car p.1
7/6/34 Fatal accident p.5
7/13/34 Waiter “not guilty” p.4
7/13/34 Accident…curve” p.1
7/20/34 Four hurt p.4
7/20/34 Milk truck…collide p.1
7/20/34 Two killed p.1
7/20/34 Blowout causes injury p.1
7/27/34 Woman driver averts crash p.1
7/27/34 Man in Jersey crash p.1
7/27/34 Man hurt p.1
8/3/34 Man struck by auto p.1
8/10/34 Parked truck causes accident p.1
8/10/34 Hit & run driver strikes man p.5
8/17/34 Truck…on curve p.1
8/17/34 Wagon breaks in half p.1
8/17/34 Nearly lost trousers p.1
8/17/34 Bakery truck & car collide p.1
8/24/34* Driver dies p.1
8/24/34* Trucks p.1
8/24/34* King girls injured p.8
8/30/34 Benefit dance for Dunn p.1
6/6/34 Rutherford trial set p.1
9/6/34 Man pays $50 for DWI p.3
9/13/34 Storm…accidents p.1
9/13/34 Rutherford found guilty p.1
9/13/34 Doesn’t believe in signs p.1
10/4/34 Jersey justice p.1
10/4/34 Woman hurt p.1
10/25/34 Rutherford…hit-and-run p.1
10/25/34 Keryj family injured p.4
10/25/34 Man dead after crash p.1
11/1/34 Mashed potatoes…truck p.1
11/8/34 Crash injuries p.1
Babylon, N.Y.
2/7/29 Another newspaper p.1
10/30/30 Protests bridge p.8
Bacon, Robert L., U.S. Congressman
10/14/27 Visit all postoffices p.1
Bacon, Robert L., U.S. Congressman
12/9/27 Appointed p.1
11/15/28 Returns to Washington p.1
2/28/29 Bill approved p.1
1/23/30 Bay waterways bill p.1
1/23/30 Pensions for Coast Guard p.1
2/27/30 Expects success p.1
4/3/30 Duck feather tariff bill p.1
8/7/30 Urges citizen labor p.4
10/2/30 Waterways project p.1
10/23/30 Letters of thanks p.1
11/26/30 Bacon’s is top vote p.1
4/2/31 Prevent setting of traps p.1
4/23/31 Install crossing signal p.1
6/18/31 Government…survey inlet p.1
6/25/31 Aerial photos of inlet p.1
7/2/31 “Ironsides” coming p.7
12/10/31 Local employment p.1
1/14/32 Labor action p.1
3/17/32 Fishing industry p.1
9/22/32 Much federal work for LI p.1
9/22/32 At Riverhead p.1
1/25/34 Survey Moriches inlet p.6
2/8/34 Intercostal waterway bill p.7
2/15/34 Discuss waterway bill p.7
3/8/34 Woman writes about welfare p.1
4/12/34 Writes to Levy p.1
Banker’s Assn.
11/14/29 Meet p.8
Barber, Ernest L.
5/7/31 Bring cruiser from Tonawanda p.1
Barteau, Mr. & Mrs. Frank
3/3/32 Finds Razor Billed Auk p.1
Bay Shore Boatman’s Assn.
3/3/32 Guides fight shrimp bill p.1
Bay Shore School District
4/17/30 Bathers lose trip p.1
Bay Shore Yacht Club
8/29/29 Events p.1
Baymen of Brookhaven Town Assn.
3/17/32 Baymen form organization p.1
3/24/32 Organized p.1
3/31/32 Group adds members p.1
4/14/32 Hear talk on clam digging p.1
5/3/34 Annual meeting p.1
6/29/34 Plants oyster sets p.1
Beetle, Harry
4/11/29 Hold up lone driver p.1
Bellport, N.Y.
6/7/28 Home wrecked by explosion p.1
6/7/28 Robbers visit p.1
7/12/28 Fine regatta p.1
1/10/29 Business to increase p.1
5/9/29 Capture dog…rabies p.8
8/29/29 Junior members of Record p.1
9/12/29 Wins 16th victory p11
1/2/30 On air p.1
1/2/30 May outdo Patchogue p.1
1/9/30 Golden wedding p.1
1/16/30 Bank elects new pres. p.1
1/23/30 New clerk p.1
1/23/30 Funds to enlarge stage p.1
1/30/30 Welfare club elects p.8
1/30/30 Bank officer arrested p.1
2/6/30 Have 2 day trial p.1
2/6/30 Bank not affected p.1
2/13/30 Have ice races p.1
2/20/30 Party well attended p.1
3/27/30 Popular players p.1
3/27/30 Driver arrested for DWI p.1
5/1/30 Fined $5 for boasting of speed p.1
5/1/30 Card party…welfare p.1
7/31/30 Rivalry in yachting p.1
8/7/30 Auction of lots p.1
7/16/31 Regatta p.1
10/15/31 Perish in fire p.8
11/1/34 Hunters cause scare p.1
Bellport, N.Y. Fire Dept.
1/23/30 Spring cleaning p.1
Bellport School District
11/21/29 Dedicates new school p.1
10/4/34 To be enlarged p.1
Bellport Yacht Club
4/14/32 Club issues challenge p.1
9/8/32 Stars defeat sailors p.1
Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks
11/27/29 Institute club p.1
12/22/30 More baskets this year p.1
6/16/32 News of the Elks p.7
7/7/32 Plan big time p.1
7/28/32 Deauville nights p.1
11/3/32 Special program p.8
11/30/33 Hold memorial p.1
12/14/33 Christmas baskets p.1
1/11/34 Elks Give FD party p.1
2/8/34 Elks cut coupons p.1
8/3/34 Cruise starts p.1
8/17/34 Elks bazaar p.8
11/8/34 Mardi Gras & ball p.3
Benjamin, Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur D.
11/26/30 Surprise wedding p.1
Benjamin, Mrs. Everett S.
2/18/32 Honored at Brooklyn p.1
Bernstein, Henry
6/30/32 Anniversary p.1
Bird Club of Long Island
5/14/31 Asks bells on cats p.5
Blue, Alexander, Suffolk Co. Dist. Atty.
1/30/30 Would clean up Suffolk p.1
7/10/30 Blue makes a record p.1
7/17/30 Howe speaks out of turn p.1
7/30/31 Blue is suspicious p.1
9/17/31 Dunnigan called by jury p.1
3/31/32 Co. police dept. necessary p.1
8/11/32 Decides to retire from race p.1
Blue Point Ferry Company
10/31/00 Dividend of 5% p.1
Blue Point, N.Y. Fire Dept.
10/31/00 Incorporated p.1
Blue Triangle Club
2/11/27 Bowling team p.1
2/18/27 Plays selected p.1
3/14/27 Casts announced p.1
3/18/27 Give plays p.1
3/25/27 Largest audience p.1
4/29/27 Banquet p.1
7/22/27 Give entertainment p.1
Boat & Engine Builder’s Assn.
4/11/29 Want canal repaired p.1
Bodecker, Dr. & Mrs. Henry
7/3/30 Sees many changes p.1
Book Series
10/31/00 BLIND COUGAR (Calkins) p.2
9/10/26 BAREE (Curwood) p.7
9/10/26 PAGEANT OF AM. (Watson) p.7
10/8/26 LYDIA OF PINES (Willsie) p.7
7/1/27 BOUND TO NORTH (McGrath) p.9
7/22/27 CEDAR SWAMP (Phillips) p.7
10/21/27 BLACKSHEEP (Nicholson) p.7
4/12/28 ON TIPTOE (White) p10
6/7/28 TIGER TRAIL (Marshall) p.9
9/13/28 HUMAN SPHINX (Butler) p10
11/29/28 LAST OF DUANES (Grey) p.7
5/9/29 JINGLE BELLS (Adams) p.7
8/22/29 SOULS FOR SALE (Hughes) p.7
11/21/29 DEVIL-MAY-CARE (Roche) p.7
2/13/30 GUNMAN’S BLUFF (Wallace) p.7
5/22/30 MISS NOBODY… (Jordan) p.7
9/11/30 BROKEN HEARTS…(Anon.) p.7
4/5/34 OUTLAWS OF EDEN (Kyne) p.6
4/5/34 FRONTIERSMEN (Watson) p.3
4/5/34 TOM’S FLIRT (Gallagher) p.3
6/8/34 BEDTIME STORY (Burgess) p.3
12/14/34 WITH BYRD AT THE POLE p.8
Boy Scouts of America
1/28/27 Present charter p.1
2/4/27 Anniversary, 70th p.1
5/27/27 Troops to get flags p.1
3/4/27 Charter p.1
5/20/27 Active p.1
5/27/27 To get flags p.1
6/3/27 Receive flags p.1
6/3/27 Memorial service p.1
6/24/27 Activities increasing p.1
7/8/27 Scouts celebrate at EM p.1
7/15/27 Initiation of patrols p.1
7/29/27 Off for camp p.1
10/25/28 Attend pilgrimage p.1
12/2/27 To hike p.1
12/30/27 Gifts to leaders p.1
1/27/28 Meeting p.1
2/10/28 Celebration p.1
3/22/28 Celebrate close of year p.1
4/12/28 Committee organized p.1
4/19/28 May organize “sea scouts” p.1
5/3/28 Leaders meet p.1
5/10/28 Community clean-up p.1
5/31/28 Eastport Scouts honor p.1
5/31/28 Training course p.1
5/31/28 Camp at Montauk Pt. p.1
6/7/28 Make good showing p.1
7/5/28 Friends invited to camp p.1
8/2/28 Active at camp p.1
9/13/28 Court of honor p.1
9/27/28 Meet at fair p.1
11/1/28 Leaders to gather p.1
11/22/28 Annual meet p.1
1/24/29 Form a new troop p.1
2/14/29 Mobilization p.1
4/11/29 Observe anniversary p.1
5/2/29 Attend meet p.1
5/9/29 East Moriches wins p.1
5/16/29 Dinner, officials p.1
5/23/29 Board of Review p.1
6/13/29 News p.8
6/13/29 Dinner p.1
7/3/29 Pass tests p.1
8/1/29 Campaign starts p.1
8/22/29 Sea scouts p.1
10/31/29* Dedicate rooms p.1
10/17/29 Have fine parade p.1
11/1/29 Rally Armistice day p.1
11/14/29 Two are Eagle scouts p.1
11/14/29 Dedicate rooms p.1
11/21/29 May have Sea scouts p.1
11/27/29 Conference p.1
1/23/30 Leaders dinner p.1
3/13/30 Pres. Hoover address p.5
4/24/30 Birthday p.1
6/5/30 Active p.1
6/19/30 Plan summer p.1
6/19/30 In contest p.1
7/17/30 Visit beach p.8
Boy Scouts of America
9/11/30 Meeting p.1
9/25/30 Fall banquet p.1
10/2/30 Officials meet p.1
10/9/30 Scouts as criminals p.8
11/13/30 On joy ride p.1
11/13/30 Court of Honor p.1
1/22/31 Father & sons dine p.1
1/29/31 Father & sons dine p.1
2/5/31 Scouting now grown up p.1
2/12/31 Exhibition p.1
2/19/31 Center scouts win p.1
3/5/31* See “Abraham Lincoln” p.1
3/26/31 All day hike p.1
4/2/31 Sea scout patrol p.1
4/9/31 Troop 4th birthday p.8
4/16/31 Have meet p.1
4/23/31 Get 2nd p.1
4/30/31 Work on ship p.1
5/7/31 Board of review p.1
5/14/31 Court at E’port p.5
5/21/31 Inspected by Kelly p.1
5/28/31 Have tent p.1
6/4/31 Busy weekend p.1
6/11/31 Get check p.4
6/11/31 Scout drive p.1
6/18/31 Have beach hike p.1
6/18/31 Meet at EM p.1
6/25/31 Overnight beach hike p.1
7/2/31 Fun & frolic p.1
7/9/31 Scouts meet p.1
7/9/31* Will have food sale p.1
7/23/31 Overnight hike p.5
7/23/31 Scouts invested at EM p.4
7/30/31 Besieged by mosquitoes p.1
8/6/31 Will leave for camp p.1
8/27/31 Gain promotions p.1
9/3/31 Scouts are called p.1
9/17/31 Plenty of pep at meeting p.1
10/8/31 Scout council dine p.1
10/15/31 Grind 50 miles p.1
10/15/31 Banquet p.1
10/15/31 Plan hike p.1
10/22/31 Local scouts active p.1
10/29/31 Court at Hampton Bays p.1
10/29/31 Over night hike p.1
11/12/31 Sea scout meeting p.1
11/12/31 Attend joint service p.1
11/19/31 Sea scouts started p.1
12/3/31* Planning minstrel show p.1
12/3/31* Scout rally at Quogue p.1
12/10/31 Win at rally p.1
1/7/32 To reorganize p.1
1/7/32 Big Scout minstrel p.1
1/14/32 Minstrel progressing p.1
1/14/32 Troop re-organized here p.1
1/21/32 Advancement p.1
1/21/32 Minstrels p.1
1/28/32 Big minstrel benefit p.1
1/28/32 Cup for winning patrol p.1
2/4/32 Anniversary next week p.1
2/4/32 Minstrels decided hit p.1
2/11/32 Scouts at Riverhead p.1
2/18/32 Give minstrel at Yaphank p.1
2/18/32 Big rally p.1
3/10/32 Meet p.1
3/17/32 Troop very active p.1
3/23/32 Destroy Scouts property p.1
4/7/32 Hold court p.1
4/14/32 Scouts sponsored….EM vamps p.1
4/14/32 Scouts good turn p.1
4/21/32 Troop at EM p.1
4/21/32 Attend meet p.1
4/28/32 EM district victors p.1
5/12/32 Fellowship p.1
5/19/32 Outdoor meeting p.1
5/26/32 Fellowship night p.1
5/26/32 Fund drive p.1
6/2/32 Invites friends p.1
6/9/32 Local troop filled p.1
6/9/32 Plan drive p.1
6/23/32 Drive, EM Scouts p.1
6/30/32 Officials meet p.1
7/14/32 Go to Curtis airport p.1
7/21/32 Do community good turn p.1
8/4/32 Camp trip p.1
9/29/32* Sale p.1
10/20/32 Plan p.1
10/27/32 Make advances p.1
11/3/32 Active winter ahead p.1
11/16/33 Attended by 45 p.1
12/7/33 Honor court p.1
1/25/34 Committee in EM p.1
1/25/34 To celebrate p.6
2/8/34 Rally p.1
2/15/34 Over 100 at rally p.1
3/15/34 Rehearses play p.1
3/22/34 Troops given banner p.1
3/29/34 Two day hike p.1
4/12/34 Give play p.1
4/19/34 Workers study training p.1
4/26/34 Activities p.1
6/8/34 Rally p.1
8/10/34 Drive p.7
10/4/34 Training course p.1
10/4/34 Launch finance drive p.5
10/4/34 Fall program p.5
10/11/34 Nature study p.1
10/11/34 Attend Roosevelt pilgrimage p.5
10/11/34 Annual canvas p.4
10/25/34 Eagle Board to meet p.5
10/25/34 Committee announced p.5
10/25/34 At Roosevelt pilgrimage p.1
Brady, Charles
8/30/28 Prominent contractor visits p.1
Branch Class
7/26/28 Has feast on beach p.1
Brenmohl, Mr. & Mrs. William
10/4/34 Golden wedding p.1
Brentwood, N.Y.
5/16/29 Open new flying field p.1
Brevoort, Harry R.
3/10/32 Settlement…$300,000 p.1
Bridgehampton, N.Y. Baseball Teams
8/7/30 Adds victory p.1
Brier, Charles
8/30/34 Hold in assaults p.1
Brookhaven Game Protective Assn.
10/24/29 Insure wardens p.1
11/21/29 Annual meeting p.8
9/18/30 Organized at Riverhead p.1
3/24/32 Field trials p.1
10/27/32 Annual games trials p.1
7/20/34 Improvements p.4
Brookhaven, N.Y.
4/5/28 Inn burned down p.1
12/20/28 Receiving charge dismissed p.1
8/8/29 Saves from drowning p.1
1/16/30 Give 1st program p.1
2/13/30 Literary club meet p.1
3/13/30 Fireplace card party p.8
9/1/32 House ransacked p.1
10/13/32 Meet p.1
Brookhaven, N.Y. Fire Dept.
11/16/33 Home destroyed p.1
Brookhaven School District – PTA
6/6/29 Hold musicale p.1
Brookhaven Town
10/15/26 Town meeting p.1
11/12/26 Improve cross roads p.1
12/3/26 Taxes…$940,444.61 p.1
1/14/27 Take up parking p.1
2/4/27 Against bond issue p.1
2/4/27 More roads p.1
5/13/27 Forge river bridge p.1
7/1/27 Consider people’s desires p.1
8/26/27 Damage to roads p.9
9/9/27 Trustees give resignation p.1
9/16/27 Mastic light district p.1
9/23/27 Road hearing p.1
10/7/27 Proceedings against assessors p.1
11/18/27 Taxes increased p.1
12/16/27 Light battle p.1
12/16/27 Delay on road repairs p.1
12/30/27 Itemize accounts p.1
1/6/28 Ready for blizzards p.1
1/6/28 Highway bond issue legal p.1
1/20/28 Election bills not yet paid p.1
1/20/28 Deaths more than births p.1
1/27/28 Trustees to publish report p.1
2/17/28 Approve highway budget p.1
2/17/28 Delay on bond issue p.1
2/24/28 Trustees publish report p.1
5/10/28 Early history p.4
8/9/28 Widen Moriches roads p.1
11/8/28 Moriches-Patchogue hwy. p.1
11/8/28 Get highest tax rate p.4
12/13/28 Road proposed from Speonk p.1
12/20/28 Proposed road meets snag p.1
12/27/28 Road changes affect property p.1
12/27/28 May adjust breach p.1
1/17/29 Pay for land taken for roads p.1
3/21/29 Many made citizens p.1
4/4/29 Dog days…every year p.1
4/18/29 Extend protection p.1
6/13/29 Wiggins appointed p.1
7/18/29 Controversy…Bartlett pond p.1
9/19/29 Health code p.1
9/26/29 Appeal successful p.1
10/3/29 Brookhaven revolt p.8
11/21/29 Many taxes take drops p.1
11/21/29 Special policemen p.1
12/5/29 Taxes due until June 1st p.1
12/5/29 To have new Justice p.1
12/12/29 Taxes before holiday a burden p.1
12/19/29 Dreyer objects to reduction p.1
12/19/29 South Haven protests p.1
1/2/30 Facts misrepresented p.1
1/2/30 Exoneration of Krabbe p.1
1/2/30 Town has new line-up p.1
1/9/30 Two-payment taxes p.1
1/9/30 Miller is new Justice p.1
1/9/30 Balance in funds p.1
1/16/30 Births & marriages increase p.1
1/30/30 Creates new positions p.1
3/13/30 Lengthy session p.1
3/13/30 Tax receiver…fine record p.1
3/27/30 Restrain trustees p.5
3/27/30 Dog owners get $10 fine p.1
4/3/30 Will have hearing p.1
4/10/30 Insure all firemen p.1
4/10/30 Beach question cleared p.1
4/24/30 Appoint dog warden p.1
5/29/30 Suggest change at beach p.1
6/5/30 Confusion over beach hearing p.1
6/12/30 Two delegations at Board p.1
6/26/30 Broadcasts talk on taxation p.1
7/17/30 Only a few protest p.1
8/14/30 Busses change hands p.1
8/14/30 Investigation of officials p.1
8/21/30 Auditors…town records p.1
9/4/30 Valuation increases p.1
9/11/30 Shortage in funds p.1
9/25/30 Offered low light rates p.1
10/16/30 Bond issue declared void p.1
10/23/30 Expenses, $40,940 reduction p.1
10/23/30 Clerk gets a raise p.1
Brookhaven Town
10/30/30 Approves budget p.1
11/13/30 Highway budget ok p.1
12/11/30 Jobs for dog enumerators p.1
12/18/30 No word about shortage p.1
12/31/30 Battle over clerk post p.1
1/8/31 Balance increased p.1
2/5/31 Make new tax record p.1
2/5/31 Annual report p.9
2/12/31 Board at Mastic meeting p.1
3/12/31 Don’t want concrete road p.1
3/12/31 Battle at board meeting p.1
4/30/31 Find McIntosh amount increased p.1
5/21/31 Taxes running ahead p.1
6/11/31 Board plan commission p.4
7/2/31 Travels 4,000 mi. chasing kid p.1
7/23/31 Board met p.1
7/30/31 Call to return money p.1
8/20/31 Brookhaven value $41 mil. p.1
8/20/31 LIght contracts held up p.1
8/27/31 Tax office profit p.1
9/3/31 Law on boat regulations p.1
9/17/31 Funds for planning p.1
10/8/31 Oppose beach plan p.1
10/22/31 Use ballot & machine p.1
11/5/31 Bathing beach voted down p.1
11/5/31 Make repairs to machines p.1
11/5/31 Here’s where tax goes p.1
1/7/32 Town has $180,428 p.1
3/3/32 Want to divide town p.1
3/17/32 Tax collection good p.1
3/17/32 Dog owners pay court costs p.4
3/31/32 Save on light bills p.1
3/31/32 Apply for new bus line p.1
3/31/32 Bonfire of bonds p.1
4/28/32 Trustees plant clams in bays p.1
4/28/32 Taxes slowing up p.1
6/2/32 Report on relief p.1
7/28/32 Reduce value on duck ranches p.1
7/28/32 Next year’s taxes higher p.1
8/4/32 Last report of taxes p.1
8/4/32 New beach park popular p.1
8/11/32 Town valuation shows increase p.1
8/18/32 Town planners meet p.1
9/15/32 Marriage license depression over p.1
9/22/32 Insurance of unemployed p.1
10/13/32 Reduce budget $1,870 p.1
10/27/32 Bank taxes refunded p.1
11/3/32 Town budget hearing p.1
11/16/33 Officials cut own salaries p.1
11/23/33 Tax receiver’s bond cut $100,000 p.1
11/23/33 Tax rate jumps to $2.16 p.1
11/23/33 Baymen seek 25 acre oysterbed p.1
11/23/33 Fire district rates p.1
11/23/33 Half million for schools p.1
11/23/33 Favors incinerator project p.1
12/7/33 Men get tax office jobs p.1
12/4/33 Welfare administrator p.4
12/14/33 How your money is spent p.8
12/21/33 Bartlett pond closing denied p.1
12/21/33 Smith Point bridge p.1
12/21/33 Hearing soon on incinerator p.1
12/28/33 “Doggies” counted p.1
12/28/33 Welfare seeker refused aid p.8
12/28/33 Smith Pt. bridge standstill p.1
1/4/34 Marriages gain p.1
1/4/34 Appoints 2 more constables p.1
1/4/34 Appointments p.1
1/4/34 Andrew D. Havens, town clerk p.1
1/4/34 Brookhaven…$153,779 balance p.1
1/4/34 Thirty-four developments p.1
1/11/34 Welfare dept. investigators p.1
1/11/34 Parks sought p.1
1/25/34 Remove hulk from Senix Creek p.1
1/25/34 Endorses mosquito work p.1
2/8/34 Stony Brook ired at board p.5
2/22/34 Dog owners get extension p.1
3/1/34 Seeks to aid local bakers p.1
3/1/34 Last storm cost $5,000 p.1
3/8/34 New deal for bay fisherman p.1
3/8/34 Blame officials for beach losses p.1
3/15/34 Grants Davis $20,000 p.1
3/15/34 Hawkins holds on to job p.1
3/22/34 Against fish bill p.1
3/29/34 Plan for handling CWA p.1
5/3/34 Officer wants beach patrol p.1
5/3/34 Traffic cops, not police p.1
5/18/34* Special police discussed p.1
5/25/34 Considers town airport p.1
+6/15/34 Passes bathing law p.1
7/20/34 Town grievance day p.1
7/27/34 County shares $72,601 refund p.1
8/3/34 Patchogue-Coram road p.6
8/3/34 Defers action on insurance p.1
8/10/34 Must move sewer plant p.1
8/17/34 Patchogue gets tax refund p.1
8/17/34 Relief tickets sent to aged folks p.8
11/1/34 Demand for hunt licenses p.4
11/8/34 Times getting better p.3
11/8/34 Oystermen…new licenses p.6
Brookhaven Town Fire Chief’s Assn.
9/1/32 Organize body p.1
9/22/32 Insurance of unemployed p.1
Brookhaven Town Highway Dept.
1/3/29 Start work on grade crossing p.l
2/21/29 Commence road work p.1
3/14/29 Ask action on road question p.1
3/21/29 Investigates road p.1
8/1/29 Finish new underpass p.1
11/21/29 Construct 11 new pavements p.1
12/19/29 Proceeding on Old Neck rd. p.1
1/9/30 Wants sheds for machinery p.1
1/9/30 Won’t give up state road p.1
1/16/30 Majority favor boulevard p.1
1/16/30 Cost nearly $300,000 p.1
1/23/30 Approve So. Country route p.1
1/30/30 Favor boulevard p.1
1/30/30 Elimination postponed p.1
Brookhaven Town Highway Dept.
2/13/30 Votes for boulevard p.1
2/13/30 May reduce aid for roads p.1
3/20/30 Contracts given out p.1
9/11/30 Want road widened p.1
9/18/30 Cleaning drains on Main st. p.1
9/25/30 Mastic highways p.1
10/2/30 Action on Mastic roads p.1
10/9/30 Mastic Beach town road p.1
10/9/30 Favors roads in Mastic p.1
10/23/30 Budget given to Board p.1
11/26/30 Start highway work p.1
12/11/32 Highway dept. office p.1
5/19/32 Mastic roads taken over p.1
11/16/33 Board votes budget p.7
11/30/33 More $ for local hwy. p.1
2/15/34 Davis lauded for snow removal p.1
3/8/34 Snow disappears after warm days p.1
3/8/34 Supt. deserves credit p.1
3/15/34 Davis thanks snow workers p.1
3/15/34 Davis praised p.1
4/19/34 Cadell’s suit against Burke p.1
4/26/34 Davis explains Burke contract p.1
7/13/34 Trying new materials p.1
7/20/34 Board inspects plow p.1
8/17/34 Too many streets in Mastic Pk. p.8
11/8/34 Snow removal, $66,628.79 p.3
Brookhaven Town Unemployment Bureau
5/26/32 Will get men to work soon p.1
Brookhaven Town Vol. Fireman’s Assn.
2/27/30 Vamps organize p.1
13/30 Town firemen elect p.1
1/30 Plan tournament p.1
5/22/30 Claim on insurance settled p.1
7/24/30 Tournament in CM p.1
8/7/30 Plan for 10 events p.4
8/7/30 Tourney p.1
8/14/30 Tournament p.1
8/21/30 Town vamps coming p.1
8/28/30 First tourney…p.1
9/18/30 Town firemen met p.1
3/19/31 Elect officers p.1
4/30/31 Juveniles in event p.1
6/4/31 Plans p.1
6/11/31 End entries p.1
7/2/31 Tournament p.1
7/16/31 Memorial service p.1
10/1/31 Growing p.1
6/2/32 Plan for tourney p.1
3/31/32 Meet p.1
5/5/32 Big day coming p.1
5/19/32 New contest this year p.1
6/16/32 Officers meet p.1
6/30/32 Tourney p.1
7/7/32 Big day held p.1
7/14/32 Memorial service p.1
9/29/32* Incorporate p.1
12/14/33 Brookhaven vamps dine p.1
3/22/34 Vamps baseball league p.1
3/29/34 Brookhaven firemen elect p.1
4/19/34 Vamps tournament p.1
5/18/34* Yaphank trims Patchogue p.1
11/30/33 Firemen honor departed p.1
6/15/34 Host to vamps p.1
6/29/34 Ready for tourney p.1
7/6/34 Port Jefferson vamps win p.1
10/4/34 Firemen meet p.1
Brooklyn Bureau of Charities
7/27/34 Benefit at Bellport p.2
Brooklyn Game Protective Assn.
4/17/30 Field trials p.1
Brooklyn, N.Y.
1/3/29 Hospital dedicated p.1
8/30/34 Flower show p.3
9/27/34 Flower show p.6
10/11/34 Brooklyn diocese exhibit p.7
Brown, George Frame
9/1/32 “How I became a radio star” p.3
See also: Radio programs
Brown, Mr. & Mrs. D. L.
7/3/30 Silver wedding p.1
Brown, Oliver
7/27/34 Truck stripped in own back yard p.8
Bruchner, Michael
7/16/31 Man receives award p.5
Bruno, John & Irene Murray
1/16/30 Pleads not guilty p.1
Callaghan, Justice Stephen
4/18/29 Honor local Judge p.1
6/13/29 Is on important case p.1
Camp Upton
8/26/27 Revokes for Nat’l Forest p.9
9/9/27 Soldiers guilty of larceny p.1
3/28/29 Proposed sale called off p.1
9/12/29 Being rebuilt p.1
7/31/30 Will camp at Upton p.1
5/28/31 New fire tower p.1
7/2/31 Prision project opposition p.7
7/2/31 Want a bird & game refuge p.4
2/4/32 Complete fire tower on hill p.1
1/7/32 Want a game refuge p.4
12/21/33 Want…forest preserve p.7
10/25/34 Inspected p.1
10/25/34 Colored workers protest p.1
11/8/34 Car stolen p.1
Carlisle, E. Russell
3/5/31* “The Moriches”, a poem p.1
Carmichael, Gilbert
5/16/29 Gets another arrest p.1
Carmichael, Jerry
7/24/30 Snatched from train p.1
Carnegie Institute of Technology
2/20/30 Movies, radio will be teachers p.1
Carter, Mrs. Herbert
5/11/34 Birthday p.1
Casse, Fred
5/17/28 Has narrow escape p.1
Catholic Daughters of America
7/30/31 Propose benefit concert p.1
Center Moriches Bank
1/17/29 Havens re-elected p.1
Center Moriches Library
7/8/27 New books added p.1
3/29/28 New books p.1
8/8/29 Will have library p.1
9/26/29 Woman’s club…library p.1
10/18/28 Receive new books p.1
11/14/29 Progress on library p.1
7/3/30 Now open Thurs. eves p.8
10/2/30 Restaurant in former library p.1
3/31/32 Library growing p.1
9/27/34 New books p.1
Center Moriches, N.Y.
10/31/00 Moriches to boom p.1
10/31/00 Citizen’s lecture course p.5
12/3/26 Hosiery factory p.1
12/24/26 Bank starts club p.1
1/7/27 Chichester & son…new mill p.1
1/14/27 Stockholders meet p.1
1/21/27 Give 3rd entertainment p.1
1/21/27 Improvements on opera house p.1
2/11/27 Auditorium filled by card players p.1
3/4/27 Scarlet fever…exaggerated p.1
3/11/27 Own “white way” p.1
3/25/27 Sing Sing sentence for fire p.1
4/1/27 Petition for street lights p.1
4/1/27 Summer people returning p.1
4/1/27 Counterfeiting case p.1
4/15/27 Bowditch buys Tuttle farm p.1
4/15/27 Petition for new lights approved p.1
4/22/27 What village do you reside in? p.1
4/29/27 Add bright lights p.1
5/20/27 New street lights p.1
5/20/27 Parking lines on Main st. p.1
5/20/27 Votes new building p.1
5/27/27 Memorial day activities p.1
6/3/27 Old time store sold p.1
6/10/27 New owners here p.1
7/8/27 Bank is growing p.1
7/15/27 Children bitten by stray dog p.1
7/22/27 Lascher block sold p.1
7/22/27 One of oldest houses demolished p.1
7/29/27 Many at card party p.1
8/5/27 Closes important deal p.1
8/12/27 Burglars enter 2 stores p.1
8/12/27 Masury house razed p.1
8/19/27 Drug store robbed p.1
8/19/27 Plans for new bank bldg. p.1
8/19/27 Several parties held p.1
8/26/27 Two new stores to be built p.1
9/23/27 Breeze Cottage razed p.1
9/23/27 Page Mr. Diogenes p.1
10/14/27 Ruland block sold p.1
10/21/27 Claim shooting affair p.1
10/28/27 Breaks in local stores p.1
11/4/27 Laundry…larger quarters p.1
11/4/27 Landmark sold…built by Carr p.1
11/18/27 Drug store moving p.1
11/18/27 To repair dock p.1
11/18/27 Theater to open p.1
12/2/27 New business for CM p.1
12/2/27 Mail Christmas club checks p.1
12/2/27 Hold inquest p.1
12/9/27 Reckless driving p.1
12/23/27 Holiday…a record breaker p.1
1/13/28 Racing yachts built by local man p.1
1/20/28 Nesbit’s open house p.1
1/20/28 Banquet at John Ducks p.1
1/20/28 Brings charges against Edwards p.1
1/27/28 Postal scale found by Chichester p.1
1/27/28 Case against Edward dismissed p.1
1/27/28 Hold birthday party p.1
2/3/28 Extend phone service p.1
2/17/28 New restaurant…Wild’s p.1
2/10/28 Brown’s restaurant…p.1
2/10/28 Dollar day p.1
2/17/28 Looking for bail jumper p.1
2/24/28 Dollar days p.1
3/2/28 Construct new sidewalks p.1
3/2/28 New market opened p.1
3/2/28 Meet at Miami for races p.1
3/2/28 Bail jumper found at home p.1
3/15/28 Dimer awarded $52 p.1
3/9/28 Liscom elecric store p.1
3/9/28 Blizzard of ’88…contrast p.1
3/9/28 Jury trial for chickens sold p.1
5/22/28 New market opened p.1
3/22/28 New sidewalks p.1
3/22/28 Moriches Inn block p.1
3/22/28 Callaghan honor p.1
3/22/28 Goldsmith’s entertain p.1
3/29/28 More stores for village p.1
3/29/28 Liscom makes improvements p.1
4/5/28 Celebration of special train p.1
4/12/28 Crowded Sat. night p.1
4/26/28 Start new sidewalks p.1
5/17/28 Yacht season p.1
5/24/28 Holiday activities p.1
5/31/28 Two fines p.1
Center Moriches, N.Y.
5/31/28 Moriches Inn re-opened p.1
5/31/28 Trial case postponed p.1
5/31/28 Services for veterans p.1
6/7/28 Propose water district p.1
6/7/28 Big real estate deal p.1
6/7/28 Another garage built p.1
6/14/28 To install 2 lights p.1
6/14/28 Suit filed for $15,000 p.1
6/21/28 Plan celebration p.1
6/28/28 Open barber shop p.1
6/21/28 Moriches Inn opened p.1
6/28/28 Plan active holiday p.1
7/19/28 New bank building p.1
8/2/28 Burning hay load p.1
8/2/28 House warming at bank p.1
8/9/28 Three trials fill firehouse p.1
8/9/28 May get stop lights p.1
8/16/28 Speed up community project p.1
8/23/28 Edwards car disappears p.1
8/23/28 Call meeting p.1
8/30/28 Move old bank safe p.1
9/13/28 Another modern bldg. p.1
9/20/28 Can’t kill dog if he goes mad p.1
9/20/28 Dangerous practice stopped p.1
9/27/28 Traffic lights here p.1
10/11/28 East end growing p.1
10/25/28 Telephone…modern post digger p.1
11/1/28 New block ready for A&P p.1
11/1/28 Growing rapidly p.1
11/15/28 Center gains business p.1
11/22/28 Swezey & Newins opening p.1
11/22/28 New store for A&P p.1
11/29/28 Assault case dismissed p.1
11/29/28 Christmas clubs popular p.5
12/6/28 Trial to be held p.1
12/13/28 Jury dismisses case p.1
13/13/28 Davis block fire…no damage p.1
12/20/28 Kronman files claim p.1
12/27/28 New theater p.1
1/3/29 Bank shows growth p.1
1/3/29 Move large residence p.8
1/10/29 Maynes gets trial p.1
3/14/29 More sidewalks here p.1
3/14/29 To get jury trial p.1
3/21/29 Bowling alleys p.1
3/21/29 Jury brings verdict p.1
3/21/29 Furniture store p.1
3/28/29 Find abandoned car p.1
3/28/29 Break in store p.1
3/28/29 Open tea room p.1
4/4/29 Car mystery solved p.1
4/4/29 Dogs cannot kill chickens p.1
4/11/29 Time to clean up p.1
4/18/29 Boat load of autos p.1
4/18/29 Two clean up weeks p.1
4/25/29 Judge violates parking laws p.1
5/2/29 May have movie studio p.1
5/2/29 Progressing on new alleys p.1
5/9/29 Cooking school p.1
5/9/29 Lightening sets fire p.1
5/16/29 Trial…cesspool cleaning p.1
5/16/29 Want savings & loan p.1
5/29/29 Will erect stores p.1
5/29/29 Observances p.1
6/6/29 Want a factory here p.1
6/6/29 Hold memorial services p.1
6/13/29 Petition for light dist. p.1
6/13/29 Installs new machine p.1
6/20/29 Open bathing houses p.1
6/27/29 Baldwin’s lease p.1
6/27/29 Commence new block p.1
6/27/29 Open Bohack store p.1
7/3/29 Visit…talkie scenes p.1
7/3/29 Approve light district p.1
7/11/29 Settle on lights p.1
7/11/29 Draws dumping fine p.1
7/11/29 Start paving Canal st. p.1
7/11/29 Car stolen p.1
7/25/29 Opposition to lights p.1
8/1/29 Pass tests at camp p.1
8/15/29 Elope last Friday p.1
8/15/29 Local industry in nat’l mag. p.1
8/15/29 Bohack opens store p.1
8/15/29 Bowling alleys open p.1
8/15/29 Schoolhouse road sale p.1
8/22/29 Two new stores p.1
8/22/29 Speedy trip for German letter p.1
8/22/29 Can assist children p.1
9/5/29 Thieves took $2,000 in stock p.1
9/5/29 Ladies golf tournament p.1
9/5/29 Large display of trophies p.1
9/19/29 New alleys p.1
9/26/29 Close Moriches Inn p.1
10/17/29 Close Downing house p.1
11/1/29 Author as lawyer p.1
11/27/29 Sidewalks at Beachfern & Main p.1
12/12/29 Santa coming p.1
12/19/29 Santa’s visit p.1
12/16/29 Business changes hands p.1
1/2/30 Lights for north side p.1
1/9/30 Undertaking business p.1
1/23/30 Re-elect bank officials p.1
1/30/30 Many ice boats out p.1
8/14/30 Miniature golf here soon p.1
3/6/30 Troopers clear up robbery p.1
3/20/30 Jewelry store to open p.1
3/27/30 Jewelry store opening p.1
3/27/30 New roads & sidewalks p.1
3/27/30 Install burglar alarm p.1
3/27/30 Bathing pavilion lease p.5
4/10/30 Get your Kodak free p.1
5/1/30 Strand theater talkies p.1
5/15/30 Wise guys from city p.1
5/15/30 Locals, Supreme court jurors p.1
5/22/30 Jail for auto violation p.8
6/5/30 Honor to veterans p.1
6/5/30 New show room open p.1
6/12/30 Several see judges p.1
6/12/30 Hold cooking class p.1
Center Moriches, N.Y.
6/19/30 Pays $75 to Judge p.1
6/19/30 Jury disagrees p.1
6/19/30 Properties on Senix p.8
7/3/30 Makes progress p.1
7/3/30 Only plants of kind p.1
7/10/30 Bright spot greets autoists p.1
7/10/30 Furniture store p.1
7/10/30 Road access to beach p.1
7/31/30* Store of honey in house p.8
7/31/30 Real estate active p.1
9/7/30 To have another harbor p.1
8/14/30 Damage by sudden storm p.1
9/11/30 Windmill moved p.1
9/18/30 Borok store repainted p.1
9/18/30 Investigate first p.1
9/25/30 Potato thieves p.1
10/2/30 Restaurant in former library p.1
11/6/30 Dance at Clearview ball room p.1
11/26/30 Increase Xmas club checks p.1
12/11/30 Santa to Wellworth store p.1
12/18/30 Santa seen by 300 children p.8
12/31/30 Passing year shows progress p.1
1/8/31 Titmus at Sleepy Hollow rest p.1
1/22/31 Changes in bank officers p.1
1/29/31 Hold event for needy p.1
2/12/31 Borok to sell out business p.1
3/5/31* Hold cooking school p.1
4/2/31 East End garage open p.1
4/2/31 Men drawn for jury p.1
4/23/31 Ready for “midget” golf fans p.1
4/23/31 Monument from Mt. of Olives p.8
4/30/31 Changes in businesses p.1
4/30/31 Local manufacturer…rooms p.1
5/21/31 Ladies invited to “tea” p.1
5/21/31 New store in Davies block p.1
6/4/31 Gardners back again p.1
6/4/31 Memorial day p.1
6/4/31 Finest Memorial day p.1
6/11/31 Buses to visit Ford circus p.5
6/25/31 Make theatre up to date p.1
6/25/31 Dumont to add new line p.1
6/25/31 Find turtle 100 yrs. old p.1
7/2/31 Local restaurant, new owners p.1
7/9/31* Theater, latest equipment p.1
7/9/31* Petition…stop noisy motors p.1
7/2/31 Clearview ferry…p.1
7/2/31 Work started on Senix p.1
7/2/31 Boys try to “shoot up the town” p.1
7/16/31 Electric co. spending $35,000 p.1
7/16/31 Improvements to theatre p.1
7/23/31 Will have 2 boatyards p.1
7/23/31 Start widening Senix p.1
7/23/31 Happy & Archie get new trucks p.8
7/30/31 Hotel under new management p.1
7/30/31 Air cooling system p.1
8/13/31 Business men meet p.1
8/20/31 Goldsmith/Murdock boatyards p.1
9/17/31 Shoes & dresses given p.1
9/17/31 Unique window display p.1
9/24/31 Theatre sold p.1
9/24/31 Beauty spot in village p.1
10/1/31 Basket of groceries given p.5
10/8/31 Gold nugget in chicken p.1
10/8/31 Narrow channel widened p.1
10/15/31 Theatre changes program p.1
10/15/31 Jurors drawn p.1
10/15/31 Bay brought nearer p.1
12/10/31 Changes at Moriches Inn p.1
12/31/31 Theatre gala opening p.1
1/7/32 Many watch year go p.1
1/7/32 Make change at local theatre p.1
2/4/32 Kiddietoy matinees at theatre p.1
3/10/32 Men drawn for juries p.1
3/17/31 Former local editor dies p.1
3/24/32 Steiner adds lumber p.1
6/2/32 Beauty salon opens p.1
3/31/32 Burglaries occur p.1
3/31/32 Hold-up, $40 at candy store p.1
5/12/32 To open Moriches Inn p.1
5/19/32 Wandering cow captured p.1
5/19/32 Plant of Elise Hyland moved p.1
5/26/32 Carlisle tea shoppe open p.1
5/26/32 Parade Memorial day p.1
6/2/32 The Carlisle opens p.1
6/2/32 Local ice plant growing p.1
6/9/32 Flowers at Sleepy Hollow p.1
6/16/32 Erect new stand p.1
6/16/32 Delicatessen store here p.1
6/16/32 Wide publicity for CM p.1
6/23/32 Circus is coming p.4
6/23/32 Lightning hits garage p.1
6/23/32 Wilson…Wiggin’s repair shop p.1
6/30/32 Beach opens p.1
7/21/32 Sudden storm p.1
8/4/32 Local manager gets boost p.1
8/4/32 Rental of stores indicates up-turn p.1
8/25/32 Prettiest town…p.1
9/1/32 Shooting on duck ranch p.1
9/8/32 Bring Moriches fame p.1
9/8/32 Opens new station p.1
9/15/32 Troopers good work p.1
9/29/32* LeBlanc motors to reopen p.1
9/29/32* Old firm taken over by Senne p.1
10/20/32 Meyer catches thief p.1
11/3/32 Asphalt added to curve p.1
11/16/33* Village honors dead by silence p.1
12/14/33 Parental ed. classes held p.1
12/28/33 Christmas baskets to needy p.1
12/28/33 Old LI house opens p.1
1/4/34 Get out the old sock p.1
1/18/34 Theatre cuts prices again p.1
1/18/34 No changes in bank’s personnel p.1
1/25/34 Old schoolhouse…dolled up p.1
1/25/34 Local heads Brooklyn church p.1
3/22/34 Murray’s store remodeled p.1
3/22/34 Sale p.1
3/22/34 Koegel given party p.5
3/22/34 Senne plans flower show p.1
3/29/34 Flower show seen by 500 p.1
Center Moriches, N.Y.
3/29/34 Alvin Crosier birthday p.8
4/5/34 Miss Steffens wed to Smid p.1
4/5/34 Florence Blind weds Wagner p.1
4/5/34 Lunch Wagon to reopen p.1
4/5/34 Mrs. Nesbitt’s party p.1
4/19/34 Lois Carlisle birthday celeb. p.1
4/26/34 Local family moved p.8
4/26/34 Robbery, gipsies rounded up p.1
5/3/34 Grand company to open store p.1
5/3/34 Anniversary p.1
5/3/34 Hartstein, Royal Scarlet store p.1
6/1/34 Over 1000 people see parade p.1
6/8/34 Matinee for kiddies p.1
6/22/34 Local movie house…p.1
6/29/34 Hi Johnny, the circus is coming p.8
7/27/34 Public dock improved p.1
8/3/34 Carlisle hotel, active season p.1
8/10/34 Enjoy cards at Clearview p.5
10/4/34 Theatre, new heating plant p.1
10/11/34 Tailspin Tommy coming p.5
10/18/34 Roller races at theatre p.1
10/18/34 Jimmie wins Sugar p.1
11/1/34 Bicycle races at theatre p.5
11/8/34 Boys bicycle races at theatre p.1
11/8/34 Theatre, girls bicycle races p.5
Center Moriches, N.Y. Baseball Teams
9/13/28 Play at co. fair p.1
4/26/28 Baseball to this village p.1
5/3/28 Baseball fans p.1
5/10/28 Meet East Hampton p.1
5/19/28 Plays good ball p.1
5/24/28 Team loses p.1
5/31/28 Loses 2 more p.1
6/7/28 Wins 1st game p.1
6/14/28 Team badly defeated p.1
7/12/28 Wins 2 more p.1
8/16/28 Split double header p.1
9/20/28 Down Riverhead p.1
9/27/28 Closes season with victory p.1
10/4/28 Baseball card party p.1
5/9/29 Diamond lure p.1
5/16/29 First call p.1
5/29/29 Fans see games p.1
6/27/29 Two games on week end p.1
7/11/29 Play fast ball p.1
6/12/30 Bohack boys bat p.8
9/17/31 Make a good record p.1
5/5/32 Vamps join league p.1
5/12/32 Vamps lose 1st game p.1
5/19/32 Vamps lose p.1
5/26/32 Play Twilight baseball p.1
6/2/32 Lose 1st game p.1
6/2/32 First Twilight game p.1
6/9/32 Pitching duel marks game p.1
6/9/32 Twilights open season p.1
6/16/32 Vamps defeated p.1
6/16/32 Twilights win & lose p.1
6/23/32 Twilight team plays p.1
6/23/32 Lake Grove defeats p.1
6/30/32 Vamps victorious p.1
6/30/32 Twilights & Vamps tied p.1
7/7/32 Twilights tie up Medford p.1
7/14/32 Vamps lose p.1
7/14/32 Twilights games p.1
7/14/32 Twilights lose p.1
7/21/32 Twilights win & lose games p.1
7/21/32 Vamps get 1 run p.1
7/21/32 More games scheduled p.1
7/21/32 Medford & Brookhaven tied p.1
7/28/32 Married men bow p.1
7/28/32 Vamps beat Medford p.1
8/4/32 Trim Medford again p.1
8/4/32 Defeat Patchogue p.1
8/11/32 Twilights take 2 games p.1
8/18/32 Teams divide honors p.1
8/18/32 Vamps nosed out p.1
8/25/32 Shuts out Eastport p.1
8/25/32 Lose to Patchogue p.1
9/1/32 Bloomer girls play here p.1
9/1/32 Married men get revenge p.1
9/8/32 Bloomer girls lose p.1
9/15/32 Teams win p.1
9/22/32 All Stars win again p.5
9/29/32* All Stars add victory p.1
10/6/32 Vamps trimmed p.4
10/13/32 Eastport beat CM p.1
3/29/34 In Sunrise league p.1
4/26/34 Legion sponsors team p.1
5/3/34 Legion team to play p.1
5/11/34 Legion team wins p.1
5/18/34* Giants trim Patchogue p.1
5/25/34 Legion team wins p.1
6/1/34 Giants defeat CM p.1
6/1/34 Legion wins p.1
6/8/34 Legion takes licking p.1
6/8/34 Local team to meet p.1
6/15/34 Legion & vamps clash p.1
6/22/34 Legion trims Vamps p.1
6/22/34 Danowski case to grand jury p.1
6/22/34 Legion protests game p.1
6/22/34 Games next Sunday p.1
6/29/34 Legion bows p.1
6/29/34 Shellac Patchogue p.1
7/6/34 Legion over Sunrise cadets p.1
7/6/34 Smoke eaters lose p.1
7/6/34 Legion wins game p.1
7/13/34 Legion takes games p.1
7/20/34 Legion trims Watermill p.1
8/3/34 South Hampton takes Legion p.1
8/3/34 Setauket trims CM p.1
8/3/34 To play White Eagles p.1
8/10/34 Legion to lose player p.1
8/10/34 Legion beats Bridgehampton p.1
8/10/34 Legion to play p.5
8/17/34 Legion trim Hampton Bays p.1
8/24/34* Legion protest game p.8
8/30/34 Last game of season p.1
9/6/34 Firemen play last game p.1
Center Moriches, N.Y. Baseball Teams
9/6/34 Legion win 1 more p.1
9/13/34 Legion exhibition game p.1
9/13/34 Legion finishes 2nd p.1
9/20/34 Legion…last game p.1
9/20/34 Legion loses p.1
9/27/34 Legion barn dance p.4
9/27/34 Legion 2nd place p.1
10/11/34 Gallagher, highest avg. p.1
10/18/34 Moriches game in Brooklyn p.4
Center Moriches, N.Y. Basketball Teams
12/6/28 Play here p.1
1/3/29 Moriches team wins p.1
1/17/29 Basketball popular p.1
1/17/29 Moriches Five get break p.1
1/17/29 Swamp Quogue Five p.1
1/24/29 Win 4 more close battles p.1
1/31/29 Tames Hampton Wildcats p.1
2/7/29 Moriches Five win & lose p.1
2/14/29 Wins more p.1
2/21/29 Moriches Five defeated p.1
2/28/29 Moriches Five trim Bay Shore p.1
3/7/29 Moriches Five play last game p.1
11/14/29 Basketball lid off p.1
11/21/29 Teams lose p.1
11/27/29 Town team to play Hebrew club p.1
12/12/29 Lose 2 games p.1
12/5/29 First team trims Riverhead p.1
12/12/29 Second trims Medford p.1
12/5/29 To have new suits p.1
12/19/29 First team trims Bellport p.1
12/19/29 Win & lose p.1
12/26/29 Both teams victors p.1
1/2/30 First team trims Mattituck p.1
1/8/31 Town teams take 2 victories p.1
1/16/30 Runs away with 2 games p.8
2/19/31 East meets West p.8
3/13/30 Have good records p.5
11/19/31 Town team to start p.1
12/10/31 East End league schedule p.1
12/17/31 Basketeers play good games p.1
11/23/33 Local cagers win p.1
11/30/33 Loses to Jewish center p.1
12/7/33 Firemen break even p.1
12/7/33 Basketeers to play p.1
12/14/33 Vamps lose to Jewish center p.1
12/21/33 Bridgehampton bows to CMFD p.1
1/4/34 Lose 2 games to Bayport p.8
1/18/34 Greenport noses out team p.1
2/8/34 Quit basketball games p.1
Center Moriches, N.Y. Bowling Teams
10/31/00 New club p.5
12/31/26 Team defeated p.1
1/28/27 Clubs are active p.1
2/4/27 Defeat Quogue p.1
2/11/27 Again defeated p.1
2/18/27 Quogue gets revenge p.1
3/18/27 Moriches Rollers win p.1
4/8/27 Loses p.1
4/15/27 Nosed out by Quogue p.1
4/22/27 Gets Indians’ scalps p.1
10/14/27 Meet 1st defeat p.1
2/10/28 Local men victorious p.1
2/24/28 All-Stars lose p.1
3/15/28 All-Stars winners p.l
3/22/28 Again victors p.1
4/5/28 All-Stars victorious p.1
10/18/28 All-Stars 1st match p.1
11/8/28 All-Stars losers p.1
11/15/28 All-Stars win p.1
11/22/28 Moriches over Bellport p.1
1/24/29 East Moriches wins p.1
1/31/29 Another victory p.1
2/7/29 All Stars win again p.1
2/14/29 All Stars do hit ’em p.1
2/14/29 Local bowlers meet p.1
2/21/29 Bellport wins match p.1
2/21/29 All Stars win again p.1
2/28/29 Lose to Port Jeff. p.1
3/7/29 All Stars win again p.1
3/14/29 Lose by only 12 pins p.1
4/4/29 Defeat Port Jeff. p.1
4/18/29 All Stars win again p.1
8/22/29 Bowling season on p.1
9/5/29 All Stars…p.1
9/12/29 Local bowlers win p.1
9/27/29 Moriches team wins p.1
10/10/29 To bowl Jersey team p.1
10/24/29* Win by 158 pins p.1
10/17/29 Moriches vs. Jersey City p.1
10/31/29* Bellporters fall p.1
11/1/29 Night Hawks, Bellport p.1
11/1/29 Defeated 1st time p.1
11/14/29 All Stars go down? p.1
11/14/29 Night Hawks win p.1
11/21/29 Local team wins p.1
11/21/29 All Stars beat Medford p.1
11/27/29 Loses 3rd game p.1
12/5/29 Winners 4 times p.1
12/12/29 Alley record broken p.1
12/5/29 All Stars roll Jersey City Colts p.1
12/5/29 Games at Baldwin’s alleys p.1
12/12/29 Barnard’s outbowl Ramblers p.1
12/19/29 Win rubber match p.1
12/19/29 Ramblers lose p.1
12/26/29 All Stars victorious p.1
10/2/30 New bowling alley p.8
10/9/30 All-Stars swamp Mattituck p.1
10/16/30 Match to Mattituck p.5
1/8/31 Eight teams in rivalry p.4
2/19/31 All Stars get beating p.8
2/19/31 Teams tied p.8
4/2/31 Bowlers league p.1
6/11/31 Clarence Penney wins p.4
10/15/31 Teams soon active p.1
1/21/32 All Stars defeated p.1
2/25/32 All Stars defeated p.1
11/3/32 Bowlers forms teams p.4
Center Moriches, N.Y. Bowling Teams
1/7/32 Midways lose match p.1
10/18/34 Bowling schedule p.3
10/25/34 Bowlers bow p.5
11/8/34 Local pin topplers p.5
Center Moriches, N.Y. Fire Dept.
10/31/00 Hook & ladder p.1
9/17/26 Dinner p.1
9/24/26 Members dine p.1
10/8/26 Truck ordered p.1
11/5/26 Masquerade dance p.1
11/25/26 Minstrel show p.1
12/31/26 Dinner p.1
1/7/27 Roast goose at dinner p.1
1/7/27 Motor truck here p.1
1/7/27 Masquerade…p.1
2/11/27 Planning for dance p.1
2/25/27 Date set for minstrels p.1
3/11/27 Have oyster feed p.1
3/18/27 Minstrels given p.1
3/25/27 Action averts fire p.1
4/1/27 Called at Manorville p.1
4/8/27 Lively meeting p.1
4/15/27 Strenuous fire fighting p.1
4/22/27 Saves fire from gasoline p.1
4/29/27 Vamps slumber broken p.1
4/29/27 Masquerade ball p.1
6/19/27 Hold feast p.1
7/15/27 Hold outing p.1
7/15/27 Save village $131,300 p.1
7/15/27 Help Brookhavenites p.1
7/22/27 Block party p.1
7/29/27 Man hurt at outing p.1
8/5/27 Bellport tourney p.1
8/12/27 Oil stove fire p.1
8/19/27 Bellport tourney p.1
8/26/27 Tournament p.1
9/2/27 Amityville wins p.1
9/2/27 Block party p.1
9/9/27 Block party p.1
9/16/27 Funds for injured firemen p.1
10/7/27 Injured firemen p.1
10/14/27 Banquet p.1
11/4/27 Halloween dance p.1
11/8/28 New regulation p.1
11/11/27 Hold another dinner p.1
11/25/27 Feast on clams p.1
12/9/27 Plans for tourney p.1
12/9/27 Annual dinner p.1
1/13/28 Annual meeting p.1
1/13/28 Vamps merry at banquet p.1
1/13/28 Firemen called out p.1
1/27/28 Grease fires p.1
2/10/28 Vamps to step out p.1
2/17/28 Theatre party p.1
3/9/28 Ladies night p.1
3/22/28 Ladies night p.1
3/29/28 Prevent razing of house p.1
4/5/28 Talk on forest fires p.1
4/5/28 Ladies night p.1
4/12/28 Ladies night p.1
4/19/28 Another brush fire p.1
4/19/28 Building burned p.1
4/26/28 Ladies night p.1
5/3/28 Committees meet p.1
5/10/28 Flames burning brush p.1
5/10/28 Vamps in 2 parades p.1
5/17/29 Brush fire p.1
5/17/28 Pumper crew practice p.1
6/14/28 Discussion on water dist. p.1
6/21/28 Block party p.1
7/5/28 Block party p.1
7/19/28 Rain postpones party p.1
7/26/28 Elect fire officers p.1
8/9/28 Del Havens chief p.1
9/6/28 Carnival closes p.1
9/13/28 Vamps hold meeting p.1
10/4/28 Vamps hold meeting p.1
11/1/28 Meeting p.1
12/6/28 Drivers to be insured p.1
12/27/28 New equipment p.1
1/10/29 Annual dinner p.1
1/31/29 Report on new engine p.1
2/7/29 Discuss new equip. p.1
2/28/29 Inspection night p.1
2/28/29 Vote for new equip. p.1
3/7/29 Ladies night p.1
3/14/29 Ladies night p.1
3/14/29 Fire truck chosen p.1
4/4/29 Dig up lost deed p.1
4/11/29 Ladies night p.1
4/18/29 Hosts ladies p.1
4/25/29 New truck arrives p.1
5/2/29 Meet p.1
5/9/29 Ready for tourney p.1
5/16/29 Events for tourney p.1
5/23/29 Busy time on Mem. day p.1
5/29/29 Have busy day p.1
6/6/29 Win parade cup p.1
6/6/29 Feast on strawberries p.1
6/20/29 Budget…$7,000 p.1
6/20/29 Have festival p.1
7/25/29 Vamps to Manorville p.1
7/25/29 Elects p.1
8/1/29 Loper re-elected comm. p.1
8/8/29 Make quick run p.1
8/15/29 Officers chosen p.1
9/12/29 Meeting p.1
9/19/29 Elect drivers p.1
10/3/29 Lose 2 coats p.1
10/10/29 Active meeting p.1
10/10/29 Leslie estate fire p.1
10/10/29 Meeting p.1
10/10/29 Firemen act rapidly p.1
10/17/29 Dance p.1
10/31/29* Dance a merry one p.1
10/17/29 Patrols at future fires p.1
10/31/29* Many applications p.1
7/17/31 Annual meeting p.1
Center Moriches, N.Y. Fire Dept.
11/1/29 Socials p.1
11/14/29 Dance p.1
11/14/29 Add new members p.1
1/9/30 Re-elect all officers p.1
11/27/29 Another snappy dance p.1
12/12/29 Have dance p.1
12/5/29 Annual dinner p.1
12/12/29 Firemen are prompt p.1
1/2/30 Give old year sendoff p.1
2/6/30 Meeting p.1
2/13/30 Exempt from jury p.1
2/27/30 Vote at next meeting p.1
3/6/30 Protest new measures p.1
3/20/30 Save house p.1
4/3/30 Take up extension of dist. p.5
4/10/30 Brush fires p.1
4/17/30 Officers meet p.1
5/8/30 Decoration day tournament p.1
5/8/30 Donovan’s grounds used p.1
5/15/30 To sign up payroll p.1
5/15/30 Practice for pumper crew p.1
5/15/30 Big event p.1
5/15/30 Prize, $10…p.1
6/5/30 Meeting p.1
6/5/30 Equipment, $2,000 p.1
7/3/30 Meet p.1
7/3/30 Fire fighters out last night p.1
7/10/30 Do not want tourney p.1
7/17/30 Have tourney here p.1
7/24/30 Annual meeting p.1
7/31/30 Pass budget p.5
9/11/30 Hold peach festival p.1
9/18/30 Vamps hold “peachy” event p.1
9/25/30 Fire razes old house p.1
9/18/30 Vamps serve peaches p.1
9/25/30 Grass fire p.1
10/2/30 Meeting p.1
10/9/30 Meeting p.1
12/12/29 Officers meeting p.1
10/16/30 Start social club p.1
10/16/30 Couple get grand send-off p.1
10/30/30 May form social club p.1
11/6/30 County visits p.1
11/13/30 Meeting p.1
11/26/30 Meeting p.1
12/4/30 Approve social nights p.1
1/8/31 Choose Havens chief p.1
1/15/31 House razed p.1
1/15/31 Brush fire p.1
1/15/31 Meet p.1
1/29/31 Meet p.1
2/5/31 On county crew p.1
2/12/31 Active crews p.1
2/19/31 Card party p.1
2/26/31 Change by-laws p.1
3/5/31 Party p.1
3/5/31 Called from meeting p.1
3/5/31* Morning fire at laundry p.1
3/12/31 Attend meeting p.1
4/2/31 Vote on by-law changes p.1
4/2/31 Quick work prevents serious fire p.1
4/9/31 Amendments passed p.1
4/9/31 Fire this evening p.1
4/16/31 Make changes in drivers p.1
4/23/31 Firemen get 2 calls p.1
4/30/31 Crews practice p.1
5/14/31 Join Memorial parade p.1
5/21/31 Firemen save Davies block p.1
5/21/31 Rules regarding trucks p.1
6/4/31 Tourney p.1
6/4/31 Victories p.1
6/25/31 Fire district meeting p.1
7/2/31 Meeting p.1
7/2/31 Fire on boat p.1
7/9/31* Cups in Gardner’s window p.1
7/9/31* In county meet p.1
7/9/31* Again successful p.1
7/16/31 Meet p.1
7/23/31 Meet p.1
7/30/31 Johnson is commissioner p.1
7/30/31 Meets p.1
8/13/31 Tournament p.1
8/20/31 Firemen called out p.1
9/17/31 Lively meeting p.1
9/24/31 Officers meet p.1
10/1/31 Gets 3 calls p.1
10/15/31 Officers meet p.1
11/5/31 Meeting p.1
12/11/30 Select new crew p.1
12/18/30 Firemen to duck ranch p.1
4/4/29 Improvements at fire house p.1
12/31/30 Election p.1
11/12/31 Silence, 2 min. on Armistice day p.1
12/10/31 Chief Havens is renominated p.1
12/31/31 Annual meeting p.1
1/7/32 Chief Havens re-elected p.1
1/7/32 Officers meet p.1
1/14/32 Banquet p.1
1/28/32 More applicants p.1
2/4/32 Turn firehouse to district p.1
2/11/32 Officers pick new men p.1
3/3/32 Firemen called out p.1
3/3/32 Vote on amendments p.1
3/10/32 Vote p.1
3/17/32 May go in for baseball p.1
3/31/32 Oil tank blows up p.1
3/31/32 Meet p.1
4/7/32 Want to extend district p.1
4/28/32 Meet p.1
5/12/32 Tournament plans p.1
5/26/32 Patchogue takes over p.1
5/26/32 Town vamps dance p.1
6/9/32 Parade p.1
7/7/32 Winners p.1
7/14/32 Short meeting p.1
7/21/32 Annual meeting p.1
7/28/32 Meeting p.1
8/4/32 County tourney p.1
8/18/32 Wimmer, commissioner p.1
Center Moriches, N.Y. Fire Dept.
9/15/32 Meeting p.1
9/22/32 Officers meeting p.1
10/6/32 Card party p.1
10/13/32 Extinguish flaming truck p.1
10/13/32 Officers met p.1
10/20/32 Empty school in 60 sec. p.1
10/20/32 Firemen work hard p.1
10/27/32 Yacht club up in smoke p.1
11/3/32 Firemen meet p.1
11/3/32 Vamps on the job p.1
11/16/33* Officers meet p.1
11/16/33* Dance p.1
11/30/33 Elect fire comm. p.1
11/30/33 Nominate p.1
12/7/33 Write-in vote elects Davis p.1
12/7/33 False alarm p.1
12/7/33 Two old smoke eaters retire p.1
12/7/33 Dance at John Duck’s p.1
12/14/33 Get service stripes p.1
1/4/34 Elect p.1
1/11/34 Edwards succeeds Havens p.1
1/18/34 Make merry at Carlisle p.1
1/18/34 Awarded gold stripes p.1
2/1/34 Chimney fire at Baker house p.1
2/8/34 Herrmann heads board p.1
2/15/34 Companies name crews p.1
3/1/34 Meeting p.1
3/8/34 Elect sergeant-at-arms p.1
3/15/34 Service awards p.1
3/22/34 Offers reward p.1
4/5/34 Plan summer season p.1
4/5/34 School had fire drill p.1
4/12/34 Officers meet p.1
4/19/34 Card party p.1
4/26/34 Card party p.1
5/3/34 Form athletic club p.1
5/3/34 Fire drill p.1
3/11/34 Block party p.1
5/18/34* Contest p.1
6/1/34 Sag Harbor victory p.1
6/8/34 Initiation p.1
6/8/34 Plan many events p.1
6/15/34 Tournament & block party p.1
6/29/34 Meet p.1
7/6/34 Has busy season p.1
7/13/34 Meeting p.1
7/20/34 Fire well being installed p.1
7/27/34 Fire well satisfactory p.1
7/27/34 Block party p.1
8/3/34 Block party p.1
8/3/34 Voters turn down budget p.1
8/3/34 Called out during bad storm p.3
8/10/34 Special fund p.1
8/10/34 Submit budget p.1
8/17/34 Meeting p.1
8/17/34 Fire well given 1st test p.1
8/24/34* Fire well test success p.8
9/6/34 Voters reject 5 projects p.1
9/6/34 Firemen to ride goat p.1
9/13/34 Meeting p.1
9/20/34 Too many members p.1
10/4/34 Vote on amendments p.1
11/1/34 Vote on amendments p.1
11/8/34 Adopt amendments p.1
Center Moriches, N.Y. Hospital Assn.
8/9/28 Planning for hospital p.1
8/16/28 Form hospital assn. p.1
8/30/28 Enthusiasm for new hospital p.1
9/6/28 More members joining p.1
9/13/28 Clam bake p.1
9/20/28 Hold clam bake p.1
9/27/28 More members p.1
11/1/28 Add members p.1
11/15/28 Hospital site gift pleases p.1
12/13/28 Hospital plan maturing p.1
012/27/28 Request books be turned in p.1
1/10/29 Meets p.1
5/16/29 Meets p.1
5/23/29 Meets p.1
5/29/29 Meet to decide hospital p.1
6/6/29 Vote to buy hospital here p.1
6/27/29 Hold card party p.1
7/3/29 Plan events p.1
7/11/29 Hold benefits p.1
7/18/29 Change plans for fund p.1
7/25/29 Many affairs p.1
8/1/29 Picture benefit p.1
8/8/29 Joint party p.1
8/8/29 Pledges coming in p.1
8/15/29 Hold block party p.1
8/22/29 Big party p.1
8/29/29 Block party p.1
9/5/29 Block party successful p.1
Center Moriches, N.Y. Neighborhood Assn.
1/3/29 Have community center? p.1
3/2/28 Many residents subscribed p.1
3/2/28 Community house p.1
6/28/28 Meeting p.1
12/13/28 Community house progress p.1
8/30/28 Pushing ahead p.1
9/6/28 Progress p.1
9/27/28 Plans for community house p.1
10/4/28 Adopt plans for community house p.1
10/11/28 Select site for community house p.1
11/1/28 Completion almost certain p.1
11/8/28 To pay its way p.1
11/22/28 Community house progress p.1
11/29/28 Workers happy p.1
12/6/28 Fund drive successful p.1
12/20/28 Drive a success p.1
1/10/29 More pledges are needed p.1
1/31/29 Make memorial house appeal p.1
2/7/29 Is community house doomed? p.1
2/14/29 Will you help your community? p.1
2/21/29 Community fund takes a spurt p.1
2/28/29 Call community house meet p.1
3/7/29 Plans dropped p.1
Center Moriches, N.Y. Neighborhood Assn.
3/14/29 Meeting p.1
Center Moriches, N.Y. Ping Pong Teams
12/28/33 Enter tournament p.1
1/18/34 Interest in tourney p.5
3/1/34 Saake wins honors p.1
3/8/34 Win match p.5
3/15/34 Teams lose p.1
3/22/34 Team wins & loses p.1
3/29/34 Team wins 5 games p.8
4/5/34 Defeats Southampton p.1
4/19/34 Lose match to Sag Harbor p.1
10/18/34 Season p.1
11/8/34 Fans meet at Carlisle p.5
Center Moriches, N.Y. Tennis Teams
9/2/27 Tournament p.1
10/14/27 Tennis tournament p.1
4/26/28 Club formed p.1
8/23/28 Start tourney p.1
8/29/29 Many thrills p.1
8/20/31 Tourney opens p.1
8/27/31 Off to a big start p.1
9/3/31 Propose league p.1
8/22/29 Tourney p.1
9/5/29 Tournament won by Callaghan p.1
8/28/30 Many entries p.1
9/4/30 Victory at home p.8
9/18/30 Building court at Mor. Inn p.1
8/11/32 Tennis on p.1
Center Moriches, N.Y. Welfare Board
12/19/29 Organize welfare board p.1
12/24/30 Met p.1
2/5/31 Big dance p.1
Center Moriches Record
10/31/00 Writing of “David Harum” p.1
10/31/00 Nosed him out with sauerkraut p.1
10/31/00 Napoleon’s son, King of Rome p.1
10/31/00 A slaver’s cargo p.1
10/31/00 A tricky dog p.1
10/31/00 New York’s slave ship p.1
10/31/00 How masks are made p.1
10/31/00 Experiences…medical missionary p.2
10/31/00 Fighting Filipino spiders p.3
10/31/00 Condensed food products p.3
10/31/00 Sheds his skin p.3
10/31/00 Snake stones for snake bite p.3
10/31/00 Mysteries of dark island p.3
10/31/00 Colorado’s burning mountain p.3
10/31/00 The thistle as fuel p.3
10/31/00 Sea serpents old & new p.3
10/31/00 Editorial p.4
10/31/00 The crabbing industry p.5
10/31/00 Mistaken identity p.5
10/31/00 News for the fair sex p.6
10/31/00 Discourses of the day: Sermon p.7
10/31/00 De leetle gray bird p.8
12/10/26 Linotype machine p.1
4/29/27 Contestants at theater party p.1
7/22/27 To have larger shop p.1
10/21/27 Work completed p.1
11/4/27 Publisher joins staff p.1
1/20/28 Earlier mailing p.1
3/29/28 Published in local plant p.1
7/19/28 Record offers prizes p.1
7/26/28 Every worker wins in contest p.1
8/2/28 Workers…flying start p.1
8/9/28 Worker in good will campaign p.1
8/16/28 Estelle Reeve leads p.1
8/23/28 Alice Titmus now at head p.1
8/30/28 Contest closes with grand rush p.1
9/6/28 Record enters its 29th year p.1
1/24/29 To correct an omission p.1
6/27/29 Record to move into new home p.1
7/3/29 Moving days p.1
11/14/29 Noted writer A.S. Roche p.1
5/1/30 Are we dead or alive? p.1
5/1/30 Are you helping to clean up? p.1
6/19/30 Interesting changes…1st edition p.1
9/11/30 School editors on job p.4
10/2/30 Sunrise student p.6
11/6/30 First donation for needy relief p.1
11/6/30 Ads free to unemployed p.1
11/13/30 Receive…needy relief p.1
12/11/30 Let’s all pull together p.1
1/8/31 Sunrise student p.6
1/29/31 In the good old days p.2
2/19/31 Help your fellow man p.1
4/2/31 Round about LI p.2
4/16/31 East Moriches school news p.7
4/23/31 Set your clocks ahead! p.1
5/28/31 Unknown dead on muster rolls p.4
5/28/31 Memorial message “Keep faith” p.1
5/28/31 June brides attend p.1
6/4/31 Are personal items “Bunk?” p.3
9/24/31 Route old man depression p.1
9/24/31 Back to standard again! p.1
10/15/31 Voters requirements p.1
20/29/31 Vote & vote early p.1
11/19/31 Era of prosperity cartoon p.1
1/7/32 In the good old days p.2
1/14/32 Sunrise student p.6
1/14/32 Empire of the air p.6
2/11/32 East Moriches school news p.5
3/10/32 This is 1932 p.1
4/21/32 Don’t forget your time change p.1
7/28/32 We kill ’em rapidly today p.7
9/22/32 Farewell to daylight savings p.1
11/16/33 In the good old days p.4
11/16/33 Sunrise student p.3
11/23/33 East Moriches school news p.3
12/14/33 Sea going merchants p.4
12/14/33 Why shop at home p.4
12/14/33 Economic highlights p.1
1/4/34 In the good old days p.4
1/4/34 East Moriches school news p.3
1/4/34 Can it be done? p.7
Center Moriches Record
1/11/34 Economic highlights p.8
1/11/34 Sunrise student p.3
2/1/34 Soldier citizen ans. critic p.6
2/15/34 Eastport school news p.3
2/22/34 Storm…abreviated edition p.1
3/8/34 Long Island state? p.4
3/29/34 Better times coming p.6
4/5/34 Captive bears no longer allowed p.4
4/12/34 Redeem 4th Liberty loans p.1
4/26/34 Daylight savings time p.1
6/1/34 New editor Arthur W. Skinner p.1
6/8/34 Let’s look at the Record p.3
9/27/34 Daylight saving ends p.1
10/4/34 Sunrise student p.1
Center Moriches Retail Merchant’s Assn.
3/11/27 Merchants advertising “Center” p.1
6/3/27 Hawkins wins Pontiac sedan p.1
10/4/28 Free jaunt to NY p.1
10/11/28 Who will win NY trip? p.1
10/18/28 Man wins trip p.1
10/25/28 Another trip p.1
11/1/28 Trip to boy p.1
11/8/28 Merchants offer free coal p.1
11/15/28 Interest grows in coupon draw p.1
11/22/28 David Carter wins gift p.1
11/29/28 Remsenburg man winner p.1
11/29/28 Christmas party assured p.1
12/6/28 Osterberg wins p.1
12/6/28 Xmas party p.1
12/13/28 Miss Farquhar wins p.1
12/13/28 Retailers party p.1
12/27/28 Merchants stage party p.1
5/8/30 Boost business p.1
5/8/30 Prize winner drawn p.1
5/15/30 Profit-sharing plan p.1
5/22/30 Opportunity days p.1
5/22/30 Omitted Mr. Salamone on list p.1
5/29/30 Awards $25 prize p.1
6/5/30 Award prize of $25 p.1
6/12/30 Add 3 more prizes p.1
6/19/30 Lone ticket wins p.1
6/26/30 Business men enthusiastic p.1
6/26/30 Four prizes weekly p.1
7/3/30 Mrs. Kwaak wins p.1
7/10/30 Meeting p.1
7/10/30 Prize goes to E’port p.1
7/17/30 Award prizes p.1
7/24/30 Meeting p.1
7/31/30 Two prizes to same winner p.1
8/14/30 Prizes distributed p.1
8/21/30 Five prizes this week p.1
8/28/30 Award final prizes p.1
8/20/31 Offer prizes every week p.1
8/27/31 First prize given p.1
9/10/31 Third weekly prize p.1
9/24/31 First lady wins prize p.1
10/29/31 East Moriches man wins p.1
11/19/31 Merchants Christmas party p.1
9/20/34 Interest in local contest p.1
Center Moriches School District
10/31/00 Annual meeting p.5
11/25/26 Presented program p.1
12/10/26 League game p.1
12/24/26 Start basketball p.1
12/24/26 Closes with pageant p.1
12/31/26 Wins 2 out of 3 p.1
1/14/27 Seniors give play p.1
1/14/27 Discuss boundaries p.1
1/21/27 Boards make agreement p.1
1/28/27 Results of regents exams p.1
2/4/27 Victorious in game p.1
2/4/27 Get good averages p.1
2/11/27 Basketball teams to E. Islip p.1
2/18/27 Girls BB team sole victors p.1
2/25/27 Grades give program p.1
2/25/27 Girl’s 5 meet Riverhead p.1
3/11/27 Closed, scarlet fever epidemic p.1
3/11/27 Basketball…Mattituck p.1
3/11/27 Organize contest p.1
3/18/27 Students work for prizes p.1
4/9/27 Seniors to Washington p.1
4/22/27 Vacation trip enjoyed p.1
5/6/27 Perfect attendance p.1
6/10/27 Events for graduation p.1
6/17/27 Grade pupils exercises p.1
6/24/27 Annual picnic at Peconic bay p.1
6/24/27 Commencement p.1
6/24/27 Grammar school p.1
9/2/27 Schools will open p.1
9/16/27 Reception p.1
10/4/28 School progress p.1
11/18/27 Issue quarterly marks p.1
11/25/27 Pupils present play p.1
12/9/27 Chapman is principal p.1
12/23/27 Present playlet p.1
2/3/28 Senior affair successful p.1
2/17/28 Give Lincoln play p.1
3/2/28 Preparing contracts p.1
3/9/28 Seniors present play p.1
4/5/28 Seniors go to Wash. p.1
4/19/28 Seniors return from Wash. p.1
4/26/28 Teachers conf. p.1
6/21/28 Commencement p.1
6/28/28 Hall crowded for exercises p.1
9/6/28 Schools crowded p.1
3/21/29 Fund nearly raised p.1
9/20/28 Reception to teachers p.1
9/27/28 Engage additional teacher p.1
1/31/29 High School winners p.1
1/31/29 Board renews contracts p.1
2/28/29 Board selects faculty p.1
2/28/29 Seniors on Washington trip p.1
4/11/29 Hear from seniors p.1
4/25/29 Students give “broadcast” p.1
4/25/29 Charge Principal with assault p.1
5/2/29 Approve bills & contracts p.1
5/2/29 Many attend Board meeting p.1
Center Moriches School District
5/2/29 Jury disagrees p.1
5/9/29 Many attend meeting p.1
5/9/29 Commencement program p.1
5/9/29 Listen to full blood Chief p.1
5/29/29 Board meets p.1
6/6/29 Board hears report p.1
6/20/29 Commencement p.1
6/20/29 Exercises of grades p.1
6/27/29 Start on vacations p.1
6/27/29 Have fine commencement p.1
7/11/29 Class of 1929 p.1
7/25/29 Board makes budget p.1
8/1/29 Budget p.1
8/1/29 Meeting p.1
8/8/29 Barnard elected p.1
8/15/29 Board organized p.1
8/29/29 Schools ready for opening p.1
9/5/29 Board meeting p.1
9/19/29 Board meeting p.1
10/3/29 To determine tax rate p.1
10/3/29 Meeting p.1
10/31/29* Board meeting p.1
1/30/30 Regents exam p.1
2/6/30 Board meeting p.1
2/20/30 Discuss senior trip p.1
3/6/30 Discuss next year’s faculty p.1
3/13/30 Board members invited p.8
11/14/29 Will give thriller p.8
11/14/29 Have school social p.1
11/21/29 Have close game p.1
11/21/29 Club gives play p.1
11/21/29 Get good marks p.1
11/27/29 Board meeting p.1
11/27/29 High & alumni games p.1
12/12/29 Decide on new principal p.1
12/19/29 Board meeting p.1
12/19/29 High is out of trim p.1
1/8/31 Changes for commercials p.1
3/27/30 Board meeting p.1
4/3/30 Much business at meeting p.1
4/3/30 Special teacher, music & drawing p.5
4/17/30 Now at Washington p.1
5/8/30 Receives toxin-anti-toxin p.1
5/15/30 Annual banquet p.1
6/5/30 Faculty decided p.1
6/12/30 Reception, Senior class p.1
6/19/30 Commencement p.1
6/26/30 Baccalaureate at Pres. church p.1
6/26/30 Fine program p.1
6/26/30 Off for vacations p.1
6/26/30 Budget may be lowered p.1
7/31/30 District annual meeting p.1
8/7/30 Voters approve budget p.1
9/4/30 Hold 1st meeting p.1
9/4/30 Opens with large roll p.1
9/11/30 Active year p.1
9/25/30 Rates announced for tax p.1
10/2/30 Enrollment increasing p.8
10/2/30 Serve children milk p.1
10/2/30 Board approves new grading p.1
10/9/30 Perfect attendance p.1
10/9/30 Children…milk at school p.1
10/16/30 First soccer team p.1
10/16/30 Irregular attendance p.5
10/30/30 Board meeting p.1
10/30/30 Students working for trip p.1
10/30/30 Has highest state attendance p.1
10/30/30 Service of milk popular p.1
10/30/30 Board approves calendar p.1
11/6/30 Senior class dance p.1
11/6/30 Reports soon p.1
11/20/30 High school boys game p.8
11/20/30 Girl ball tossers game p.8
11/26/30 Will increase standard p.1
11/26/30 Purchase radio for school p.1
11/26/30 Conference here p.1
12/11/30 Larger honor roll…grades p.1
12/18/30 Dramatic club play p.1
12/24/30 Board favors free textbooks p.1
1/15/31 Girls head league p.1
2/5/31 Board discusses subjects p.1
2/5/31 Mid-year honor roll p.1
2/26/31 Board met p.1
3/5/31* Art students’ work p.1
3/12/31 Good attendance records p.1
3/12/31 Seniors benefit card party p.1
3/26/31 Seniors trip p.1
4/2/31 Hearing tested p.1
4/2/31 Seniors join 350 on trip p.1
4/9/31 Meeting postponed p.1
4/9/31 Toxin-anti-toxin clinics p.1
4/16/31 First baseball game p.1
4/16/31 Honor roll p.1
4/30/31 Teachers conf. here p.1
5/7/31 Leads state in attendance p.1
5/7/31 Many have perfect attendance p.1
5/7/31 Teachers attend conf. p.1
5/14/31 Junior prom p.1
5/14/31 Musical clubs recital p.1
5/21/31 Fiscal yr.changed by leg. p.5
5/21/31 Tennis teams tournament p.5
5/28/31 Field day p.1
6/4/31 Commencement exercises p.1
6/4/31 Athletic dinner p.1
6/4/31 Become tennis champs p.1
6/11/31 Grade graduation exercises p.1
6/11/31 Here’s the “Champs” p.1
6/11/31 June day p.1
6/11/31 Announces school hours p.4
6/11/31 Prom to be gala affair p.1
6/18/31 Eighth grade exercises p.1
6/18/31 Basketeers p.1
6/18/31 Commencement to surpass all p.1
6/18/31 Teachers vacation p.5
6/18/31 June day is big event p.1
6/25/31 Eighth grade exercises p.5
6/25/31 Exercises…7 boys & 7 girls p.1
6/25/31 Baccalaureate services p.1
6/25/31 Grade exercises p.5
Center Moriches School District
6/25/31 Valedictorian p.1
7/2/31 Award prizes p.4
7/2/31 Five thousand less p.1
7/2/31 Director at music school p.5
7/2/31 Honor roll p.1
7/2/31 Many have perfect attendance p.1
7/2/31 List…promoted p.1
7/16/31 Budget reduced $4000 p.1
7/30/31 Announces faculty p.1
7/30/31 Meeting held p.1
7/30/31 One added to faculty p.1
8/6/31 School to open p.1
8/6/31 Liscum reelected p.1
8/13/31 Board elects officer p.1
9/3/31 Paralysis cases postpone schools p.1
9/10/31 Schools open p.1
9/17/31 Record attendance p.1
9/24/31 Closed, 1 more case of paralysis p.1
10/1/31 Opening uncertain p.1
10/8/31 School opens again p.1
10/15/31 School open again p.1
10/29/31 Benefit party at Terry’s p.1
11/5/31 Many activities p.1
11/12/31 Armistice day assembly program p.1
11/26/31 High school active p.1
12/3/31* School board active p.1
12/3/31* Many on grade honor roll p.1
12/10/31 Honor roll p.1
12/17/31 Look for chicken pox rash p.1
12/17/31 Senior trip fund p.1
12/24/31 Seniors present play p.1
12/31/31 Students direct school affairs p.1
1/7/32 School play p.1
1/7/32 School re-opens p.1
1/21/32 Exams start p.1
1/21/32 Fine basketball p.1
1/28/32 Many have perfect record p.1
1/28/32 High school barn dance p.1
2/4/32 Scarlet fever here p.1
2/11/32 Honor students, perf. attend. p.1
2/11/32 Washington meetings p.1
2/18/32 Tied for championship p.1
2/18/32 Seniors to leave soon p.1
2/25/32 Faculty & students basketball p.1
3/3/32 Girls battle for championship p.1
3/3/32 Scholars make perfect record p.1
3/10/32 Basketball squads p.1
3/17/32 Students get scores p.1
3/24/32 Baseball prospects good p.1
3/24/32 High school orchestra wins p.1
4/7/32 Fine Washington trip p.1
4/7/32 Students have perfect record p.1
4/14/32 Elect sports heads p.1
4/28/32 Honor pupils announced p.1
4/28/32 Prom successful p.1
5/5/32 Honor roll issued p.1
5/12/32 Grade Pupils get perfect record p.1
5/26/32 Activities p.1
6/2/32 Attendance list issued p.1
6/9/32 High honor winners p.1
6/9/32 Perfect records p.1
6/9/32 Sabin to give Baccalaureate p.1
6/9/32 Busy days p.1
6/9/32 Annual athletic dinner p.1
6/9/32 Senior dance & PTA p.1
6/16/32 Athletic banquet p.1
6/30/32 Grades closing exercises p.1
6/30/32 Seniors farewell party p.1
6/30/32 Faculty summer vacation p.1
6/30/32 Program by grades p.1
6/30/32 Commencement p.1
6/30/32 Baccalaureate sermon p.1
7/7/32 Daily attendance increase p.1
7/7/32 Final honor roll p.1
7/14/32 Grade honor roll p.1
5/5/32 Good attendance p.1
7/21/32 Promotion list, grade school p.1
7/28/32 Meeting p.1
7/28/32 Additional promotions p.1
7/28/32 Survey of graduates p.1
7/28/32 Passing students p.1
7/28/32 Announce faculty p.1
8/4/32 Report cards every mo. p.1
8/4/32 Consultation week p.1
8/4/32 Budget approved p.1
8/18/32 Lay floor next week p.1
8/25/32 Abramson hears wedding bells p.1
9/1/32 Opens next week p.1
9/15/32 Closes for county fair p.1
9/8/32 Enrollment more p.1
9/15/32 Choose senior officers p.1
10/6/32 Fair size crowd at dance p.1
10/20/32 Many fine records p.1
11/3/32 Honor roll p.1
11/3/32 Perfect attendance p.1
11/23/33 Basketball schedule p.1
1/11/34 Pat coming to school p.1
1/18/34 Audience enjoys senior play p.1
2/8/34 Honor students named p.1
2/15/34 Lose game to Eastport p.1
2/22/34 Clinics, toxin-anti-toxin p.1
3/15/34 Bows to Islip school p.1
3/15/34 No school on Monday p.1
3/22/34 Champion typist p.1
4/5/34 Perfect attendance p.1
4/5/34 Students trip program p.1
4/12/34 Seniors receive honors p.1
4/26/34 High school awards p.1
5/3/34 Card party p.1
5/3/34 Baseball team beats Huntington p.1
5/3/34 Junior card party p.1
5/3/34 Perfect attendance p.1
5/11/34 High school club…2 plays p.1
5/18/34* High school honor roll p.1
5/25/34 High school to give concert p.1
6/1/34 Music festival p.1
6/1/34 Good attendance p.1
6/8/34 Seeks to check measles p.1
6/15/34 Joe Wilcox’s boys 2nd pennant p.1
Center Moriches School District
6/22/34 High school baseball review p.1
6/22/34 Teachers study in summer p.1
6/29/34 Eighth grade graduation p.1
6/29/34 Commencement p.1
7/6/34 Musical training success p.1
7/6/34 Honor roll p.1
7/13/34 Results of exams p.1
7/20/34 Cost lower at CMHS p.5
8/10/34 Announce faculty p.1
8/10/34 Fifty turn out at meeting p.1
8/17/34 Eligibility changes postponed p.1
8/30/34 Opening p.1
9/6/34 Board meets p.1
9/6/34 Expect 375 pupils p.1
9/6/34 No school…it’s Fair day, kids p.1
9/20/34 High school AA elects officers p.5
10/4/34 Students leave for college p.1
10/4/34 Many have 100% attendance p.1
10/4/34 Faculty solve housing problem p.1
10/4/34 Calendar announced p.4
10/11/34 Soccer team defeats H. Bays p.1
10/18/34 Student fund summary p.5
10/18/34 Defeats Sag Harbor p.1
10/25/34 Dramatic club members p.5
11/1/34 Honor students p.5
11/1/34 Enrollment decrease p.5
11/1/34 Soccer team wins p.5
11/8/34 Eins county championship p.1
11/8/34 Perfect attendance p.5
11/8/34 Juniors have party p.5
11/8/34 Parents inspect school p.1
Center Moriches School District – Alumni Assn.
12/14/33 Local grads to meet p.1
12/28/33 Girl veterans retain pep p.1
1/4/34 Alumni games…$6.90 p.1
Center Moriches School District – PTA
10/11/28 To get together p.1
10/25/28 Meet p.1
11/22/28 Meet p.1
12/20/28 Meeting p.1
2/21/29 Meeting p.1
3/21/29 Enjoy musicale p.1
5/23/29 Turn out well p.1
6/13/29 Entertain class p.1
6/27/29 Closes 1st yr. p.1
10/3/29 Reception p.1
10/24/29* End year p.1
11/21/29 Active meeting p.1
11/27/29 Meet p.1
12/19/29 Sponsor “Cubs” p.1
1/23/30 Health program p.1
1/30/30 Dines p.1
2/27/30 Card party for seniors p.1
3/20/30 Meeting p.5
3/27/30 Seniors clear $190 p.5
5/1/30 Meeting p.1
5/22/30 Meet p.1
6/19/30 Reception p.1
9/11/30 Reception p.1
9/18/30 Reception, new teachers p.1
10/23/30 Elects p.1
11/20/30 Interesting night p.1
12/11/30 Meet p.1
12/18/30 Biggest meeting p.1
1/8/31 Talk for parents p.1
1/22/31 Hear talk p.1
1/29/31 Enjoy party p.1
2/19/31 Holiday program p.1
3/12/31 Meet p.1
3/19/31 Hear lecture p.1
4/23/31 Dancing exhibit p.1
5/14/31 Talk on “Safety” p.1
5/21/31 Instructive lectures p.1
5/28/31 Reception to seniors p.5
6/18/31 Reception to seniors p.1
10/8/31 Reception p.1
10/15/31 Dance to help needy children p.1
10/15/31 Elects officers p.1
10/15/31 Reception p.1
10/22/31 Elect officers p.1
10/29/31 Many at benefit dance p.1
11/5/31 Benefit dance $73.17 p.2
11/12/31 Meet p.1
11/19/31 Attended by 150 p.1
12/3/31* Christmas carol meeting p.1
12/10/31 Sing carols p.1
12/17/31 Program of carols p.1
12/24/31 Carol program p.1
1/14/32 Observe birthdays p.1
1/21/32 Fine program p.1
2/4/32 Patriotic meeting p.1
2/18/32 Meeting p.1
3/24/32 Rev. Gee speaks p.1
4/7/32 Pupils exhibit p.1
4/21/32 Pupils’ dancing p.1
6/16/32 Enjoy senior dance p.1
9/15/32 First meeting p.1
9/22/32 Large crowd out p.1
10/13/32 Meet p.1
10/20/32 Large crowd attend p.1
10/27/32 Met p.1
11/3/32 Plan welfare dance p.1
1/18/34 Dr. Davis speaks p.1
11/23/33 Colley addresses p.1
12/14/33 Meet p.1
12/21/33 Parents enjoy play p.1
1/25/34 Hears about lumber p.1
2/1/34 Makes $43.80 at card party p.1
2/22/34 Plans welfare card party p.1
3/1/34 Card party, $34 p.1
3/22/34 Dramatic play p.1
4/19/34 Give $50 scholarship p.1
5/25/34 Elects officers p.1
6/15/34 Host to seniors p.1
9/20/34 Meets & appoints comm. p.1
Center Moriches Taxpayers Assn.
12/7/33 Meet in January p.1
Center Islip State Hospital
4/17/30 Firebug p.1
2/26/31 Change name p.1
Chamber of Commerce of Bellport
1/23/30 Appoint arbitrators p.1
Chamber of Commerce of East Moriches
3/24/32 Form chamber p.1
6/2/32 Chamber active p.1
8/4/32 Holds annual meet p.1
Chamber of Commerce of Eastport
5/24/28 Organized p.1
6/21/28 Adopts bylaws p.1
11/15/28 To stage dinner p.1
11/22/28 Holds social affair p.1
1/24/29 Card party p.1
1/31/29 Crowd at party p.1
10/25/28 Growing fast p.1
12/12/29 Banquet p.1
10/23/30 Elects officers p.1
Chamber of Commerce of Long Island
10/22/26 To tour LI p.1
12/3/26 Drive for new members p.1
4/1/27 Endorses Ocean blvd. p.1
4/1/27 Investigate pollution of bay p.1
5/6/27 To clean up island p.1
5/27/27 Tour to visit p.1
8/19/27 Study airport needs p.9
2/10/28 Suffolk man elected head p.1
4/26/28 Clean up p.1
6/14/28 Improve health conditions p.1
6/21/28 Plan waterway tour p.1
7/19/28 Waterways tour p.1
8/30/28 Prepares game law epitome p.1
11/4/27 Startling growth of LI p.1
9/13/28 To find island needs p.1
11/1/28 Waterways comm. meets p.1
11/8/28 Plan for booklet p.5
12/27/28 Preserve LI greens p.1
1/3/29 Boasts LI virtues p.1
1/24/29 Make channel in bay p.1
2/21/29 Action marks meetings p.1
2/28/29 Testimonial dinner p.1
5/9/29 Much road work p.8
5/16/29 Report on harbor p.1
5/29/29 Cruise & dinner p.1
6/6/29 Organize “Sunrisers” p.1
6/13/29 Blessed Island tour p.1
7/3/29 Plan traffic relief p.1
7/18/29 Resolution passed p.1
7/25/29 More autos on LI p.1
10/24/29* Eliminate 9 crossings p.1
11/14/29 Improvements for Shinnecock p.1
1/30/30 Repair of Shinnecock p.1
2/13/30 Discuss p.1
2/13/30 Island growing p.1
2/20/30 Luncheon to aid farmers p.5
2/20/30 Seventy million $ plan p.1
2/27/30 Elects p.1
3/6/30 Ross agriculture chairman p.1
5/1/30 Agricultural committee p.1
6/19/30 Booklets distributed p10
8/7/30 Blues running well p.1
11/27/29 Publication committee p.1
8/14/30 Pier project a myth p.1
9/25/30 Nominating committee p.1
9/25/30 Inspect channels p.1
10/9/30 Hunting season open p.1
11/6/30 Roadside work under way p.8
11/13/30 Roadside plans p.1
12/4/30 Realty gone up p.1
12/18/30 Progress on LI waterways p.1
12/24/30 Urge more use of “Long Island” p.1
12/31/30 Pupil winner of prize p.1
1/22/31 Cleaning up roadside signs p.1
2/12/31 Waterway meet p.1
2/19/31 Received 11,000 inquiries p.1
2/26/31 Annual meeting p.1
2/26/31 Clean up waterways p.1
3/5/31* Clean-up…help unemployed p.1
3/19/31 Waterway meet p.1
3/27/30 Look at farming conditions p.8
3/26/31 Long Island busy p.1
4/9/31 Boats find channels better p.1
4/16/31 Clean up roadsides p.1
4/23/31 Clean-up week p.1
5/7/31 Dredge waterways p.1
5/28/31 Problem on beach land p.8
5/28/31 Increasing demand for info p.1
6/11/31 Will make survey p.8
6/25/31 Award roadstands p.7
7/2/31 Expert on Roadside comm. p.8
7/9/31* Agriculture increases p.4
7/23/31 New map of Sunrise Trails p.4
7/23/31 Ten year plan p.1
8/6/31 Survey of Port Jefferson p.1
8/6/31 Visitors on fleet p.1
8/13/31 Cranford requests reports p.1
8/13/31 Protects roadside buyers p.1
9/3/31 Sportsmen meet p.1
9/10/31 Many projects p.1
9/17/31 Signs for motorists p.1
10/1/31 White bungalow wins 1st prize p.1
10/15/31 Large air map p.1
11/5/31 Says inlet closing not true p.2
11/26/31 Will elect p.1
11/26/31 Survey of Port Jefferson p.1
12/3/31* Leads in farm products p.1
12/3/31* Notables at meeting p.1
11/26/31 Surveys…$27,000 p.1
12/17/31 Elect directors p.1
12/24/31 Recognition for LI hwy. p.1
12/31/31 Highways…$30,000,000 p.1
12/31/31 Control billboards p.1
Chamber of Commerce of Long Island
1/7/32 Evergreens destroyed p.4
1/14/32 Wish water survey p.8
1/21/32 Urge bridge projects p.1
2/4/32 Against harbors bill p.1
2/25/32 Amend dredging laws p.1
2/25/32 Long Island sport p.1
3/3/32 Aviation interests great p.1
3/17/32 Hearing…water supply p.4
3/17/32 Fire season is here p.1
3/24/32 Protect water supply from NY p.1
3/24/32 New industries on LI p.1
3/31/32 Long Island is least affected p.1
3/31/32 Nominate officers p.1
4/7/32 Airports…prevent forest fires p.1
4/7/32 Time for annual clean-up p.1
4/21/32 Annual meeting p.1
4/21/32 Start road clean-up p.1
4/21/32 To locate unusual house p.1
4/21/32 Control tides to preserve inlet p.1
4/28/32 Ready for water traffic p.1
5/5/32 Weakfish here this year p.1
5/12/32 Contest for road stands p.1
6/9/32 Inspect waterways p.1
6/15/32 Enquiries about LI p.1
6/23/32 Study all taxes p.1
6/23/32 Contest aids beauty p.1
7/28/32 Gets 24% of motor revenue p.1
5/19/32 Fresh water fishing increasing p.1
8/4/32 Up state gets biggest share p.1
8/11/32 South Shore waterways benefit p.1
8/11/32 Proves bridge need in survey p.4
8/18/32 Fish supply aiding unemployed p.1
9/1/32 More money on LI p.1
9/1/32 Autos increase here p.1
9/15/32 Island roadside beauty work p.4
9/15/32 Farmers more productive p.1
9/29/32* Road committee meet p.1
9/22/32 Over 100 entries p.4
9/22/32 Most even temperature on LI p.4
10/6/32 Has dense population p.1
10/13/32 Season opens p.1
10/20/32 Increase in retail store trade p.1
10/27/32 Sixth annual meet p.4
10/27/32 Instruction in piloting p.1
11/16/33* Vote on mosquito bill p.1
11/16/33* Want roadside trees planted p.7
11/30/33 Projects…$100 Million p.1
11/30/33 Appoints East End comm. p.7
11/30/33 Claim Dutch elm can be saved p.7
12/7/33 Barron…roadside comm. p.3
1/25/34 Dines Moses, park head p.5
2/1/34 Seek to improve inlet p.6
2/15/34 Levy to report p.1
2/15/34 Seeks more license money p.7
2/22/34 Prepares LI almanac p.1
3/1/34 Favors signboard bill p.2
3/22/34 Hears lengthy report p.1
5/3/34 Meeting p.1
5/11/34 Fishing dinner outing p.1
7/13/34 Roadside contest p.3
8/10/34 Drive on illegal road signs p.6
8/17/34 Henry Hudson said it 1st p.2
9/20/34 Auto registration increase p.3
9/20/34 Inspect Mattituck inlet p.1
9/20/34 List PWA projects p.3
9/27/34 Seeks inlet improvement p.4
10/4/34 Brooklyn wins golf tourny p.3
10/4/34 Inspection of Mattituck inlet p.3
12/14/33 Issue book on East End p.1
12/14/33 Fill board vacancies p1
1/11/34 Fete Robert Moses p.7
10/25/34 Bulletin on insects p.6
10/25/34 Students…LI fruitful subject p.6
Chamber of Commerce of Patchogue
4/9/28 Another water tour p.1
Chamber of Commerce of Port Jefferson
5/11/34 Opposes gravel dredging permit p.1
Chamber of Commerce of Sayville
8/2/28 Must eliminate mosquitoes p.1
Chamber of Commerce of the Moriches
9/10/26 Plans social activities p.1
9/24/26 Affair well patronized p.1
12/17/26 Elect Directors p.1
1/14/27 Meeting p.1
2/25/27 Holds dance p.1
3/11/27 Plan community house p.1
3/25/27 Propose site for comm. house p.1
4/1/27 New community house p.1
4/8/27 Get started on community house p.1
5/6/27 Tel. co. denies tree cutting charge p.1
5/13/27 Drive for members p.1
5/13/27 Provide club for Moriches p.1
5/20/27 Receive site offers p.1
6/3/27 Open meeting p.1
6/10/27 Meeting p.1
6/10/27 Town trustees cruise Leeds p.1
6/24/27 Trustees start dredging “Leeds” p.1
7/1/27 Ballots club proposition p.1
7/8/27 Golf & country club favored p.1
7/22/27 Celebrate its 1st birthday p.1
8/19/27 Dinner dance, 1st p.1
8/26/27 Crowd at the Clearview p.1
9/2/27 Meet p.1
9/23/27 Secure ground for public dump p.1
10/21/27 Meeting p.1
10/28/27 Public dumping ground p.1
2/17/28 Meeting p.1
2/24/28 Want traffic lights p.1
3/9/28 To have dinner p.1
3/15/28 Supper postponed p.1
3/22/28 Meeting & dinner p.1
3/29/28 Dinner successful p.1
4/19/28 Secures dumping ground p.1
5/17/28 Petition for more lights p.1
6/21/28 Community house p.1
7/19/28 Improving Leeds with bulkheads p.1
Chamber of Commerce of the Moriches
8/23/28 Elect officers p.1
9/6/28 Warn about dumping p.1
10/18/28 Meets p.1
11/22/28 Plans ladies night p.1
12/6/28 Ladies night at Moriches Inn p.1
12/20/28 Flyers request markings p.1
12/20/28 Holds dinner dance p.1
2/14/29 Members come out p.1
3/21/29 More sidewalks p.1
4/18/29 Meets p.1
4/25/29 Cooperate in clean up p.1
5/23/29 Has steak supper p.1
6/20/29 Meets p.1
6/27/29 Meeting p.1
7/18/29 Matters of importance…p.1
8/15/29 Elects officers p.1
8/22/29 Annual meeting p.1
9/26/29 Makes improvements p.1
10/17/29 Will join Patchogue party p.1
11/14/29 Meet in Brooklyn p.1
12/19/29 Winds up year p.1
1/16/30 Signal light at crossing p.1
2/20/30 Grade crossings p.1
3/20/30 Meets p.1
3/27/30 Meeting p.1
3/27/30 Town Board glad p.1
4/24/30 Active meeting p.1
5/22/30 Will donate prize p.1
6/5/30 Friday the 13th may be lucky p.1
6/12/30 Social p.1
6/19/30 Increase activities p.1
6/19/30 Hold 1st social p.1
6/26/30 Holds lively meeting p.1
7/24/30 Hold annual event p.1
7/31/30 Ready for big social p.1
8/7/30 Good time is planned p.1
8/14/30 Social successful p.1
8/21/30 New leader p.1
9/11/30 May have Senix Canal improved p.1
9/18/30 Meeting p.1
9/18/30 Petition…water front dredging p.1
9/25/30 One dollar for photographs p.1
9/25/30 Members enthused p.1
10/2/30 Directors meet p.1
10/16/30 Needs more pictures p.1
10/23/30 Holds lively meeting p.1
10/30/30 Appoints welfare comm. p.1
11/20/30 Issue publicity p.1
11/26/30 More members p.1
12/11/30 Protests Light co. action p.1
12/24/30 Elects p.1
1/22/31 Start program p.1
1/29/31 Improvement soon p.1
2/26/31 Request modern telephones p.1
3/19/31 Prominent speaker on inlet p.1
3/26/31 Big meeting p.1
4/23/31 Government protect inlet p.1
5/14/31 Bay improvements p.1
5/21/31 Gas mains soon p.1
5/28/31 Start work on Senix p.1
6/25/31 Small number at meeting p.1
7/23/31 Plans improvements p.1
8/6/31 Decorate the town p.1
8/13/31 Annual meeting p.1
8/20/31 Annual meeting p.1
8/27/31 Progress p.1
8/27/31 Gaiety, jollity p.1
9/3/31 Big time tonight p.1
9/10/31 Festive affair p.1
9/24/31 Meeting peppy affair p.1
10/22/31 Village publicity p.1
10/22/31 Bathing beach…8 cents a yr. p1
11/19/31 Prudential to help unemployed p.1
1/21/32 Public meeting p.1
11/26/31 Active meeting p.1
12/24/31 Chamber invited p.1
2/25/32 Men are on the job p.1
2/25/32 Will endeavor to lower rates p.1
3/10/32 Judge Hawkins to speak p.1
3/17/32 Judge Hawkins coming p.1
3/24/32 Hawkins talks on bonds p.1
4/14/32 Meeting p.1
5/26/32 Rubbish clean-up p.1
8/18/32 Annual meeting p.1
8/25/32 Annual meeting p.1
9/22/32 Dance p.1
9/29/32* Annual blowout p.1
10/13/32 Dance p.1
10/20/32 Dance…crowd p.1
10/27/32 Chamber met p.1
11/3/32 Centre or Center? p.1
1/25/34 Hears from Gov. on aid p.1
2/22/34 Endorses LI chamber p.1
11/23/33 Civil works act explained p.1
12/7/33 Success appreciated p.1
12/21/33 Taxpayers meet p.1
4/26/34 Endorses school-aid bill p.1
5/25/34 Discusses civic matters p.1
6/1/34 Entertain officers p.1
7/27/34 Wants inlet patrolled p.1
8/10/34 Retail Merchants to affiliate p.1
8/17/34 Elect officers p.1
8/24/34* Merchants organize p.1
9/13/34 Contests to reward shoppers p.1
9/13/34 Shopping directory of CM p.8
9/27/34 Shopping directory p.8
9/27/34 Enrolls members p.1
9/27/34 Eastport lady, 1st prize p.1
10/4/34 Prize won by local lady p.1
10/11/34 Milton Reeve wins prize p.1
10/18/34 Dinner set won by Mrs. Bruno p.1
10/18/34 Silk comfortable is prize p.8
10/25/34 Dock seems assured p.1
11/1/34 Tea set is prize p.8
Chamber of Commerce of the U.S.
2/22/34 Trade assn. benefit to public p.1
Chapman, Charles
7/6/34 Captures shark p.1
Chapman, Harold
7/3/29 Brings glory, wins race p.1
7/25/29 Chapman adds trophy p.1
9/19/29 Wins p.1
9/26/29 Chapman gets 1st p.1
4/24/30 Will enter p.1
5/1/30 Out of race, boat hits log p.1
7/3/30 Wins Manhattan race p.1
9/4/30 Takes another 1st p.1
9/25/30 Wins 1st in Ronk. outboards p.8
7/13/34 Wrecks boat p.3
Chapman, Jack
10/1/31 Solo flight at age 11 p.1
Cherney, Frank J.
9/19/29 Arrested p.1
Chevrolet Motor Company
1/11/34 Knee-action Chevies p.7
5/3/34 Salesmen get bonuses p.8
8/3/34 Sponsors soap box derby p.1
8/17/34 Glorify skilled mechanic p.3
8/30/34 Soap box derby p.7
10/11/34 Leads again p.3
10/25/34 Adds low priced sedan p.7
Chicago World’s Fair
10/27/32 construction, $2,000,000 p.4
7/20/34 Pres. lights World’s fair p.3
Chichester, Edward
5/26/32 Find souvenir of builder p.1
Chichester, W.R.
1/21/32 Chichester is bank president p.1
Citizen’s Emergency League, Inc.
1/18/34 Report p.7
Citizen’s Military Training Camps
4/1/27 Program p.1
Civic Federation of Northern & Middle Suffolk
8/6/31 Many matters presented p.1
3/3/32 Divide Brookhaven town p.1
Civil Works Administration
3/29/34 Taken over by Work Relief p.1
12/21/33 Workers, 100, on CWA project p.1
12/28/33 Gulden…3410 on CWA work p.3
12/28/33 Road men enjoy party p.1
12/28/33 Brookhaven…p.4
Civilian Conservation Corps
7/13/34 Improves streams p.2
7/20/34 Advance social life p.8
7/27/34 Prizes to workers p.2
8/10/34 Employment to 2,000 p.3
8/10/34 Worker gets 10 days in jail p.1
Clark, John
2/11/32 Man clubbed on head p.1
Coney Island, N.Y.
8/11/32 Fire cause ‘phone emergency job p.7
Coram, N.Y. Fire Dept.
10/3/29 Attend clambake p.1
Cornell University
8/17/34 Explain correct canning p.7
Corwin, Dwight W. & Barron Lewis
9/19/29 Arrested p.1
9/26/29 To Grand Jury p.1
10/24/29* Vunk moves for dismissal p.1
10/31/29* Dunne dismisses indictment p.1
10/17/29 Indictment against Lewis p.1
Corwin, Hubert F.
4/2/31 Urges cooperation p.3
Corwith, Dr. Silas
6/7/28 Pleads not guilty p.1
Craft, Roscoe C.
4/23/31 Re-elected p.1
Crawford, Rutherfold
4/23/31 Sentence reduced p.1
Dana, John F.
6/22/34 Wins honors p.1
Daniels, Josephus, U.S. Sec. of the Navy
2/11/32 Daniels among the lions p.6
Darnell, Mrs. Walter L. W.
5/20/27 Gets verdict for damages p.1
Daughters of the American Revolution
11/25/26 Monument erected p.1
2/11/27 Shown piece of Confederate flag p.1
5/20/27 Largest meeting held p.1
7/15/27 Meets p.1
5/10/28 Essay contest p.1
5/17/28 Hear flower talks p.1
6/28/28 Reception p.1
7/19/28 Hold meeting p.1
8/16/28 Meets p.1
9/20/28 Attend meeting p.1
12/20/28 Elects officers p.1
2/14/29 Meet p.1
3/14/29 Meets p.1
4/18/29 Flag day exercises p.1
5/16/29 Indoor picnic p.1
Daughters of the American Revolution
6/13/29 Luncheon p.1
6/13/29 Flag day p.1
6/20/29 Flag day p.1
6/20/29 Picnic p.1
9/12/29 Starts up for winter p.1
10/3/29 Meet p.1
1/16/30 Meet p.1
2/20/30 Have valentine party p.5
3/20/30 Enjoy spring lunch p.5
4/17/30 Seatuck chapter guests p.1
5/22/30 Elects officers p.1
6/26/30 Elect officers p.1
7/17/30 Enjoy indoor picnic p.1
8/7/30 Fake solicitors, DAR names p.1
8/21/30 Mott is hostess p.1
9/18/30 Meeting at Eastport p.1
9/18/30 Meeting p.1
10/16/30 Seatuck chapter entertains p.1
10/16/30 Over 50 present at meet p.1
1/15/31 Meeting p.1
1/29/31 Chapter meets p.1
2/19/31 Honors Lincoln p.1
3/19/31 Elect officers p.1
5/14/31 To enter float p.1
5/21/31 Annual meeting p.5
7/2/31 Has party p.1
7/16/31 Meets in Speonk p.1
10/1/31 Attend guest day p.1
2/18/32 Meeting p.1
4/14/32 Meets p.1
8/4/32 Picnic p.1
9/22/32 Meeting p.4
11/23/33 Holds Ellis Island day p.7
Davis, Herchel R.
3/9/28 Verdict In $100,000 suit p.1
Davis, John, Deputy Sheriff
10/27/32 Loses seat of pants p.1
Dayton, Harry
3/6/30 Last guard retires p.1
Desmond, Thomas C., New York State Senator
1/11/34 Bill would change govt. p.7
2/22/34 Bill for sidewalk paths p.1
Dew, Dick & Zahava
1/7/32 Figures in divorce p.1
Dilbau, William
5/22/30 Not connected with Record p.1
5/11/34 Held for abduction p.1
Divine, Major J.
8/18/32 Still going strong p.1
Downey, Patrick D.
9/27/34 Slaying of Islip child p.1
10/4/34 Downey trial set p.3
10/25/34 Hawkins assigned to defend p.1
Downs, Mildred Novak
8/25/32 Confesses to Tuthill murder p.1
Downs, Victor
11/3/32 Dismisses Downs case p.1
Dreyer, Jacob, Brookhaven Town Tax Receiver
10/23/51 Offices open all year p.1
12/11/30 Audit of tax accounts p.1
East End Baseball League
4/5/28 Join p.1
East Hampton, N.Y.
10/21/27 “Home Sweet Home” preserved p.1
5/14/31 Dredging cost…$55,000 p.8
East Manor School District
12/7/33 Holds card party p.1
East Moriches Bay Outboard Motor Club
3/28/29 Getting ready p.1
5/29/29 Hart’s cove mecca p.1
6/6/29 Race at Hart’s cove p.1
East Moriches Boatmen’s Assn.
4/12/34 Boatmen mark inlet p.1
2/8/34 Boatmen organize p.1
East Moriches, N.Y.
9/10/26 Explosion kills 2 workmen p.1
2/25/27 Has 2 veterans of Civil war p.1
3/4/27 Yankee Juniors raise $95 p.1
3/4/27 Grade crossing to be eliminated p.1
3/25/27 Magazine, “Fur, Feathers & Fin” p.1
4/1/27 Lads go sailing in leaky boat p.1
5/6/27 Club outing p.1
5/20/27 Kitchen orchestra p.1
5/20/27 Thieves loot chicken farm p.1
5/27/27 Comedy repeated p.1
7/1/27 Band concert p.1
7/8/27 Scouts celebrate p.1
8/19/27 Discuss new road p.1
8/19/27 Hold Japanese party p.1
10/21/27 Crossing to be eliminated p.1
10/28/27 Presents comedy at Patchogue p.1
11/4/27 Yankee Juniors, masquerade p.1
11/25/27 Kitchen Band at Riverhead p.1
1/20/28 New road…Smith st. p.1
3/15/28 Many attend auction p.1
3/22/28 Airplane slices auto in crash p.1
3/22/28 Comedy presented p.1
3/29/28 Warners, 265 acres of potatoes p11
4/19/28 Have way to beach p.1
6/28/28 Fireworks & band p.1
7/5/28 Potato station p.1
7/26/28 Country club nearly finished p.1
East Moriches, N.Y.
8/16/28 Potato station open p.1
12/6/28 Farmer loses sheep by dogs p.1
1/10/29 Crossing work progressing p.1
1/24/29 Anti-Coffee pledge p.1
1/24/29 Dog saves couple p.1
1/31/29 Make important sale p.1
2/28/29 Ducks roasted p.1
3/21/29 Robbers visit p.1
4/19/29 Opening new store p.1
4/25/29 Long outboard race p.1
5/9/29 Old trees felled p.1
9/27/28 Traffic lights here p.1
6/13/29 Claims insurance record p.1
10/4/28 Hear poultry talk p.1
9/26/29 Strange robbery p.1
11/21/29 Sew & Sews to give play p.1
11/27/29 Play big success p.1
12/12/29 Will hold ground school p.1
2/20/30 Runaway boys sent home p.1
2/27/30 Plane forced to land in bay p.1
2/27/30 Boys car thieves p.1
3/20/30 Crowd at 1st court p.1
4/10/30 Foil campaign for cripples p.1
5/8/30 Who is the most popular girl? p.1
5/22/30 Rivalry keen for diamond ring p.1
5/22/30 Merchants to form assoc. p.1
5/29/30 Keen rivalry for diamond p.1
6/5/30 Changes in ring contest p.1
6/12/30 Two days for diamond ring p.1
6/19/30 Johnson stabs rival p.8
6/19/30 Robinson wins diamond ring p.1
6/26/30 Lands before Judge p.1
7/3/30 Celebrate Fourth p.1
7/10/30 Enjoy day at EM p.1
7/17/30 Alden’s picking house burned p.1
9/25/30 Dance a success p.1
10/2/30 Tribute to Sir Thomas Lipton p.1
10/16/30 Reply…for cup p.1
12/11/30 Chapman yards to change hands p.1
1/15/31 Court p.1
1/22/31 Garage burned p.1
2/5/31 Business sold p.1
2/5/31 Many in contest p.8
4/16/31 Lights not decided p.1
4/23/31 Right of way case dismissed p.1
4/23/31 Strange fish in bay p.1
5/7/31 Light district p.1
5/7/31 Reeve says, “Business as usual” p.1
5/14/31 Fine memorial p.1
5/14/31 Filled with patients p.1
5/14/31 Rob p.1
5/21/31 Valenti opens store p.1
6/11/31 Ready to dredge channel p.1
6/11/31 Shall there be light in the east? p.1
6/18/31 Auction of lots p.8
7/2/31 Local dealer says “No hard times” p.1
7/9/31* Unusual tree p.4
7/16/31 Gets $4 verdict p.1
8/20/31 Local men capture shark p.1
9/17/31 Mystery shooting at dock p.1
10/22/31 Battle over telephone poles p.1
12/17/31 Form stamp club p.1
1/14/32 Stamp club p.1
1/28/32 Stamp collectors busy p.1
2/11/32 Meeting of stamp club p.1
2/25/32 Stamp club p.1
3/10/32 Stampers study p.1
3/17/32 Academy once proposed p.1
3/31/32 Study US stamps p.1
5/5/32 Stamp club studies US p.1
6/2/32 Many take plane rides p.1
6/16/32 Rare treat, climbing hydrangea p.1
7/21/32 Fine fishing p.1
9/15/32 Fines…raiding watermelon patch p.1
10/13/32 Smith…Bay ave. garage p.1
10/20/32 Stamp club met p.1
2/8/34 Warned against chicaner p.1
2/22/34 Debating club holds mock trial p.1
3/1/34 Officials address debating club p.1
3/1/34 Stamp club meets p.1
4/12/34 Smith co. to sell Frigidares p.1
7/20/34 Man fined p.1
7/27/34 Boys throw stones from trestle p.1
9/27/34 Stamp club meets p.5
10/11/34 Druggist offers free RX labor p.4
11/8/34 Philatelists meet p.5
11/8/34 Model airplane club meets p.5
1/4/34 Stamp club…Huson p.1
East Moriches, N.Y. Fire Dept.
10/31/00 Hook & ladder p.1
2/18/27 Big chowder supper p.1
3/11/27 Supper p.1
4/8/27 Firemen repeat minstrels p.1
10/14/27 Elect officers p.1
12/16/27 Hold flag raising p.1
5/3/28 Improve hall p.1
5/17/28 Preserve old relic p.1
6/7/28 District meet p.1
7/12/28 Re-elect Benjamin p.1
10/11/28 Select leaders p.1
2/14/29 Reject move on fire house p.1
4/25/29 Want new pumper p.1
7/11/29 Turns down new fire truck p.1
10/17/29 Re-elect all officers p.1
12/12/29 Spark burns hole in roof p.1
1/9/30 New dept. formed p.1
1/23/30 Have fine receipts p.1
3/27/30 Card party p.5
7/3/30 Fire well in operation p.1
7/3/30 Want to buy pumper p.1
7/10/30 Vote for new pumper p.1
11/6/30 Card party p.1
11/13/30 Re-write by-laws p.1
11/20/30 Many at card party p.1
2/19/31 Gift p.5
6/11/31 Meeting p.5
7/9/31* Budget approved p.1
10/15/31 Annual meeting p.1
East Moriches, N.Y. Fire Dept.
11/12/31 Meet p.1
2/10/31 Successful card party p.1
12/17/31 May sponsor scouts p.1
2/11/32 Interest increases p.1
4/14/32 Sponsor scouts p.1
4/28/32 Blaze guts house p.1
5/12/32 Meeting p.1
6/30/32 Organize baseball team p.1
7/14/32 Meeting p.1
9/29/32* Annual meeting p.1
10/13/32 Have annual feed p11
12/21/33 Chemicals injure fireman’s eye p.1
2/15/34 Duck farm building burns p.1
2/22/34 Live wire causes fire p.1
8/3/34 Approves budget p.5
10/11/34 Meeting p.1
East Moriches School District
6/17/27 Hall crowded p.1
12/23/27 School closes p.1
6/28/28 Commencement p.1
6/20/29 Graduate p.1
8/8/29 Vote for trustee p.1
8/22/29 Chapman pres. of Board p.1
6/19/30 At fire hall p.1
8/7/30 Board member, Arthur Lane p.1
11/20/30 Form new club p.1
12/24/30 Santa visits p.1
1/15/31 Hold meeting p.1
5/7/31 School grows p.1
6/18/31 Exercises p.1
6/25/31 Exercises p.1
7/9/31* Graduating class p.1
8/6/31 Re-elects Chapman p.1
8/13/31 Chapman re-elected p.1
9/10/31 Will open p.1
9/24/31 School closed p.1
10/15/31 School club met p.1
10/22/31 Board meeting p.1
12/17/31 Appoint workers p.1
12/24/31 Has party p.1
2/25/32 Sketch history p.1
4/21/32 Gets unusual souvenir p.1
4/28/32 Clinics close p.1
4/28/32 Will start library p.1
6/30/32 Girl gets award p.1
6/30/32 Make the honor roll p.1
7/7/32 Pass regents exams p.8
10/20/32 Yankee Juniors…members p.1
11/23/33 Honor roll p.1
11/1/34 Yankee Juniors Hallowe’en party p.5
East Moriches School Distict – PTA
10/29/31 Votes p.1
1/28/32 Meeting…Dr. Jones speaker p.1
2/11/32 Plans at Washington meeting p.1
5/26/32 Give prizes p.1
11/26/31 Meeting p.1
6/16/32 Hold final meeting p.1
9/29/32* Meeting p.1
3/8/34 Founders day p.1
4/26/34 Hears lecture p.1
11/30/33 Attracts many p.1
9/6/34 Group have lunch & sail p.1
9/27/34 Regular meeting p.1
10/25/34 Meeting p.4
East Quogue, N.Y.
3/1/34 Debate on sterilization p.1
11/1/34 Box Tree club dance p.1
Eastern Long Island Baseball League
4/11/29 East End baseball p.1
6/13/29 May organize Twilight ball p.1
Eastern Long Island Outboard Assn.
7/5/28 Races p.1
Eastern Long Island Ping Pong Assn.
2/15/34 Players to compete p.1
Eastern Sunrise Baseball League
5/18/34* Legion plays 1st league game p.1
Eastport Ladies Industrial Society
11/15/28 Church money raised p.1
Eastport, N.Y.
6/17/27 Gala dress on flag day p.1
12/23/27 Auction p.1
3/9/28 Dismiss slander suit p.1
4/5/28 Village wants more light p.1
4/12/28 Country club open p.1
5/24/28 To have own bank p.1
8/9/28 Pick ground for bank p.1
8/16/28 Constructs solid cement house p.1
8/23/28 Ban bathing beauties p.1
8/23/28 Man killed by electricity p.1
9/6/28 Big fire p.1
9/6/28 Real estate active p.1
10/18/28 Eastport growing fast p.1
11/1/28 Make merry at party p.1
11/8/28 New type building on duck farm p.1
11/15/28 Scene by DuMond Concert co. p.8
1/17/29 Bank growing well p.1
1/24/29 Fire destroys house p.1
1/24/29 Gets perfect record p.1
1/24/29 Robbers leave pay for damages p.1
1/31/29 Improving old Ketcham bldg. p.1
1/31/29 Give Lincoln play p.1
2/21/29 Ready to build plant p.1
2/12/29 Fives have good year p.1
3/7/29 Take up water district facts p.1
3/14/29 Breaks at Eastport p.1
3/14/29 Call for anglers p.1
9/27/28 Shows progress p.1
6/27/29 Duck growers hosts to NY chefs p.4
8/22/29 Gang makes haul p.1
Eastport, N.Y.
1/16/30 Bank elects officers p.1
3/27/30 To have usual flag day p.1
4/10/30 Reports good fishing p.1
6/12/30 Expect crowd on flag day p.1
6/19/30 Holds fine celebration p.1
4/9/31 Club opens p.1
4/30/31 Flag day June 13th p.1
6/11/31 Monster flag day p.1
6/18/31 Monster flag day event p.1
4/7/32 Open trout season p.1
6/16/32 Biggest day yet p.1
11/16/33* Two tramps picked up p.1
5/18/34* Choral concert p.1
7/27/34 Women at war over cow p.1
Eastport, N.Y. Baseball Team
4/29/27 Red Sox joins league p.1
5/13/27 League games here p.1
5/27/27 Red Sox win…lose p.1
7/15/27 Elect officers p.1
9/10/31 Eastporters trim p.1
Eastport, N.Y. Basketball Teams
3/2/28 Triangle five defeats QUAM p.1
12/6/28 Games scheduled p.1
2/19/31 Eastport 5 wins p.8
Eastport, N.Y. Fire Dept.
1/16/30 Elect p.5
2/12/31 Give minstrels p.1
2/26/31 Minstrel fills school p.1
3/19/31 To repeat minstrels in Center p.1
3/26/31 Make merry p.1
4/30/31 Ladies night p.1
4/30/31 School building razed p.1
9/24/31 Six buildings burned p.1
1/11/34 Keck is new chief p.1
6/15/34 Fires keep scribe on the jump p.1
Eastport National Bank
10/18/28 New bank successful p.1
10/11/28 Bank opens p.1
1/21/32 Bank closes successful yr. p.1
1/15/31 Johnson…National Bank p.1
4/2/31 Bank…steady gains p.5
10/2/30 Bank shows increase p.1
1/11/34 Chapman again bank pres. p.1
Eastport School District
6/28/28 Exercises fill church p.1
11/2/27 Party p.1
11/8/28 Senior class concert p.1
11/15/28 Girls stage entertainment p.1
12/27/28 Entertain p.1
2/14/29 Explosion…school p.1
3/7/29 Changes p.1
3/14/29 Many entertainments p.1
3/21/29 Many attend comedy p.1
9/20/28 Dedicate high school p.1
6/20/29 Graduate p.1
6/20/29 To give an exhibition p.1
10/4/28 Dedicate new Eastport high p.1
10/11/28 Dedicate new school p.1
10/25/28 Hold reception to faculty p.1
1/9/30 Benefit for seniors p.1
3/13/30 Seniors have benefit for trip p.5
6/19/30 Fine program p.1
6/26/30 Pageant given p.1
8/7/30 Make change in Board p.1
10/23/30 Many attend card party p.1
12/26/29 Pupils give program p.1
6/18/31 Exercises p.1
6/25/31 Commencement p.1
7/23/31 Plans p.1
8/6/31 Frank H. Tuttle elected p.1
9/10/31 Let contract to Yaphank builder p.1
12/24/30 Christmas exercises p.1
4/7/32 Students give 2 operettas p.1
6/23/32 Graduation p.1
4/28/32 Operetta given p.1
5/5/32 Juniors present comedy p.1
5/5/32 Clinics given p.1
5/12/32 School in full swing p.1
6/9/32 Visit air show p.1
6/30/32 Award letters p.1
7/14/32 Announce faculty p.1
9/8/32 New school opened p.1
11/3/32 Seniors give novel party p.8
3/8/34 Honor roll p.7
3/8/34 Colorful operetta p.7
3/15/34 “Bits of Blarney” planned p.1
4/19/34 Evelyn Frey is best speaker p.1
4/26/34 Honor roll p.1
Eastport School District – PTA
2/14/29 Observe the holidays p.1
4/25/29 Give good program p.1
10/30/30 Have a lively party p.1
Editor & Publisher Magazine
12/18/30 Businesses see better conditions p.1
Edwards, Abe
8/17/34 Oh! Oh! Abe is in again p.1
Edwards, Charles
8/30/34 Awarded trip to World’s Fair p.1
Edwards, Silas C.
11/1/34 Lost war medal returned p.7
Ehmann Family
6/20/29 Take country wide auto trip p.1
Empire State Building
1/22/31 Tallest structure p.8
English Soc. for Protection of Ancient Bldgs.
9/22/32 Inspects LI windmills p.4
Ernest, Bernard
6/23/32 Catch murderer of boy p.1
Evanhoe, Frank N., NYC Detective
2/7/29 Patrolman 50 years p.1
9/22/32 Wants violet for national flower p.1
Evanhoe, Mr. & Mrs. Frank N.
7/21/32 Celebrate 40th anniversary p.1
Farm Bureau of Long Island
6/19/30 Bigger potato tour p10
Farm Bureau of Suffolk County
2/6/30 Poultrymen at show p.1
3/13/30 Egg show a success p.1
4/24/30 Poultrymen meet p.1
7/24/30 Duck farms to cut wages p.1
11/20/30 Import potatoes to potato land p.1
Farm Credit Administration
3/8/34 Financial assistance p.3
Farmer’s Commission House, Inc.
4/23/31 Re-elects all officers p.1
4/18/29 Duck growers discuss report p.1
Farmingdale Old School Preservation Grp.
9/5/29 Buy old school p.1
2/5/31 Preserve old school p.1
Farmingville, N.Y. Fire Dept.
6/16/32 Plans completed for town event p.1
Farmingville Reunion Assn., Inc.
8/28/30 Reunion p.1
4/30/31 Directors meet p.3
5/28/31 Picnic p.4
8/13/31 Picnic p.1
8/25/32 Old-timers gather p.1
8/17/34 Picnic p.8
8/30/34 Attended by 190 p.7
Fearon, George R., New York State Senator
1/18/34 Bill changes co. govt. p.7
Feather Sales Agency of Long Island, Inc.
2/12/31 Annual dinner p.1
Fechtman, Henry
8/15/29 Wins p.1
8/21/30 Beats champion driver p.1
Federal Housing Administration
8/30/34 Suffolk co. p.1
Federal Land Bank
2/15/34 Farm mortgage loans…double p.2
Federal Surplus Relief Corporation
11/1/34 State to buy potatoes p.3
Federation of Village Improvement Societies
4/23/31 Truck owners in clean-up p.4
Ferrar, Russell, Jr.
8/3/34 Inventor wins erector prize p.1
Flag Day Assn.
4/3/20 Meets p.1
5/11/34 Meeting p.1
Florida Sponge Fishery
10/31/00 Prof. Wilson’s experiments p.2
Florists Telegraph Delivery Assn.
6/8/34 Flower shut-in day p.1
Floyd, Mrs. E.
11/30/33 Floyd estate, $759,259 p.1
Fowler, George
11/15/28 Speonk youth suffers much p.1
Fowler, Harry W.
4/26/28 Builds 40 ft. cruiser p.1
Franklin, Benjamin
1/14/32 Anniversary p.1
Fried Family
8/24/34 Folks “See America 1st” p.7
Frowein, Mrs. Oscar
3/25/27 Largest damage action awarded p.1
Fullerton, Hal B.
5/21/31 Owners abandoning cats scored p.4
Fullerton, Edith L.
4/18/29 Woman…farming p.8
Gallo, Michael
2/8/34 Held for murder p.1
Game Protective Assn. of Mor. – Eastport
1/21/32 New game protective p.1
3/10/32 Directors p.1
9/22/32 Hunter’s assn. prepares p.1
Gardner, Mr. & Mrs. I. Willets
10/29/31 Golden wedding p.1
General Passenger Agent’s Assn.
5/23/29 Sees Montauk port p.1
George Washington Bi-Centennial Celeb.
3/5/31* Suffolk to honor Washington p.1
8/6/31 Legion to assist p.1
12/17/31 McLain heads plans p.1
12/24/31 Crossing the Delaware p.1
George Washington Bi-Centennial Celeb.
12/31/31 Celebration world-wide p.1
1/14/32 Township planning p.1
1/21/32 Here’s what’s what p.1
1/21/32 Cohan song for celebration p.1
1/28/32 Essay contests in schools p.1
2/4/32 Issue program books p.1
2/4/32 Music of G.W.’s time…p.1
2/4/32 Issue program books p.1
2/11/32 Meetings p.1
2/11/32 East Moriches party p.1
2/18/32 Celebration at EM p.1
2/18/32 Local programs coming p.1
2/18/32 Elm tree at spots visited p.1
2/18/32 Hoover opens celebration p.1
2/25/32 Program at St. John’s p.1
2/25/32 Community night crowd p.1
2/25/32 East Moriches observes p.1
2/25/32 Program at school p.1
3/3/32 State parks record attendance p.1
3/17/32 Scouts in charge p.1
3/24/32 Boy Scouts hold program p.1
4/14/32 Vets mobilization p.1
4/21/32 Plant trees on 1790 route p.1
5/5/32 Quarter issued soon p.1
5/12/32 Bicentennial flower gardens p.2
5/12/32 Lodge to celebrate p.1
5/12/32 Three villages join in plans p.1
6/2/32 Warratta dedicated elm here p.1
6/23/32 Villages unite in ceremony p.1
6/30/32 Splendid affair held at Mastic p.1
7/7/32 Master essay by EM girl p.1
7/21/32 Plan celebration at MB p.1
5/19/32 Plans progressing p.1
7/28/32 Plan big beach event p.1
8/18/32 Give 2nd event p.1
8/25/32 Fine program p.1
9/29/32* Sunrise chapter play p.1
9/22/32 Program p.1
10/27/32 Celebration Nov. 22nd p.1
Gieltz, Miss Mercedes
4/19/28 Typist swims Gibraltar p.1
Gilday, Morton E.
11/1/34 Attorney opens offices p.1
Girl Reserve Clubs
3/26/31 Plays for trophy p.1
Girl Scouts of America
6/24/27 Troop organized p.1
12/30/27 Gifts to leaders p.1
5/3/28 Girl Scouts meet at EM p.1
10/7/27 Start Girl Scouts here p.1
4/10/30 Card party benefit p.5
3/31/32 Eastport…food sale p.1
5/26/32 Rally p.1
6/2/32 Girl scouts organized p.1
7/21/32 Fund drive p.1
7/28/32 Camping p.1
8/11/32 Benefit picture p.1
10/13/32 Have movie p.1
3/29/34 Banquet p.1
6/8/34 Northport…high honor p.1
Girls Service League
3/15/34 First aid to housewives p.2
Glen Cove, N.Y.
8/29/29 Army golfers match p.1
Golden, Frank
10/24/29* Mentioned in Post p.1
Goldsmith, Louise M.
7/10/30 Birthday, age 91 p.1
10/16/30 Still votes at 91 p.1
7/9/31* Celebrates 92nd b’day p.1
Goldsmith, Mr. & Mrs. D. E.
10/18/34 Return from motor trip p.4
Goldstein, Harry
4/16/31 Honored by firemen p.1
Gongopolos, Nicholas
7/31/30 To Greece in 14 ft. sailboat p.1
Goodwin, Adolph O.
1/4/34 Aid churches & business p.7
Goy, John
3/17/32 Speonk man shot p.1
11/22/28 Membership increase p.1
12/27/28 Southside entertainment p.1
6/13/29 Eastport petition p.1
10/25/28 South Side entertains p.1
8/14/30 Meet p.1
12/12/29 Southside supper p.1
10/16/30 Have pictures p.1
2/19/31 Grange at Eastport p.1
6/9/32 Pomona grange to meet p.1
12/24/31 Celebration p.1
9/20/34 To confer 6th degree p.2
9/27/34 Master to attend p.3
Granielli, Carmelo
9/5/29 Seriously injured p.1
Graves, Frank P., Commissioner of Ed.
3/19/31 Arbor day p.1
3/3/32 Arbor day p.1
Great South Bay
10/31/00 Division p.4
7/15/27 Swim bay 1st time p.1
2/15/34 Ice nearly 2 feet thick p.1
Great South Bay Racing Assn.
7/19/28 See races at Sayville p.1
Great South Bay Yachting Assn. of L.I.
5/9/29 Schedule for races p.1
5/1/30 Try a new plan p.1
7/31/30 Cruise p.1
6/4/31 Race season p.1
7/30/31 Biggest event yet p.1
4/28/32 Dates for races p.1
6/9/32 Dates announced p.1
7/28/32 Race week starts p.1
4/5/34 Races scheduled p.1
Greenhalgh, Warren P.
1/4/34 To dine p.3
Ground School
12/12/29 Ground school at EM p.1
Hallock, Arthur J.
5/6/27 President of duck men p.1
Hallock, Forbes B.
8/10/34 Signs up for Marines p.1
Hallock, John W.
9/17/26 Husband was never divorced p.1
Hallock, Carol J.
9/11/30 Wins state spelling contest p.1
Hallock, Russell W.
6/11/31 To LICC directorship p.5
Hampson, Ernest
4/10/30 Playing hookey, arrested p.1
Hampton Bays, N.Y.
11/15/28 Robbers caught p.1
4/24/30 Open bridge p.8
5/14/31 Lighthouse to be replaced p.4
Hansen, Albert, Ex-Pres. of Elmhurst Bank
3/19/31 Elmhurst bank sues Bellport p.1
4/2/31 Notebroker gets federal sentence p.1
3/6/30 In court p.1
3/13/30 Pleaded not guilty p.1
4/3/30 Punishment cut p.1
7/31/30 Indicted in note swindle p.1
2/20/30 Adjournment p.1
Harrison, Harold H.
5/25/34 Military service p.1
Hatcher, George
4/28/32 Searching for murderer p.1
5/5/32 Search…unrewarded p.1
5/19/32 Taken for murder p.1
Havens, John L.
5/1/30 Has 40 year record p.1
12/21/33 Estate of $33,747 p.1
Havens, Tom
5/25/34 Devises new horse hitch p.1
Hawkins, Clifford
5/9/29 Wins suit p.1
Hawkins, Elsie
8/25/32 Swims across the bay p.1
Hawkins, Gilbert
7/21/32 Kidnapped, but enjoys it p.1
Hawkins, Harry B.
8/9/28 Off to Alaskan wilds p.1
Hawkins, Richard W., Suffolk Co. Court Justice
5/5/32 Laud Hawkins p.1
Health Authorities of North America
4/23/31 To meet p.1
Hedges, Dayton
11/6/30 Hedges writes p.8
Henderson, Joseph
12/31/30 Escaped, captured in Ala. p.1
Hernog, William
4/28/32 Chicken man expands p.1
Herrmann, George, Jr.
7/29/27 Elected fire commissioner p.1
Hill, L. Barron, Suffolk Co. Asst. Dist. Atty.
6/9/32 Announces candidacy p.1
Hofer, Ruth
8/22/29 Swims sound p.1
Holly, Capt. Frank “Sunrise”
11/20/30 Ambassador of LI off p.1
Holman, T. Sidney
1/3/29 Honor railroad man p.1
Holmes, George
9/5/29 Attempt at suicide p.8
Home Owners Loan Corporation
8/17/34 Loans lift mortgages p.2
Hoover, Herbert, Pres. of the U.S.
5/21/31 Hoover’s molars p.3
9/3/31 Proclamation p.1
Horseshoe Pitching Game
11/26/30 Old back yard game p.1
Howe, Burton, Deputy Sheriff of Amityville
4/3/30 Attempt to bump off Howe p.1
7/24/30 Resigns p.1
8/20/31 Howe after sheriff p.1
Howell, Egbert O.
6/2/32 Has 85th birthday p.1
9/29/32* “Shipwrecks Of Long Island” p.3
Howell, Robert O.
6/3/27 Celebrates 80th birthday p.1
Howland, Phillip
3/20/30 Burned by oil explosion p.1
Hubbell, C. C.
11/26/30 Gets 5 to 10 yrs. p.1
Huiting, Arnold
3/13/30 Badge passes fireline p.8
Hulse Brothers Laundry & Dry Cleaning
2/18/32 Aiding in clothing for needy p.1
Hulse, Ralph
2/11/27 Rescues lad from drowning p.1
Hulse, William T.
10/23/30 May be out of race p.1
Hunter’s Garden Assn.
See also: Game Protective Assn.
10/18/28 Chowder feast p.1
10/25/28 Feast at Hunter’s garden p.1
11/8/28 Hunters gather p.4
5/23/29 Have spring feast p.1
5/26/32 Meet p.1
Huntington, N.Y. Fire Dept.
1/31/29 Offer $25 reward p.1
Infantile Paralysis
10/15/31 Greater menace p.1
Insull, Martin J.
7/31/30 Paste this in your scrapbook! p.1
International Order of Odd Fellows
3/4/27 Annual chowder p.1
10/21/27 Start building fund p.1
11/8/28 Card party for bldg. fund p.4
11/11/27 Big card party p.1
11/18/27 For bldg. fund, $100 p.1
12/16/27 Nominations p.1
12/16/27 To Bay Shore p.1
1/13/28 Installing officers p.1
1/27/28 Big event p.1
2/10/28 Initiate 4 members p.1
2/24/28 Card party & dance p.1
3/2/28 Work 2nd degree p.1
3/9/28 Membership drive p.1
3/15/28 Auditorium well crowded p.1
3/15/28 Welcome Grand Master p.1
3/22/28 Plans 2 events p.1
3/29/28 Lodge plans p.1
4/12/28 Confers 2 degrees p.1
4/12/28 Past Grands meet p.1
4/19/28 Night at theatre p.1
4/26/28 Movies tomorrow p.1
5/3/28 Attend services p.1
5/23/29 Memorial service p.1
7/5/28 Funeral of Barber p.4
7/26/28 Officers installed p.1
10/4/28 Card party p.1
10/11/28 Card party for bldg. p.1
11/8/28 Present gavel to S’hampton p.1
11/15/28 At Southampton p.1
12/6/28 Nomination of officers p.1
12/13/28 Engage Serenaders p.1
12/20/28 Meet p.1
1/3/29 Officers installed p.1
1/10/29 Heads installed p.1
1/24/29 To go to E’hampton p.1
3/14/29 Receives visit p.1
3/28/29 More members p.1
4/11/29 More members p.1
5/2/29 Special meeting p.1
5/16/29 Degrees for 5 candidates p.1
6/13/29 Nominate officers p.1
6/27/29 Movie benefit successful p.1
6/27/29 Smith elected Noble Grand p.1
7/18/29 Hold outing p.1
7/25/29 Meet p.1
11/6/30 Warratta party p.1
1/9/30 Warratta installation p.1
1/23/30 Install officers p.1
2/6/30 Warratta ladies night p.1
4/3/30 Warratta party p.5
7/17/30 Field day p.8
7/24/30 To meet p.1
7/31/30* Crowd at outing p.8
11/13/30 Party fairly well attended p.8
12/24/30 Will visit lodges p.1
1/15/31 Attend funeral p.1
1/22/31 Officers installed p.1
5/14/31 Attend memorial p.1
7/16/31 Have day at lake p.4
7/30/31 Officers installed p.8
7/30/31 Annual day at lake p.1
1/7/32 Officers installed p.1
1/21/32 Leaders invested p.1
4/28/32 Try Progressive plan p.1
5/5/32 Members take degrees p.1
5/19/32 Work of Warratta p.1
12/21/33 To elect p.1
12/28/33 Daly heads p.1
1/4/34 Shows depression is over p.1
1/11/34 Fire Island lodge to install p.1
International Order of Odd Fellows
1/18/34 Installs officers p.1
1/25/34 Attend reception p.1
2/1/34 Bay Shore reception p.1
2/8/34 Meetings interesting p.1
2/15/34 Delinquent members p.1
2/22/34 Met p.1
3/1/34 Activities p.1
3/15/34 Receive invitation p.1
3/29/34 Meet p.1
4/12/34 Field day p.1
4/19/34 Past Grands have dinner p.1
6/22/34 Nominates officers p.1
6/29/34 Patterson heads p.1
7/13/34 Installs officers p.1
7/20/34 Installation p.1
8/10/34 Frolic p.1
10/18/34 Act on important business p.5
Islip Township Worker’s Assn.
5/18/34* Charges relief buck passing p.1
Italian – American Civic League, Inc.
3/6/30 Meet at Brightwaters p.1
Johnson, Beatrice
7/20/34 Boat propeller kills girl p.1
Johnson, Ida & Horace
3/20/30 Proves secret can be kept p.1
Johnson, Eveard L.
5/1/30 Who will win the photograph? p.1
Johnston, John, Supreme Court Justice
10/21/27 For Supreme court p.1
4/2/31 Record court clearance p.1
Jones Beach State Park
9/3/31 Map of LI p.1
3/10/32 Spring has arrived? p.1
5/5/32 Park bathing starts p.1
Jones, Chester
1/14/32 Dismiss Jones case p.1
12/24/31 Find arsenal & strange stones p.1
Jones, Dr. Ronald W.
4/28/32 Opens office p.1
Jones, Walter I.
10/16/30 Authority for taking fees p.1
Jordan, Mr. & Mrs. James L.
3/20/30 Honeymoon ends in crash p.1
Junior Order of American Mechanics
1/22/31 Ducklings will play p.5
8/13/31 Eastport won 13 games p.1
3/22/34 Anniversary p.5
Kay, Nell & William K.
6/13/29 Authors come to Center p.1
1/30/30 Writes other stories p.1
5/1/30 Written during winter p.1
7/3/30 More stories written p.8
7/10/30 Kays write of duck farms p.8
7/31/30* Author Kay writes of beach p.8
8/28/30 Number 309 in ghost stories p.1
Keller, Sue
6/30/32 Girl will broadcast p.1
Kelly, John
4/24/30 Elected, doesn’t want the job p.8
Ketcham Inn
12/2/27 Fireside gift shop opens p.1
11/29/28 Old tavern a romantic place p.1
Ketcham, Webster
5/9/29 Uncle Webb is chef p.1
10/18/34 Sees Montauk…at age 90 p.1
King’s Rangers
7/26/28 Outing at Wildwood p.1
Kirby, Mr. & Mrs. E. H.
3/25/27 Surprised on 47th anniversary p.1
Klein, Mr. & Mrs. Emil L.
10/4/34 Silver anniversary p.4
Knights of Columbus
3/7/29 Work degrees p.1
6/8/34 Charity ball p.1
Kraemer, Herman
7/24/30 Escapes from jail p.1
10/2/30 Is ‘Just plain yellow’ p.1
8/17/34 Girl withdraws charge p.5
Kraemer, Gertrude
4/3/30 Out of jail p.1
Kronman, Morris
5/12/32 Enlarging business p.1
Kubica, John
5/22/30 Hearing adjourned p.1
Ladies Catholic Benevolent Society
2/4/32 Successful affair p.1
5/5/32 Party p.1
5/26/32 Card party p.1
7/21/32 Enjoy cards p.1
8/11/32 Card party p.1
9/29/32* Good turnout p.1
Ladies Catholic Benevolent Society
10/13/32 Card party successful p.1
12/14/33 Brave heavy snow p.1
1/4/34 Party p.1
1/11/34 Flaherty heads group p.1
1/25/34 Prizes given p.1
2/8/34 Prizes at party p.1
4/12/34 Card party p.1
4/19/34 Havens…royal send-off p.1
5/3/34 Party well attended p.1
6/1/34 Big crowd at party p.1
6/8/34 Series of parties p.1
6/15/34 Wins lily pond p.1
7/20/34 Card party p.1
8/10/34 Party well attended p.1
10/4/34 Party well attended p.1
Ladies Village Improvment Society (CM)
10/22/26 Meetings p.1
1/28/27 Reviews year’s work p.1
3/4/27 Benefit card party p.1
7/1/27 Raises $180 p.1
7/8/27 New books added p.1
10/28/27 Has card party p.1
1/20/28 Specialty tea p.1
2/3/28 Good work for community p.1
3/15/28 Caterpillar contest p.1
4/26/28 Disturbed over tree removal p.1
4/26/28 “Clean up week” extended p.1
5/3/28 Is your back yard clean? p.1
11/22/28 May re-open road p.1
11/29/28 Wood road discussed p.1
8/14/30 Asks road improvements p.1
Ladies Village Improvement Society (EM)
1/24/29 Meets p.1
7/18/29 Annual meeting p.1
11/6/30 Promises road cooperation p.1
11/20/30 To discuss lighting p.1
3/12/31 Calls meeting on keeping inlet p.1
3/19/31 Interest high p.1
4/9/31 To discuss lights p.1
4/30/31 Lighting meeting p.1
7/9/31* Start dredging p.1
7/16/31 Will have channel p.1
7/23/31 Center slow in inlet dredging p.1
7/30/31 Inlet meeting p.1
8/6/31 Report on inlet dredging p.1
9/3/31 Society growing p.1
9/24/31 Meets p.1
10/1/31 Society active p.1
3/3/32 Change name to C. of C. p.1
3/10/32 Special meeting p.1
3/17/32 Advises organizing C. of C. p.1
Lake Ronkonkoma Racing Club
5/16/29 Many thrills…races p.1
5/29/29 Local man wins p.1
6/6/29 Hold lake races p.1
Lakeland, N.Y.
9/13/34 Foul play in death of fowl p.6
Lamb, Archie
8/15/29 Gets truck p.1
Lampe, Earl M.
10/16/30 Gets $25 fine p.1
Lane, Walter
7/18/29 Fired at from passing car p.1
Lehman, Herbert H., New York State Gov.
5/3/34 Signs Cornaire’s bill p.1
Lewis, John
5/7/31 Sleeps way on “rods” p.1
Lilly, William T.
2/4/32 Eggs while you wait p.1
Lindberg, Col. Charles A.
2/17/28 May get Lindberg mail p.1
Local Food & Grocery Distributors Code
8/10/34 Warns code violations p.8
Long Island
10/31/00 Farm & garden notes p.2
10/31/00 The new LI p.4
10/31/00 Deer shooting season p.4
10/31/00 Chicory crop p.4
2/25/27 Hit by severe storm p.1
3/18/27 Communities…improved p.1
4/1/27 Golf course at Sayville p.1
10/14/27 Revive interest in history p.1
11/18/27 Competition for duck men p.1
11/25/27 Airport at Farmingdale p.1
1/20/28 Expect record in realty p.1
2/17/28 Hold 1st convention p.1
3/15/28 Danger of forest fires p.1
3/22/28 Criticism on park program p.1
5/3/28 Convention enthusiastic p.1
8/23/28 World’s Fair on LI p.1
9/20/28 Fall hunting season p.1
10/18/28 Parks popular p.1
11/1/28 Deer hunting season p12
1/9/30 Feeding game birds p.1
12/20/28 Want World’s Fair p.1
12/27/28 Skating champs meet p.1
1/3/29 Telephone co. LI ext. p.1
1/17/29 Vamps magazine p.1
3/7/29 Storm destroys property p.1
3/28/29 Deer shooting ban p.1
4/18/29 Storm lashes coast p.1
5/2/29 Another airport p.1
6/6/29 Vamps to parade p.1
6/20/29 Leads in telephones p.6
8/22/29 Circle LI in outboard p.1
9/5/29 Waters need improvement p.1
10/3/29 Need more signs p.1
Long Island
3/6/30 Prepared for spring fires p.1
4/24/30 Million in harbor const. p.1
5/22/30 Civic bodies to dine p.1
6/19/30 Has rapid increase p.9
7/10/30 Waterway bill approved p.1
8/21/30 Establish ferry service p.1
9/25/30 South shore growth p.1
11/6/30 Increased traffic p.8
12/11/30 Plant million trees p.1
12/18/30 Sportsmen show consideration p.8
12/31/30 Big yr. for builders p.1
1/8/31 Appointment for highway bureau p.4
2/19/31 Hundreds of new industries p.1
11/20/30 In 4,000,000 class p.1
7/2/31 Farm lands increase value 49% p.7
8/20/31 Big increase p.1
12/31/31 Oysters…under-water crop p6
4/28/32 Autos increase p.1
1/8/31 Eagle issues almanac p.4
1/28/32 Building has good yr. p.1
2/18/32 Autos increase on LI p.1
4/21/32 Airplane catches 2 setting fires p.1
LI Assn. of Sportsman’s Clubs
10/16/30 Ducking season open p.1
7/2/31 Camp Upton as game refuge p.4
LI Cauliflower Grower’s Assn.
8/4/32 Auction p.8
11/23/33 Cold snap hurts crop p.7
LI Civics Assn.
3/27/30 Guests at St. George p.1
LI Conservation Dept.
3/19/31 Increase fire fighting amount p.1
LI Contract Bridge Tournament
10/13/32 Bridge tourney p.1
LI Coooperative Egg Auction, Inc.
10/20/32 Poultry auction at Smithtown p.1
LI Cranberries
10/31/00 Perkins marsh at Riverhead p.1
LI Duck Grower’s Assn.
12/3/26 Duckmen banquet p.1
1/13/28 Have good year p.1
1/20/28 Will be banner year p.1
7/12/28 Industry growing p.1
9/27/28 Peking duck prices advance p.1
1/16/30 Meeting p.1
1/23/30 Titmus heads p.1
4/17/30 Feather tariff defeated p.1
1/15/31 Annual meeting p.1
4/9/31 Pickers call strike meeting p.1
4/9/31 A letter to duck pickers p.1
4/16/31 Pickers strike called off p.1
6/18/31 Duck grower’s festival p.5
6/25/31 Crowd at 6th annual festival p.1
7/16/31 Feather factory big aid p.1
9/3/31 Men have problems p.1
2/4/32 Getting together p.1
2/18/32 Consolidated p.1
3/10/32 Play Brooklyn team p.1
LI Duck Grower’s Market Coop. Inc.
2/7/29 Back feather plant project p.1
3/14/29 Ducks make long journey p.1
5/9/29 Ducks journey south p.1
8/3/34 Matterson indictment dismissed p.1
LI Festival of Music
5/5/32 Contest, vocal & instrumental p.1
6/9/32 Musical festival p.1
LI – Florida Assn.
1/27/28 Dinner held in Fla. p.1
3/2/28 Dine in South p.1
7/19/28 Will dine p.1
5/2/29 Plan for dinner p.1
7/25/29 Banquet p.1
8/15/29 Fourth LI Fla. dinner p.1
1/23/30 Dinner next month p.8
2/27/30 Long Island well represented p.8
7/31/30 Dinner at Canoe Place p.5
5/28/31 Dinner p.0
7/23/31 Dinner coming p.8
7/21/32 Tenth annual dinner p.1
8/3/34 Dinner to be held p.3
LI Interscholastic Track & Field
3/22/34 Track meet at LaSalle p.2
LI Lighting Company
4/26/34 Prominent officials paid fees p.1
LI Normal School
1/20/28 Asked for $1,000,000 p.1
LI Nurserymen’s Assn. Inc.
10/1/31 Organization formed p.3
LI Older Boy’s Conference
11/29/28 Older boys meet p.5
LI Pageant
5/24/28 Celebrate pageant day p.1
7/12/28 Want 5,000 actors p.1
8/30/28 Added feature p.1
LI Poet’s Assn.
8/18/32 Enjoy beach picnic p.1
LI Poultry Assn.
9/20/28 Meetings p.1
8/4/32 Start egg auction p.8
8/17/34 Poultrymen organize p.1
9/6/34 Meet p.1
LI Poultry Assn.
10/11/34 Meet p.1
LI Press Assn.
6/3/27 New York editors tour LI p.1
2/3/28 Backs fight on mosquitoes p.1
LI Railroad
10/31/00 President Baldwin’s report p.1
10/31/00 Grade crossing changes p.1
10/31/00 Convincing evidence p.4
10/31/00 Valley Stream disaster p.4
10/31/00 Timetable p.5
12/10/26 Crossings to go p.1
2/25/37 Needs $81,000,000 p.1
3/4/27 Grade crossing…EM p.1
4/29/27 Groceries scattered by wreck p.1
7/29/27 Train stops at CM p.1
3/9/28 Establishes a record p.1
3/29/28 Hurt in wreck p.1
4/19/28 Muddigger holds up train p.1
11/8/28 Safety song issued p.5
4/18/29 Derailed freight p.8
5/23/29 Add trains to schedule p.1
11/14/29 Derailed freight p.1
12/5/29 Railroads congested p.1
2/13/30 Sell railroad farm p.1
3/13/30 Improve railroad 15% p.1
12/24/30 May bring prosperity p.8
4/14/31 Riders increasing p.5
5/28/31 Opposition to closing crossings p.8
7/30/31 Denies rehearing on crossing p.8
3/31/32 Round trip fares reduced p.4
6/23/32 Booklet boosts Blessed Isle p.1
9/15/32 Cuts train service p.1
9/29/32* Takes big step p.1
10/27/32 Express piles up at Montauk p.1
11/30/33 Cannon Ball makes stop here p.1
2/15/34 Public service comm. complaint p.7
8/10/34 Adjustment board p.3
LI Railroad Veteran’s Assn.
11/1/28 Meet p.1
LI Real Estate Board
4/1/27 Long Island activity p.1
12/6/28 Speechless dinner p.1
3/19/31 Predicts bldg. increase p.1
7/6/34 Outing at Westhampton Beach p.7
8/30/34 Lot owners warned p7
LI State Park Commission
8/9/28 Troopers enforce rules p.1
1/3/29 To skate for prizes p.1
5/23/29 Swimming champs out p.1
5/29/29 Hecksher opens p.8
7/3/29 Model yacht races p.1
8/1/29 Jones Beach opened p.1
8/22/29 Swim p.1
9/5/29 Many in bay swim p.8
9/19/29 First of channels open p.1
9/26/29 Jones Beach open p.1
10/10/29 To construct Orient park p.1
2/13/30 Want to continue Ocean blvd. p.1
2/27/30 Brookhaven…to Ocean pky. p.1
3/13/30 Fire truck will reduce loss p.8
3/20/30 Six miles added to Ocean blvd. p.1
3/27/30 Hearing p.1
4/10/30 Vote to deed land to state p.1
6/19/30 Park recepits, $211,991.86 p.1
6/19/30 Swim meet p.9
6/26/30 Condemn lands for Ocean blvd. p.1
7/3/30 Working on channel p.8
7/3/30 In favor of condemnation p.1
7/10/30 Reverses pky. decision p.1
7/17/30 Looking for a new causeway p.1
7/24/30 New golf course p.1
7/31/30 Cross Bay swim p.4
7/31/30 New plans for Ocean pky. p.1
8/7/30 To decide ownership p.5
8/14/30 Many attend calisthenics p.1
9/11/30 Tennis championships p.8
9/25/30 Commission seizes island p.8
10/2/30 Many turning to parks p.1
11/6/30 Islip favors plan p.1
12/4/30 Contract at Hecksher park p.1
2/5/31 Dedicated land for boulevard p.1
2/5/31 Reforesting burned area p.1
2/26/31 Contracts of $1,098,754.55 p.1
3/26/31 Agreement p.1
4/2/31 Jones Beach…p.1
4/23/31 Aiding channel p.8
4/30/31 Bids for Cross Bay channels p.3
5/14/31 Refreshment stands p.5
7/2/31 Prominent men open bath house p.8
7/30/31 Boathouse at Hither Hills park p.1
8/6/31 Secure option for park p.4
8/6/31 New boat channel opened p.1
8/13/31 County revives boulevard plan p.1
8/20/31 Moses warns of pollution p.1
9/24/31 Parks provide winter work p.1
10/1/31 Statement for emergency work p.1
12/3/31* Unemployed, 300 relieved p.1
12/10/31 Ocean blvd. plan revived p.1
12/17/31 Restocking LI with game p.1
12/31/31 Cold weather, skaters happy p.1
12/31/31 Provides lunch for workers p.1
1/28/32 Get $100,000 more relief p.1
2/4/32 Protest cutting LI appropriation p.1
4/28/32 First state golf course p.1
8/4/32 Bathhouse…at Heckscher p.8
9/15/32 Inspect park works p.4
9/15/32 Campers…state parks p.8
9/29/32* Parks as bird sanctuaries p.1
10/6/32 Birds visit Jones beach p.9
7/6/34 Intricate landscaping p.8
8/10/34 Restaurant at Jones beach p.3
8/10/34 Water polo at Jones beach p.7
9/6/34 Women life savers tourney p.3
9/20/34 Bird walks p.3
LI Traveler
5/27/27 Newspaper sold p.1
LI University
12/17/26 Gets charter p.1
3/18/27 Open in Sept. p.1
LI Vegetable Research Farm
10/11/34 Cauliflower inspection p.1
Loper, Leslie
6/9/32 Catches 7 ft. monster p.1
Lucky Seven Orchestra
4/2/31 First dance well attended p.1
Lukert, Harold
11/19/31 Sunday school trip to NY p.1
Lukert, Mrs. Ralph G.
10/1/31 Photo p.5
Lukert, Ralph & Alice
10/1/31 Popular couple wedded p.1
Lukert, William
9/20/28 Lukert ranch destroyed p.1
Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound
10/31/00 The turn of life p.7
MacIntosh, Robert, Ex-Sup. of Brook. Town
9/18/30 First degree grand larceny p.1
11/20/30 MacIntosh gets acquittal p.1
4/30/31 Find amount increased p.1
Manorville, N.Y.
8/23/28 Can you beat this fish story? p.1
2/14/29 Two fires p.1
3/28/29 Homes threatened by fire p.1
12/5/29 The why of Punkshole p.1
2/13/30 Vandals ransack empty houses p.1
4/3/30 Cannot get assistance p.1
4/7/32 Fire burns 100 acres p.1
4/14/32 Home destroyed p.1
5/26/32 Old house razed p.1
4/19/34 Confesses to theft of chicken p.1
Manorville School District
2/7/29 Has many schools p.1
6/19/30 Exercises p.1
6/19/30 School picnic p.1
6/18/31 Exercises p.1
6/30/32 Give long program p.1
Manorville School District – PTA
4/12/34 To meet p.8
Mark, H.A.
5/21/31 Beach owners can close up inlet p.1
Markham, Edwin
8/14/30 Weekend guest p.1
Master Plumber’s Assn. of Suffolk County
6/8/34 Code to be adopted p.4
Mastic Beach Civic Assn.
8/2/28 Meet p.1
9/13/28 Organize p.1
Mastic Beach, N.Y.
9/9/27 Man drowned p.1
5/24/28 Store ransacked p.1
8/30/28 Additional protection asked p.1
2/7/29 Taxes higher p.1
5/2/29 New bungalow p.1
5/23/29 Sale to developer p.1
7/10/30 Hold snappy regatta p.8
7/31/30* Relics of old days p.8
3/5/31* Cannot establish police p.1
5/28/31 Celebrate p.1
7/2/31 Another drowning p.1
7/30/31 Catch fluke p.1
8/20/31 Youths dance p.1
10/8/31 Protest changing Riviera p.1
7/27/34 Speed boat stolen p.1
8/24/34* Masque ball a big success p.1
Mastic Beach, N.Y. Fire Dept.
10/17/29 To have fire dept. p.1
3/24/32 Cement blocks not responsible p.1
6/12/30 Have a fire co. p.1
4/12/34 Nominate officers p.5
Mastic Beach Property Owner’s Assn.
6/13/29 To give unique play p.1
9/5/29 Lawlessness shown at MB p.8
10/17/29 Has fine attendance p.1
1/30/30 Many attend party p.1
4/24/30 Dine in Brooklyn p.1
6/12/30 Mastic Beach booming p.1
7/10/30 Crowded at dance p.1
8/14/30 Dance p.1
2/12/31 Want beach policed p.1
7/16/31 Dance p.1
8/13/31 Elect officers p.1
8/27/31 Big field day p.1
9/17/31 Hold meeting p.1
10/8/31 Costume dance p.1
4/28/32 First meeting of year p.1
5/5/32 Meeting p.1
9/22/32 Officers elected p.1
Mastic Beach Yacht Club, Inc.
8/8/29 Have 1st regatta p.1
9/4/30 Dance p.1
6/25/31 Celebrate p.1
7/23/31 Regatta p.1
8/27/31 Dinner p.1
Mastic Beach Yacht Club Inc.
8/27/31 Busy days p.1
1/14/32 Elect p.1
1/18/34 Club free of debt p.1
5/18/34* Dance p.1
7/13/34 Junior dance pleases p.1
Mastic Civic Assn. Inc.
9/2/27 Elects p.1
10/21/27 Mastic civics incorporate p.1
11/4/27 Have dance p.1
12/16/27 Presents for kiddies p.1
12/30/27 Lights on in Mastic p.1
2/24/28 Party p.1
10/4/28 Talk on cooperation p.1
11/1/28 Dance p.1
11/15/28 Blinker light on LIRR p.1
11/29/28 Meet p.1
1/24/29 May take over roads p.1
1/31/29 Meet p.1
4/11/29 Many at card party p.1
5/16/29 Elect officers p.1
7/18/29 Herrley heads p.1
11/21/29 Meets p.1
1/16/30 Will have lights p.1
6/12/30 At fire house p.1
7/10/30 Hold a meeting p.1
7/17/30 Elect p.1
8/21/30 Record meeting p.1
9/18/30 Draw a crowd p.1
10/9/30 Repair club house p.1
10/23/30 Ready for Halloween p.1
11/6/30 Gay party p.1
11/20/30 Turn out well p.1
12/4/30 Card party p.1
12/18/30 Sees moving pictures p.1
1/15/31 Ready for party p.1
3/26/31 Successful party p.1
4/16/31 Receive deed for club house p.1
4/30/31 Party p.1
6/11/31 Mastic to get roads p.1
6/18/31 Elect officers p.1
7/16/31 No one wants job of pres. p1
9/17/31 Appoint commission on road p.1
10/22/31 Meet p.1
11/19/31 Meets at Wulkans p.1
1/21/32 Meet p.1
2/18/32 Hold party p.1
7/21/32 Hold successful party p.1
11/16/33 Hold meeting p.1
11/16/33 Santa Claus will visit p.1
7/20/34 Re-elect p.1
Mastic, N.Y.
10/1/26 Manor of St. George p.1
8/12/27 Lighting district p.1
12/23/27 Santa Claus visits p.1
12/30/27 Children have tree party p.1
2/24/28 Youngest grandmother p.1
2/24/28 Building survey p.1
8/30/28 Country store a success p.1
10/14/27 Much fun at Mastic p1
10/11/28 Halloween dance p.1
12/13/28 Mystery…injuries p.1
1/24/29 Big turn out of voters p.1
1/17/29 Road crooked p.1
3/28/29 Praying for good weather p1
7/25/29 Organize Mastic club p.1
8/29/29 Busy day p.1
9/5/29 Old bridge a menace p.1
9/5/29 Nearly sinks in marsh p.1
9/12/29 Will bridge bay p.1
10/24/29* Parr accused p.1
10/17/29* Attempt hold up p.1
10/24/29* Authors at Mastic p.1
1/9/30 Get game violator p.1
1/16/30 Will go to Sing Sing p.1
7/3/30 Regatta p.1
8/28/30 Tots weekly dance p.1
10/16/30 Passion play p.1
12/12/29 Christmas tree…p.1
10/23/30 Organizes team p.1
12/19/29 Prepares for Santa p.1
12/18/30 Big Christmas party p.1
12/24/30 Kiddies enjoy Mastic party p.1
11/12/31 Plan Christmas tree p.1
5/19/32 Mastic roads taken over p.1
12/10/31 Christmas party p.1
12/17/31 Big crowd p.1
12/24/31 Youngsters big party p.1
7/27/34 Children’s service p.1
7/27/34 Brooklyn youth drowns p.1
Mastic, N.Y. Fire Dept.
7/29/27 Record crowd p.1
3/15/28 Elect p.1
5/31/28 Called on alarm p.1
5/31/28 Have 1st dance p.1
6/28/28 Hold sail p.1
11/15/28 Card party p.1
12/6/28 Meeting p.1
1/17/29 Elect fire leaders p.1
1/24/29 Financial side p.1
2/7/29 Elects 5 commissioners p1
6/6/29 Fire p.1
8/8/29 Fire sweeps Mastic p.1
10/17/29 Burning bungalows a mystery p.1
1/9/30 Annual meeting p.1
6/26/30 To give dances p.1
7/3/30 Mastic adds members p.1
7/3/30 Dance p.1
7/10/30 Dance p.1
7/10/30 Called out to drill p.1
7/17/30 Give movies p.1
7/17/30 Dance p.1
7/24/30 Movies crowded p.1
7/31/30 Dances p.1
8/7/30 Meeting p1
8/7/30 Blazing fires p.1
8/14/30 Join firemen p.1
Mastic, N.Y. Fire Dept.
9/4/30 Dance p.1
9/25/30 Vamps meet p.1
10/2/30 Contracts awarded p.1
11/6/30 Firemen meet p.1
11/6/30 Fire destroys house p.1
1/8/31 Annual meeting p.1
2/5/31 Erecting tower for siren p.1
3/5/31 Serve “eats” p.1
4/2/31 Fire? No, only drill p.1
4/23/31 Elect purse treasurer p.1
4/30/31 Herrley says, “Did not run” p.1
5/7/31 Vamps will clean up p.1
5/14/31 Fight fire p.1
5/14/31 Siren blown after fire p.1
5/21/31 Busy summer planned p.1
6/4/31 Organize junior fire co. p.1
8/27/31 Raise rent for firehouse p.1
8/27/31 Have moonlight sail p.1
9/10/31 Meeting p.1
1/21/32 Hold party p.1
2/4/32 Hall improvements p.1
3/3/32 Beach house razed p.1
3/10/32 Get 2 brush calls p.1
9/1/32 Meeting p.1
1/7/32 Claims youngest chief p.1
1/18/34 Pollock is new chief p.1
3/22/34 Card party p.5
8/10/34 Fire causes $4,000 loss p.1
9/27/34 Card parties p.1
6/27/29 Summer dances p.1
Mastic, N.Y. Fire Dept. Auxiliary
8/26/27 Elect officers p.1
Mastic Park Civic Assn.
8/26/27 Active p.1
Mastic Property Owner’s Assn.
11/25/26 Property owners form assn. p.1
10/4/28 Call 3rd meeting p.1
6/12/30 Club to build clubhouse p.1
Mastic School District – PTA
5/11/34 Nearly 100 attend party p.1
Masury, Grace
10/6/32 Estate to daughter p.1
May, Elizabeth
5/11/34 Blood given for woman p.1
Maynes, Martha
5/15/30 Reaches 95th year p.1
6/9/32 Aunt Martha…97th b’day p.1
Maynes, Alexander
6/9/32 Accepts plea to guilty p.1
11/30/33 Colored man gets 60 days p.1
Maynes, Oliver A.
6/1/34 Troopers solve chicken theft p.1
McAleenan, Arthur
3/12/31 Dine summer resident p.1
McCaffrey, Howard A.
1/25/34 Cadet wins honors p.1
McCollum, Wm. C., Alcoholic…Control Comm.
4/26/34 After sheriff’s job p.1
McDermont, Thomas, Jr.
10/25/34 Leads law on merry chase p.1
5/15/30 Gets $10,000 verdict p.1
McDonald, Jerome
8/22/29 Relief from “hitch hikers” p.1
McGary, Ethel
9/13/34 Easy to swim, says Ethel p.5
McKinney, John
9/29/32* Murder suspect sought p.1
Medford, N.Y.
11/8/34 War memorial dedicated p.3
Mershon, Stephen L.
5/28/31 Summer resident writes p.1
Myer, Carl
2/15/34 Constable an honest man p.8
Meyer, John, Sr.
6/18/31 Injured by falling weight p.8
Miller & Raynor Families
9/2/27 Reunion p.1
Miller, Charles
7/2/31 Broncho Charley, cross continent p.7
Miller, William D.
5/1/30 Miller freed on bail p.8
11/20/30 Miller to get trial p.1
“Miss Small Town America” Beauty Contest
9/13/28 Ziegfield lauds small town girls p.1
9/20/28 Prizes offered for Miss Moriches p.1
9/27/28 Gifts for winner p.1
Modern Woodmen of America
2/11/27 Attend church service p.1
12/9/27 Officers installed p.1
4/25/29 Silver anniversary p.1
5/2/29 Celebrate anniversary p.1
Montauk, N.Y.
4/19/28 Officials visit Montauk p.1
7/5/28 Montauk is growing p.1
8/29/29 To improve road p.1
3/27/30 Glider playground p.1
3/27/30 Earl Fisher there p.1
5/6/27 Coming…Fisher development p.1
Montauk Yacht Club
8/13/31 Trial for Gold cup races p.1
Montecalvo, Augustus & Gertrude
11/1/29 Arrested…husband’s car p.1
Montgomery County, N.Y.
11/1/34 Snoopy bossies learn a lesson p.2
Moriches Bay
2/8/34 Four seals seen p.1
11/23/33 Sink scows at Moriches inlet p.8
6/22/34 Party boat upsets p.1
7/6/34 Porpoises pay visit to bay p.1
Moriches Bay Area
1/7/27 Start another bowling club p.1
1/14/27 Discuss school boundaries p.1
1/21/27 School boards agreement p.1
1/28/27 May have waterways p.1
6/17/27 Who is “Miss Moriches” p.1
7/8/27 Who wins “Miss Moriches?” p.1
7/8/27 Fatality in Eastport p.1
7/15/27 Beauty contest…p.1
7/22/27 Yachtsmen ready p.1
7/22/27 Miss Mottola, winner p.3
8/5/27 Women elected to school boards p.1
8/12/27 Many respond to hospital appeal p.1
8/26/27 Week’s crashes…3 fatalities p.1
1/6/28 Plan university club p.1
1/27/28 Gale hits town p.1
6/21/28 Motor boat races p.1
7/12/28 Drownings p.1
8/9/28 School meetings p.1
8/16/28 Villages need protection p.1
8/16/28 Duck growers have high fee p.1
8/30/28 Snapper fishing good p.1
10/17/29 Rob phone boxes 2nd time p.1
11/15/28 Broiler raising grows p.1
11/22/28 Market growers kept busy p.1
11/29/28 Basketball teams p.1
12/20/28 Xmas events p.1
2/7/29 Growers back feather plant p.1
2/28/29 Shipments of ducks p.1
3/7/29 Bean seed shortage p.1
3/7/29 Cauliflower assn. p.1
3/28/29 Hear telephone talk p.1
4/4/29 New boat service p.1
4/4/29 Basketball men banquet p.1
9/27/28 Snappers leave bay p.1
7/3/29 Warn against injuries p.1
7/11/29 Twister raises house from ducks p.1
8/8/29 Rainfall welcomed p.1
9/5/29 Credit bureau here p.1
9/19/29 Police tip about Hanley p.1
10/17/29 Men on Supreme court p.1
10/25/28 Duck growers visit Buffalo p.1
11/1/28 May complete Tangier bridge p.1
1/16/30 Telephone robbers unsuccessful p.5
5/15/30 Auto violators pay p.1
11/27/29 Two drown p.1
1/16/30 Bay natural advantages p.5
8/14/30 Local boats in race week p.8
8/21/30 Big week for Star sailors p.1
9/4/30 Schools opened p.1
8/21/30 Warns of counterfeits p.1
10/30/30 Several residents tour p.8
1/29/31 Arctic owl on bay p.1
3/12/31 Storm opens new inlet to ocean p.1
4/2/31 Two houses swept away p.1
4/30/31 Storm threatens beach homes p.8
4/30/31 To run theatre bus p.1
5/21/31 Parade with band p.1
7/9/31* Beach road far from solution p.1
7/9/31* Open yachting season p.1
7/16/31 Noisy motors are nuisance p.1
7/23/31 Have best markers p1
8/13/31 Paralysis rumors exaggerated p.1
9/3/31 Paralysis cases on p.1
12/18/30 Fake “Red Cross” worker p.1
3/10/32 Youths have boat ride p.1
3/24/32 New charts big help p.1
2/22/34 Blizzard takes LI by surprise p.1
3/1/34 Continuation of severe storm p.1
9/13/34 Worst gale in years p.1
12/14/33 Snow storm brings real winter p.1
Moriches Bay Area – Forest Fires
5/8/30 Girls keep stepping p.1
5/8/30 Consuming forest fires p.1
Moriches Bay Gunner’s Assn.
1/28/27 Pleads not guilty p.1
9/27/28 Meet p.1
10/4/28 Meet again p.1
10/11/28 More bird donations p.1
10/18/28 Gunners after birds p.1
Moriches Bay Outboard Motor Club
6/28/28 Club organized p.1
7/5/28 First races p.1
7/12/28 Races…thrills p.1
8/9/28 Bay crowded for race p.1
9/6/28 Hold final races p.1
10/4/28 Dance at Clearview p.1
Moriches Bay Stars
3/17/32 Gets new charter p.1
Moriches Inlet
3/10/32 Storm widens inlet p.1
9/8/32 Fishing as seen by sportsman p.1
Moriches, N.Y.
7/12/28 Lighting strikes duck ranch p.1
12/13/28 Chicken thieves get sentences p.1
1/10/29 Musical artist heard p.1
3/14/29 Ducks make long journey p.1
5/9/29 Ducks journey south p.1
4/10/30 Rest to open as “The Parakeet” p.1
8/14/30 Planes land here p.1
7/16/31 Lightning hits home p.1
7/16/31 New owners…White bungalow p.1
12/31/30 Ask town board for sidewalk p.1
9/8/32 Blaze at farm p.1
1/25/35 Gets 2 street lights p.1
Moriches School District
6/28/28 Fine program given p.1
1/17/29 Old Moriches school moving p.1
6/20/29 Exercises p.1
5/15/30 Have perfect record p.1
6/12/30 Perfect attendance p.1
6/26/30 School exercises p.1
6/18/31 Exercises p.1
6/25/31 Exercises p.1
12/24/30 School 12th in average p.1
12/24/30 School filled p.1
5/5/32 Annual meeting p.1
6/23/32 Holds exercises p.1
4/12/34 Honor roll p.8
4/12/34 Perfect attendance p.8
4/19/34 Annual meeting p.1
5/11/34 Card party p.1
5/11/34 Perfect attendance p.1
6/8/34 Honor roll p.1
10/4/34 Has 98% perfect attendance p.1
11/8/34 Honor roll p.5
Moriches School District – PTA
3/22/34 Has fine meeting p.8
11/30/33 Meeting p.1
Mosehouer, Wilfred A.
6/25/31 Valedictorian p.1
Mott, William D.
1/22/31 Is discharged p.1
4/16/31 Acquitted of mail fraud p.1
Mount Pleasant Cemetery Assn.
11/13/30 Elect officials p.1
Mount Sinai Civic Assn.
4/24/30 Mt. Sinai forearmed p.1
Muller, Edward
7/18/29 Has narrow escape p.1
Murdock, Jean A.
11/16/33 Murdock named to federal job p.1
Murdock, Leonard
6/8/34 Local youth to wed teacher p.1
Murdock, Walter, Sr.
9/27/34 Escapes serious injury p.5
National Glider Assn.
4/17/30 Will have carnival p.1
4/24/30 Glider carnival postponed p.8
National Housing Act
8/24/34* Purpose p.1
8/30/34 Purpose p.2
National Music Week School Festival
4/5/28 Song festival p.1
National Tuberculosis Assn.
1/10/29 Over $13,000 raised p.1
11/27/29 Start 22nd annual sale p.1
12/5/29 Appeal for greater seal sale p.1
12/4/30 Urges support of seal sale p.1
12/4/30 Letter from Pres. Hoover p.1
8/30/34 Stable hands, highest death rate p.3
National Unemployment League of New York
6/19/30 To aid unemployed p.8
Neberling, Edward
12/21/33 Swallows rat poison p.1
Nelson, Alice
8/17/34 Yaphank child hurt p.1
Nesbitt, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene
5/26/32 Open Smith Pt. house p.8
Neville, Claude C., Brook. Town Supervisor
12/16/27 Justice Neville appointed p.1
8/22/29 To run for supervisor p.1
12/19/29 Bonds…taking office p.1
9/27/34 Shows improvement p.1
10/4/34 Condition better p.1
10/18/34 Folks visit Neville p.1
1/4/34 Photo p.1
11/19/31 Active p.1
New York Air Show
4/24/30 Long Island day p.1
5/1/30 Air show p.1
NY Auto Financial Responsibility Act
7/18/29 Have car insured p.1
NY Central Railroad
1/4/34 Unified communications system p.8
NY City
3/27/30 Guests at St. George p.1
7/2/31 Ready at East Rockaway inlet p.7
12/24/30 Bad record for “Insurance” fires p.1
NY City
8/4/32 Milk speeded by trains p.6
9/1/32 Greatest distribution point p.1
3/22/34 Rapid growth of city forests p.2
8/3/34 Novel ocean craft p.3
10/4/34 Open bids at Forest Hills p.1
NY College of Forestry
3/29/34 Maple sugar season nears p.1
NY Federation of Music Clubs
6/13/29 Music clubs contest p.8
3/31/32 Aiding musicians in churches p.4
NY Press Assn.
6/17/27 Up-state editors see LI p.1
NY Public Library
7/27/34 Readers increase 40% p.2
NY State
10/31/00 Interesting excise report p.4
9/10/26 Companies incorporated p.1
2/7/29 Canal appropriation p.1
4/4/29 Investigation of bays p.1
4/11/29 Corporation bureau swamped p.1
4/18/29 Constructive session closed p.1
4/18/29 Public Health Council p.8
4/25/29 Gas tax starts p.8
4/25/29 Safeguard public health p.1
6/20/29 Against compen. delinquents p.4
9/26/29 Companies incorp., 18,000 p.8
10/10/29 Real estate get licenses p.1
10/11/28 Healthmobile ready p1
11/21/29 Millions in Christmas clubs p.1
3/13/30 Less stock co. incorporating p.1
3/20/30 Judicial bill constitutional p.1
3/27/30 Not using exemption p.1
3/27/30 Governor vetoes judicial bill p.1
4/10/30 Gets 10 cents for each name p.1
4/17/30 To have 8 more Rep. p.1
5/1/30 Law says “No hitch-hikers” p.1
7/24/30 State gets big tax p.4
8/7/30 Miniature golf courses p.1
8/28/30 Motor fuel tax increased 7% p.8
10/23/30 Held up many stores p.1
11/6/30 Democratic landslide p.1
1/22/31 Business is better p.1
2/26/31 Tax returns sent out p.1
3/19/31 Billboard bill p.1
4/9/31 Fines for passing fire apparatus p.8
5/14/31 Continue to wallop “Mr. Gloom” p.8
9/17/31 Future business brighter p.1
11/12/31 Companies incorp., 773 increase p.1
1/28/32 Factors against gas tax boost p.1
2/25/32 County shellfish laws invalid p.1
6/2/32 Leads in circulation p.1
6/2/32 Youth in summer camps p.3
8/4/32 Urges public to report crime p.8
8/11/32 State has laws on boats p.1
9/1/32 Unlicensed stations checked p.1
9/15/32 Over $2,000,000 unclaimed p.7
9/22/32 Employment increase p.1
9/29/32* Police teletype network p.8
1/4/34 Nearly 3 million on highways p.1
3/8/34 Rolls of NRA & CWA…800,000 p.3
9/13/34 Open section of Northern pky. p.1
9/27/34 Social work conf. p.3
NYS Agriculture Dept.
3/8/34 Fair wins Red ribbon p.1
3/15/34 Farmers lose cent a quart p.2
8/3/34 Potato growers meet p.8
8/17/34 Wallace…on Dairy day p.7
8/24/34* Court decision favors control p.3
NYS Alcoholic Beverage Control
11/1/34 Suffolk’s share of liquor revenues p.3
1/4/34 Sunday sales to stop hour earlier p.1
NYS Bureau of Motor Vehicles
11/25/27 Auto plates issued p.1
3/29/28 Special Ford License p.1
4/19/28 Changes in auto rules p.1
12/13/28 Registration plates issued p.1
1/10/29 Bureaus swamped p.1
4/4/29 Change auto laws p.1
4/25/29 Drivers’ licenses expire p.1
7/11/29 Motor vehicles swamped p.1
7/25/29 Wants graft reported p.1
8/15/29 New motor law p.1
9/5/29 Explain new auto law p.1
1/23/30 Suffolk bureau best p.1
5/29/30 If you haven’t got p.1
11/21/29 No longer select licenses p.8
7/24/30 Use brighter lights p.1
9/11/30 Warning to drivers p.1
12/5/29 License plates on sale p.1
12/19/29 May display plates p1
1/14/32 More licenses issued p.1
4/2/31 Largest total of receipts p.1
4/23/31 Renewals due p.1
5/7/31 Get licenses now p.1
5/28/31 Time is up on Monday p.1
5/28/31 Urge care on holiday p.1
11/26/30 License plates ready p.1
12/18/30 Only a few plates out p.1
12/24/30 Info for commercial plates p.8
12/31/30 No plates…no drive p.1
12/3/31* Get your plates now p.1
12/10/31 Owners slow getting plates p.1
12/31/31 Has $23,000 profit p1
9/27/34 Motorists licenses revoked p.7
NYS Citizen’s Military Camps
2/27/30 Training camps easily filled p.8
NYS College of Forestry
9/13/34 Stowaway of the jungle p.1
9/20/34 Progress with radio in forest p.3
NYS College of Forestry
9/27/34 Chemicals used in forest fires p.1
NYS Congress of Parents-Teachers
5/7/31 Meet at Islip p.1
NYS Conservation Dept.
9/24/26 Conservation laws p.1
4/5/28 Trout season opens p.1
10/11/28 Fined…refusing to fight fires p.1
4/3/30 Trout season open p.1
4/17/30 Another firebug reported p.1
5/1/30 Increase in fires 25% p.8
6/19/30 More trucks for forest fires p.1
9/11/30 Hunters to report take p.1
9/18/30 Fall shooting season p.1
10/9/30 Good duck shooting on LI p1
11/26/30 Hunting…more casualties p.1
3/12/31 Fire officials meet p.1
3/26/31 Spears allowed for fish p.1
4/2/31 New plan for census p.1
4/9/31 Urge caution in fire permits p.1
4/9/31 Quail, 3500, liberated p.4
8/27/31 New chief p.5
9/10/31 Drought depletes duck breeding p.1
3/24/32 Opinion of fish & game club p.1
3/24/32 Fire fighting forces increased p.1
8/25/32 Game order issued p.8
12/10/31 Sportsmen greet chairman p.1
3/29/34 Osborne thanks sports clubs p.1
8/17/34 Highway trees coming back p.3
12/7/33 Local boys fined for dusking p.1
8/24/34* Fishermen…carry card & button p.7
8/30/34 Hunters have 10 wk. session p.3
9/27/34 Hunters secure duck stamps p.6
10/11/34 Hunting season under way p.3
11/8/34 Increase in game birds stocked p.3
NYS “Drink More Milk” Campaign
8/11/32 “Moo-o-o!” contest p.4
8/3/34 Push milk drive p.3
8/17/34 Old story at St. Christina’s p.1
8/30/34 State gives recipes p.3
9/6/34 Use radio p.7
10/25/34 Thought expensive luxury p.2
11/1/34 Endorse milk campaign p.2
11/8/34 Campaign to continue p.3
8/24/34* Cows mobilized p.7
NYS Fair
8/17/34 College plans fair exhibits p.7
NYS Farm Bureau Federation
11/26/31 Annual meeting p.1
NYS Graphic Arts Code
6/1/34 County printers discuss code p.1
NYS Highway Dept.
6/7/28 To complete Sunrise highway p.1
5/16/29 Opening Sunrise hwy. p.1
5/23/29 Celebrate highway opening p.1
6/6/29 Ready for opening p.1
7/25/29 Improve south shore hwy. p.1
9/12/29 Widen Montauk hwy. p.1
4/17/30 Governor signs blvd. bill p.1
6/19/30 Want to save trees p.1
9/18/30 Give preference to NY men p.8
12/24/30 Federal money for roads p.8
1/8/31 Contracts for parkway spur p.1
1/15/31 Eliminate curves p.1
1/15/31 Better road conditions p.1
1/29/31 Finishing road to Montauk Point p.1
4/14/32 Big plans p.1
5/12/32 Open bridge on Rockaway blvd. p.1
6/23/32 Planting trees on state roads p.1
9/22/32 New link on highways p.4
NYS Historical Society
10/13/32 Southampton has 3 gala days p.1
NYS Inst. of Agri. at Farmingdale
2/18/32 Farm week p.1
7/16/31 Annual farm rally p.1
2/8/34 Country life program p.7
5/22/30 Hold summer camp p.8
7/24/30 Increased interest in training p.1
NYS Labor Law
9/27/34 Truck drivers can’t sleep on job p.3
NYS Police
8/18/32 Warn against peddlers p.1
8/10/34 Check on motorbusses p.2
10/11/34 To patrol farm sections p.3
NYS Public Service Commission
12/24/30 Approves bus change p.1
10/11/34 School busses not exempt p.3
NYS Taxation Dept.
2/13/30 Money from gas tax p.1
2/27/30 Tax returns mailed p.1
7/13/34 July 15th last day to pay tax p.1
11/8/34 Check on gas station licenses p.1
NYS Emergency Relief Admin.
10/25/34 Bond issue must be passed p.5
11/1/34 Spent $1,431,217 here p.3
NY Telephone Company
1/23/30 Higher rates for telephones p.1
6/26/30 Modifications for exchanges p.6
7/24/30 Employees ready in emergencies p.1
7/24/30 Time bureau p.4
1/15/31 Numerals added to tel. exchange p.8
1/22/31 OHMS cause call hums p.7
1/22/31 Long distance adds board p.7
8/18/32 New telephone skyscraper p.8
7/13/34 Many ‘phone girls p.8
9/6/34 Operator located p.7
NY Telephone Company
10/18/34 Farmers…’phone aids revenue p.7
1/4/34 Woman dying…saved by ‘phone girl p.3
North Manorville, N.Y.
10/10/29 Have field trials p.1
Northport Harbor
7/3/29 Outboards race p.1
O’Hara, Rita
9/1/32 Girl drowned p.1
Oakley, George, Special Town Constable
11/16/33 Gets constables job p.1
Obituary Notices
Abrahal, Harold 1/7/32 p.5
Adams, Austin, Jr. 10/16/30 p.1
Adams, Austin, Jr. 11/6/30 p.4
Adams, Julie 8/5/27 p.1
Alden, Charles 3/10/32 p.3
Alfred, Richard 2/22/34 p.1
Anderson, Harriet 9/27/34 p.4
Bailey, William J. 8/10/34 p.8
Bangel, Charles 8/3/34 p.3
Bangel, Charles 8/10/34 p.1
Barber, Charles H. 7/5/28 p.1
Barber, Charles H. 7/12/28 p.1
Beeker, Mrs. Frederick 6/4/31 p.5
Benjamin, Laura 5/28/31 p.5
Biamonte, Josephine 4/5/34 p.4
Biggs, Mary 12/9/27 p.1
Bishop, Madelaine 5/28/31 p.5
Bishop, Maria D. 9/6/34 p.5
Bohnke, Harry 10/31/29* p.1
Bohnke, Harry 11/1/29 p.1
Bohnke, Harry 11/21/29 p.1
Bohnke, Harry 11/27/29 p.1
Brisbin, William S. 9/13/34 p.5
Brown, Dorothy 2/11/27 p.1
Brown, Everett P. 1/30/30 p.1
Brush, George E. & Grace 8/3/34 p.1
Buckheidt, Mrs. Henry 5/25/34 p.1
Buckley, E.L. 10/31/00 p.4
Burns, Adrianne C. 4/3/30 p.5
Butler, Ellen D. 10/25/34 p.5
Caldwell, Annie 2/8/34 p.5
Caldwell, Annie 3/8/34 p.1
Campbell, A.K. 10/29/31 p.1
Campbell, Louis 9/17/31 p.1
Campbell, Louis 9/24/31 p.1
Carr, Dr. William 11/11/27 p.1
Carter, Elisha W. 7/30/31 p.5
Carter, Gilbert 1/8/31 p.5
Carter, Isabelle C. 11/12/31 p.5
Chartuk, Adam 9/20/34 p.5
Chester, Daniel J. 11/25/26 p.1
Chester, Daniel J. 12/10/26 p.1
Chichester, Charles H. 10/14/27 p.1
Chichester, H.J. 8/1/29 p.1
Chichester, L.S. 1/9/30 p.1
Chichester, Mahlon 1/16/30 p.1
Chichester, Mahlon 6/19/30 p.1
Chyboski, Bruno 6/25/31 p.1
Cleveland, Mrs. Charles M. 9/1O/32 p.5
Collins, Patrick 9/18/30 p.5
Condit, Dr. Fletcher 4/17/30 p.1
Cook, Claude J. 4/24/30 p.7
Cosine, William H. 4/26/34 p.4
Coyne, Josephine 8/21/30 p.1
Crampton, Foster 11/25/26 p.1
Crane, Dr. Frank E. 11/8/28 p.1
Crews, Ralph 9/10/26 p.1
Davies, Jane 5/11/34 p.4
DeMeyer, Marjorie 7/20/34 p.1
DeMullen, William F. 10/22/31 p.1
DeMullen, William F. 10/22/31 p.1
DeMuth, Henry 1/21/27 p.1
Dobrian, Kate 7/10/30 p.8
Downing, Ellen 2/18/27 p.1
Dunn, Charles H. 2/4/32 p.1
Edey, Frederick 4/18/29 p.1
Elwell, Jennie E. 11/23/33 p.1
English, William A. 6/29/34 p.5
English, William A. 7/6/34 p.5
Ernest, Bernard 6/23/32 p.1
Fanning, Joshua T. 1/29/31 p.5
Fay, Bertrand 9/24/31 p.1
Fechtman, Marie 5/27/27 p.4
Fehner, William 2/1/34 p.4
Fenner, Thomas R. 10/8/31 p.5
Field, Bertha L. 4/8/30 p.1
Fish, Harold L. 8/19/27 p.1
Fiske, Chester D. 1/29/31 p.5
Flanagan, William F. 3/6/30 p.1
Flanagan, William F. 3/13/30 p.1
Flood, Mary B. 8/1/29 p.1
Floyd, Augustus 12/9/27 p.1
Floyd, Augustus 12/16/27 p.1
Floyd, John F. 12/14/33 p.5
Floyd, Mrs. E. 11/30/33 p.1
Fordham, Sarah Young 8/16/28 p.1
Furman, Dr. Joel 11/18/27 p.1
Furman, Dr. Isaac 12/21/33 p.1
Gaffney, Martha 10/22/31 p.5
Gardner, I. Willets 2/15/34 p.1
Gardner, Ormiston C. 1/29/31 p.5
Gill, Peter K. 7/13/34 p.1
Glover, Mary E. 4/24/30 p.1
Golden, Frank 7/10/30 p.1
Goldsmith, Mrs. L.M. 1/18/34 p.1
Globob, Frank 12/24/26 p.1
Gordon, Frank D. 3/1/34 p.4
Gordon, Henrietta H. 3/13/30 p.5
Gordon, Wilson S. 8/4/32 p.4
Graffio, Anthony 7/27/34 p.1
Gregory, Georgianna 2/15/34 p.4
Griffin, Clarence C. 9/6/34 p.5
Griffin, Clarence C. 9/13/34 p.7
Obituary Notices
Griffin, William W. 5/27/27 p.1
Growtage, Harry 10/18/34 p.1
Growtage, Henry J. 8/4/32 p.4
Haase, Anton 7/6/34 p.5
Hallock, Arthur J. 2/26/31 p.1
Hallock, Arthur J. 2/26/31 p.5
Hallock, B.F. 5/19/32 p.1
Hallock, Caroline 3/19/31 p.5
Hallock, John W. 9/17/26 p.1
Hallock, William 4/22/27 p.1
Hamilton, Gordon 5/1/30 p.1
Hanley, Vera 8/21/30 p.1
Harding, Catherine 1/29/31 p.5
Harris, Mary 4/26/34 p.4
Harrison, Hewlett 12/11/30 p.1
Hart, Frank 8/10/34 p.8
Haskell, Ida 10/6/32 p.4
Havens, DeWitte M. 11/8/34 p.5
Havens, John L. 9/22/32 p.1
Havens, John L. 12/21/33 p.1
Hawkings, Esther G. 2/18/27 p.1
Hawkins, Susan M. 2/22/34 p.2
Heil, Barnard J. 8/13/31 p.4
Hembry, Howard H. 3/31/32 p.4
Henry, Clarence L. 4/2/31 p.5
Herzog, Amalia Gunther 7/23/31 p.5
Hester, Paul 8/30/28 p.1
Hewes, Guy 8/3/34 p.4
Homan, Edith A. Robinson 7/20/34 p.4
Homan, Edith A. Robinson 7/27/34 p.4
Homan, Herbert D. 11/23/33 p.4
Hoole, Lester P. 1/4/34 p.1
Hoole, Lester P. 1/11/34 p.1
Housel, Percy L. 2/6/30 p.1
Howell, Capt. George B. 10/6/32 p.1
Howell, Ellie M. 3/19/31 p.5
Howell, John D. 1/2/30 p.1
Howell, Luella C. 8/17/34 p.5
Howell, Margaret 12/17/31 p.7
Howell, Mary J. 9/24/26 p.1
Howell, Philomena A. 8/15/27 p.1
Howell, Susan E. 11/3/32 p.4
Howell, William J. 9/10/31 p.1
Howland, Phillip 3/27/30 p.5
Hublitz, Esther 9/17/26 p.7
Hulse, Ralph 8/24/34 p.1
Hulse, William 10/30/30 p.1
Hutton, Emily 4/30/31 p.5
Hyde, Cassie L. 8/10/34 p.8
Jacobs, Mrs. John 12/5/29 p.5
Jarvis, Gertrude Howell 4/30/31 p.5
Jaycox, Walter H. 2/4/27 p.1
Jaycox, Walter H. 2/11/27 p.1
Jefferson, Eugene 7/6/34 p.5
Johnson, Beatrice 7/20/34 p.1
Johnson, David 4/14/32 p.1
Johnson, David 4/21/32 p.1
Johnson, Mary B. 9/1/32 p.4
Jones, Harriet B. 4/19/28 p.1
Jones, Mrs. William A. 11/23/33 p.4
Kaler, Maria D. 2/18/27 p.1
Keegan, Howard E. 10/27/32 p.5
Ketcham, Betty M. 12/7/33 p.5
Ketcham, J.H. 10/25/34 p.6
Kish, Joseph 8/8/29 p.1
Kitson, Anna C. 5/26/32 p.2
Kodach, Edward 7/23/31 p.1
Koegel, Frances B. 10/20/32 p.4
Kozekouski, Julius 8/10/34 p.8
Kreiling, John 10/27/32 p.1
Labedowski, Vincent 9/27/34 p.4
Lefferts, Robert 12/31/26 p.1
Lehuray, Raimard Rees 10/18/34 p.1
Leide, Dorothy H. 11/20/30 p.5
Leigh, Cornelia 12/5/29 p.5
Lennington, Matilda 10/7/27 p.1
Liscum, Alice 4/2/31 p.5
Liscum, Charles E. 4/3/30 p.1
Liscum, Charles E. 4/10/30 p.1
Lofsten, Charles F. 10/18/34 p.5
Lopar, Willard M. 11/20/30 p.5
Lucas, George R. 9/5/29 p.1
MacKechnie, John 12/12/29 p.1
Maddren, Dr. James 1/7/27 p.1
Maddren, Dr. James 12/31/26 p.1
Maharewicz, Victor 6/25/31 p.1
Mark, Henry A. 4/21/32 p.1
Marvin, Mr. & Mrs. George A. 9/26/29 p.1
Masury, Grace 9/8/32 p.4
Masury, Grace 10/6/32 p.1
Masury, John 8/20/31 p.1
Matteson, Wallace G. 10/11/34 p.1
Maynes, Joel 6/14/28 p.1
McDermott, Joseph 3/4/27 p.1
McDonald, James 10/18/34 p.5
Meklenberg, Louis 12/13/28 p.1
Merritt, Christian, Sr. 12/14/33 p.4
Mershon, Addie J. 3/5/30* p.5
Meyer, Margaret 9/6/34 p.5
Meyer, Mrs. John, Sr. 9/13/34 p.7
Michelson, Conrad 7/20/34 p.1
Miller, Bob 10/9/30 p.5
Miller, Sarah 5/11/34 p.4
Mitchell, Dolores 10/8/31 p.5
Mitchell, Dolores 10/15/31 p.1
Mohlmann, Amelia 8/10/34 p.8
Moore, George 6/29/34 p.1
Moore, George 7/6/34 p.5
Moran, Michael 7/18/29 p.1
Morgan, Helen C. 12/10/31 p.5
Morgan, Mrs. Arthur D. 12/17/31 p.7
Morrison, P.H. 10/9/30 p.5
Mosley, Susan 5/8/30 p.3
Murphy, Octavia 3/1/34 p.4
Murray, John E. 6/5/30 p.1
Neubert, John & Catherine 9/19/29 p.1
Norwish, Walter S. 1/8/31 p.1
O’Hara, Rita 9/1/32 p.1
Osborn, Louisa 7/23/31 p.1
Obituary Notices
Osborn, Mary A. 10/13/32 p.4
Osborn, Nancie C. 7/8/27 p.1
Overston, Carrie 8/17/34 p.5
Owens, Michael 10/11/34 p.2
Paz, Theresa 8/6/31 p.1
Pease, Erastus R. 1/28/27 p.1
Pelletreau, LeGrand 12/17/31 p.7
Percy, Florence Gardner 12/18/30 p.5
Petitte, Mae S. 7/18/29 p.1
Pflug, Mrs. Louis 5/12/32 p.2
Phillips, Josephine 1/29/31 p.5
Phillips, W. H. 3/5/30* p.5
Price, Everett M. 3/5/30* p.1
Prokepchuch, Mrs. Ignatz 4/16/31 p.5
Ranforn, George T. 12/2/27 p1
Ransdell, Uldine Betty 10/9/30 p.5
Rasquin, William R. 11/30/33 p.1
Rasquin, William 10/18/34 p.1
Raynor, Jehiel 9/18/30 p.5
Raynor, Lila 11/13/30 p.5
Raynor, Mrs. William A. 1/8/31 p.5
Raynor, Ella G. 2/25/32 p.2
Raynor, Laura E. 10/27/32 p.5
Raynor, O.J. 11/4/27 p.1
Raynor, Scot E. 2/19/31 p.5
Raynor, Scot E. 2/26/31 p.5
Raynor, Wallace 11/14/29 p.1
Reisig, Joseph 1/7/32 p5
Ritchie, Mary 9/19/29 p.1
Ritter, Fuller 4/4/29 p.1
Roarke, Edward 6/27/29 p.1
Roarke, Edward 7/3/29 p.1
Robbins, Joseph R. 3/17/32 p.1
Robinson, Arthur S. 7/28/32 p.5
Robinson, John B. 6/9/32 p.5
Robinson, John J. 9/13/34 p.1
Robinson, Katherine G. 3/8/34 p.5
Ruland, Mrs. E. 6/24/27 p.1
Savage, Tone 4/24/30 p.5
Schmalzerm, Adam 10/25/34 p.1
Schneider, Henry 1/29/31 p.5
Schoenfeld, William 7/2/31 p.1
Schwardrawsi, Stanley 6/26/30 p.1
Seaman, Amelia E. 8/10/34 p.8
Seargent, George 8/18/32 p.4
Seeley, William 4/11/29 p.1
Shannon, Thomas F. 3/1/34 p.4
Sidorak, Olga 10/6/32 p.1
Simes, Mrs. R. J. 12/11/30 p.5
Simmons, John 8/10/34 p.8
Skinner, A.H. 1/29/31 p.5
Smith, A.O. 7/6/34 p.1
Smith, Capt. Elish A. 1/29/31 p.1
Smith, Capt. Elisha A. 2/26/31 p.5
Smith, Clarence G. 6/13/29 p.1
Smith, Clarence G. 6/27/29 p.1
Smith, Clarence G. 9/8/32 p.1
Smith, Emily 7/20/34 p4
Smith, Henry D. 1/6/28 p.1
Smith, Viola 12/10/26 p.1
Smith, Viola 12/17/26 p.1
Sowiak, William 6/9/32 p.1
Spaulding, Myra 2/19/31 p.5
Spero, Mrs. 1/29/31 p.5
Sperry, Elmer A. 6/19/30 p.1
Sperry, Mr. & Mrs. Elmer A. 9/18/30 p.1
Starmer, Olive 9/18/30 p.1
Steffens, Emil 9/8/32 p.1
Steffens, Emil 9/15/32 p.1
Steffens, Emil 9/22/32 p.1
Sterns, Jennie 9/18/30 p.1
Sterns, Phoebe 2/19/31 p.5
Stevenson, James 11/26/26 p.1
Steward, Daniel 4/30/31 p.5
Stewart, Mrs. Matthew 1/22/31 p.5
Still, Leroy B. 11/8/34 p.1
Stone, Annie 12/5/29 p.5
Swezey, Edward 3/21/29 p.1
Taft, Eva J. 1/17/29 p.1
Terry, Annie E. 10/20/32 p.4
Terry, Annie E. 10/27/32 p.5
Thomas, Julia C. 12/28/33 p.1
Thompson, Dr. William B. 7/29/27 p.1
Thompson, Elmer J. 11/26/26 p.1
Thrower, Archie 4/14/32 p.1
Thrower, Johnny 4/21/32 p.1
Thurston, William F. 9/9/27 p.1
Toms, George W. 12/11/30 p.5
Tooker, Charles R. 1/6/28 p1
Tuthill, Frank 9/1/32 p.1
Tuthill, Mary F. 9/2/27 p.1
Tuttle, George C. 1/4/34 p.4
Tuttle, Lillian 3/12/31 p.5
Twining, Dr. Lewis A. 10/3/29 p.1
Twining, Dr. Lewis A. 10/31/29* p.1
Twining, Dr. Lewis A. 11/21/29 p.1
Twining, Dr. Lewis A. 12/5/29 p.1
Usher, William 6/11/31 p.1
Vakay, William H., Sr. 3/5/30* p.5
Van Meter, Joseph H. 10/11/34 p.1
Van Pelt, John J. 2/7/29 p.1
Walk, Alex 7/2/31 p.5
Walker, Marcia C. 10/18/34 p.5
Walkman, John H. 12/7/33 p.5
Walsh, James J. 12/28/33 p.4
Warner, Dan 10/20/32 p.1
Warner, Frances L. 9/3/31 p.8
Weidner, Joseph P. 12/28/33 p.1
Welach, William 10/22/31 p.1
Welsch, Fred 3/31/32 p.1
Westerhoff, Lois A. 1/7/32 p.5
White, James M. 9/13/34 p.7
Wilder, Carl T. 9/13/28 p.1
Willis, Mary J. 7/29/27 p.9
Wimmer, Mrs. John J. 7/12/28 p.1
Wines, Emeline 10/31/00 p.5
Wines, Emeline 10/31/00 p.5
Wines, Mary 4/3/30 p.5
Witke, John 4/30/31 p.5
Obituary Notices
Wood, Grace Young 7/18/29 p.1
Woodruff, Cecil 7/31/30 p.5
Worm, William F. 8/6/31 p.1
Wright, Frederick N., Jr. 6/4/21 p.5
Yaegey, Grover P. 12/24/30 p.1
Zinth, Christina 9/24/31 p.5
Old Timer’s Chowder Club
9/2/27 To Harry Ketcham home p.1
Older Boys Conference of Long Island
12/5/29 Conference at Riverhead p.1
Order of Free Masons
11/15/28 Masons at Riverhead p.1
1/24/29 Masonic initiation p.1
3/7/29 Greet Grand Master p.1
3/21/29 Greet Masonic Master p.1
5/23/29 Grotto day p.1
3/12/31 Council to meet p.1
9/22/32 Activities p.4
1/11/34 Hold Roosevelt party p.1
1/18/34 Masons support Roosevelt p.8
10/18/34 Charity dance p.7
Order of the Eastern Star
1/14/27 Installation p.1
1/28/27 Hold initiation p.1
5/13/27 Official visit p.1
8/19/27 Picnic at Peconic bay p.1
11/4/27 Supper at EM firehouse p.1
12/16/27 Worthy Patron…jewel p.1
12/23/27 Elect p.1
1/13/28 Install p.1
1/27/28 Install p.1
2/3/28 Entertain officials p.1
2/17/28 Social p.1
2/24/28 Card party p.1
3/2/28 Installs Patron p.1
3/15/28 Paper Bag social fun p.1
3/29/28 Obligation night p.1
3/29/28 Pleasant meeting p.1
3/29/28 Event well attended p.1
4/19/28 Party, $80 p.1
4/26/28 Deputy’s visit p.1
4/26/28 White elephants fun p.1
5/31/28 Go to Riverhead p.1
6/14/28 Official visit p.1
6/28/28 Close for summer p.1
7/5/28 Card party p.1
7/26/28 Picnic at Life Saving sta. p.1
8/30/28 Entertained p.1
10/25/28 Lecturer at meeting p.1
11/29/28 Big party p.1
12/13/28 Party & election p.1
12/20/28 Distribute gifts p.1
12/27/28 Election p.1
1/17/29 Public installation p.1
1/31/29 Appoint committees p.1
2/14/29 Officers installed p.1
2/28/29 Social eve p.1
7/25/29 Outing p.1
3/21/29 Card party p.1
4/4/29 Dance p.1
4/25/29 Big night p.1
4/25/29 Dance a success p.1
5/2/29 Meet p.1
5/9/29 Meet p.1
5/16/29 Visit Sayville p.1
6/13/29 Meeting p.1
6/20/29 Enjoyable social p.1
7/11/29 Outing p.1
10/10/29 Card party p.1
10/31/29* Make merry p.1
10/17/29 Hallowe’en party p.1
11/14/29 Dance p.1
11/27/29 Plans party p.5
11/27/29 Dance p.5
12/12/29 Elect officers p.1
12/5/29 Meet at Westhampton p.1
12/26/29 Made $125 at fair p.1
1/16/30 Install officers p.1
2/6/30 Star workers meet p.1
2/13/30 Celebrate birthday p.1
2/20/30 Star workers meet p.5
2/27/30 Anniversary p.1
2/27/30 Has good attendance p.1
3/20/30 Thirteen…lucky number p.1
3/27/30 Chapter social p.1
5/1/30 About 100 attend party p.5
5/15/30 Holds spelling bee p.1
5/29/30 Official visit soon p.1
6/12/30 Big celebration p.1
7/31/30 Card party p.4
9/11/30 Opens p.1
10/16/30 Many attended p.5
10/23/30 Hold meeting p.8
10/30/30 Party after meeting p.1
11/13/30 Mock initiation p.1
11/13/30 Star workers meet p.1
11/20/30 Enjoy afternoon p.1
11/26/30 Card party p.1
12/4/30 Shower p.1
12/11/30 Fine attendance p.1
1/15/31 Installation p.1
1/29/31 Bright prospects seen p.1
2/12/31 District Deputy here p.1
2/19/31 Card party p.1
2/26/31 Over 200 at meeting p.1
3/5/31* Star workers active p.1
3/12/31 Enjoyable meeting p.1
3/26/31 Men are chefs p.1
4/2/31 Big event held p.1
4/9/31 Luncheon & party p.1
4/16/31 To add members p.1
4/30/31 Initiation p.1
5/14/31 Initiation p.4
5/28/31 Meeting p.5
6/11/31 To have vacation p.1
Order of the Eastern Star
7/23/31 Big outing at Mastic p.1
8/27/31 Enjoy moonlight ride p.1
9/10/31 Open season p.1
9/17/31 Opens winter season p.1
10/1/31 Benefit card party p.1
10/8/31 Hold benefit party p.1
11/12/31 Card party p.1
11/26/31 Anniversary p.1
12/17/31 Closes good year p.1
1/7/32 Star workers meet p.1
1/14/32 Officers installed p.1
2/11/32 Meeting p.1
2/25/32 Card party p.1
3/17/32 Meeting p.1
3/24/32 Play cards p.1
3/31/32 Installation p.1
6/16/32 Big night p.1
6/23/32 Hold picnic p.1
9/15/32 Opens season p.1
10/13/32 Met at Goldsmith’s hall p.1
10/6/32 Plan party p.1
10/20/32 Card party p.1
11/16/33 Charity dance p.1
12/7/33 Dance success p.1
12/14/33 Viscuso, new matron p.1
12/21/33 Appoints staff p.1
1/4/34 Install officials p.1
1/11/34 Installation p.1
2/8/34 Card party p.1
2/22/34 Star workers dinner p.1
4/12/34 Celebrates p.1
4/19/34 Card party p.1
4/26/34 Have big meeting p.1
5/3/34 “The World Is Alright” p.1
6/1/34 Give musical show p.1
6/1/34 Initiates 4 new members p.1
6/8/34 Play here tonight p.1
6/15/34 Now they know “World’s Right” p.1
6/29/34 Past Matrons entertained p.1
10/25/34 Luncheon p.1
10/25/34 Past Matrons’ night p.1
11/8/34 Party enjoyed p.4
Order of United American Mechanics #493
11/22/28 Meet p.1
3/7/29 Celebrate anniversary p.1
3/21/29 Close membership contest p.1
12/26/29 Elect officers p.1
Osborn, Louisa
9/10/26 Be kind to the felines p.1
3/11/27 Has reached 96th year p.1
3/9/28 Celebrates 97th birthday p.1
4/4/29 Is hale & hearty p.1
3/13/30 Birthday…oldest member p.8
3/5/31* Party for 100th b’day p.1
3/12/31 Celebrates 100th b’day p.1
Outbord Motor Assn. of Eastern Long Island
6/20/29 Have 1st races p.1
6/14/28 Organize p.1
Oyster Bay Town
8/3/34 Clamdiggers arrested p.8
Palmer, Mathilde
3/13/30 Dispute curb line p.1
4/10/30 Palmer case discharged p.1
Past Noble Grands Assn.
7/18/29 Entertains p.1
6/5/30 Meet p.1
7/17/30 Meeting p.1
9/18/30 Meet here p.1
10/23/30 To Jamesport p.8
1/18/34 Murdock heads ass’n p.5
Patchogue Electric Light Company
4/22/27 Replace insulators p.1
11/1/29 Cooking school help p.1
10/15/31 May have new rate p.1
2/11/32 Open office here p.1
Patchogue, N.Y.
12/3/26 Station robbed p.1
1/21/27 Men escape in train wreck p.1
2/25/27 Transforming lake p.1
1/6/28 Record deal…Roe block p.1
9/27/28 Fall sale p.1
9/27/28 Park property foreclosed p.1
1/24/29 Need gas mask for “stink bomb” p.1
2/28/29 First “talkie” theatre In Suffolk p.1
4/18/29 Unique souvenir p.1
4/18/29 Many robberies p.1
5/9/29 Another robbery p.1
5/16/29 Breaks p.1
5/23/29 Auto thefts solved p.1
7/3/29 Bold robberies p.1
7/3/29 Bouts at Elks club p.1
7/11/29 Artist’s exhibit p.1
8/1/29 Parachute jumper treed p.1
8/15/29 Plan events at Elks p.1
8/22/29 Form credit bureau p.1
8/22/29 Celebration p.8
8/29/29 House is razed p.1
9/5/29 Boy paralyzed by dive p.1
9/12/29 Second Friday robbery p.1
9/19/29 Breaks p.1
11/1/29 Can’t collect bills p.1
11/1/29 Furniture dealer held up p.1
11/27/29 Sentenced for disturbing theatre p.1
1/9/30 Trick in election p.1
1/16/30 Judge sounds warning p.1
1/30/30 Have large factory p.8
1/30/30 Police hunting red-haired girl p.1
2/20/30 Two fishermen rescued p.1
4/3/30 Ducks disturb peace p.1
5/22/30 Theaters merged p.1
7/10/30 Arrange bond issue p.8
Patchogue, N.Y.
9/25/30 Find body in swamp p.1
10/2/30 Mystery of body found p.1
8/6/31 Hold Navy day p.1
9/3/31 Program for boxing fans p.1
5/19/32 Patchogue optometrist p.1
9/22/32 Vaudeville with movies p.6
12/28/33 Midnight frolic p.1
1/18/34 Boxing & wrestling p.1
1/25/34 Merchants park proposal p.7
1/25/34 Girls admitted free p.1
2/1/34 Card at Gardens p.1
3/22/34 Dems. elect mayor, trustee p.1
4/12/34 Boxing card at Gardens p.4
11/30/33 Baritone at Jewish center p.2
8/3/34 Squirrel nest p.7
8/3/34 Merchants pay parking fees p.8
8/10/34 Taxes stores p.8
8/17/34 Dog cremation cost problem p.5
8/30/34 Plane crash…3 to hospital p.1
10/4/34 State trooper arrested p.1
10/4/34 Woman in water is mystery p.1
10/18/34 Penney store…2nd birthday p.1
11/1/34 Goldman will lead p.3
11/8/34 Goldman band p.6
Patchogue, N.Y. Fire Dept.
5/29/29 New fire truck p.1
4/3/30 Ten room house burned p.1
3/26/31 Hotel gutted by fire p.1
5/14/31 Spaghetti house burns down p.8
7/2/31 Mysterious fire p.5
3/8/34 Business block destroyed p.1
Patchogue School District
4/28/31 Musical event p.8
5/19/32 Offer program p.1
Paulos, Thomas
11/8/34 Hunter rescued p.1
Paz, Teresa
7/30/31 Attempts suicide…blue pills p.1
Pearse, Mrs. E. R.
3/25/27 Testimonial benefit p.1
4/1/27 Benefit program presented p.1
Peconic Bay
5/29/29 Best year for weaks p.1
9/6/34 Escallops scarce in Peconic bay p.8
Peconic, N.Y.
7/8/27 Church burned by lightening p.1
Pedafore, Joseph
11/23/33 Insane man found here p.1
Penney, E.W.
12/31/30 Word received p.1
Penney, Harold F.
5/25/34 Boy wins prize p.1
Penney, Mr. & Mrs. E.W.
6/4/31 Golden wedding p.1
Pflug, Dr. Charles J.
9/22/32 Gives address p.1
Pflug, John & Carl
12/6/28 Stars in polo contest p.1
Pianco, Nicholas
9/6/34 Abandon accident theory p.8
Political Activities
10/31/00 Democratic meeting p.5
10/31/00 Dem. club officers p.5
10/31/00 Republican rally p.5
10/31/00 Candidates p.8
7/8/27 Conspiracy of silence p.1
8/5/27 Change for electing officers p.1
8/26/27 Petitions filed p.1
8/26/27 Ku Klux Klan enter politics p.1
9/9/27 Election rules p.1
9/16/27 Polling places p.1
9/16/27 Howell favors Petty p.1
9/23/27 Chairman Macy stands firmly p.1
9/23/27 Petty gets Patchogue p.1
9/30/27 MacIntosh wins p.1
9/30/27 Dem. caucus p.1
9/30/27 Delegates elected p.1
9/30/27 Macy chairman p.1
10/7/27 Dem. nominate p.1
10/7/27 Rep. meet p.1
11/4/27 Dinner p.1
11/11/27 Tabulate votes p.1
11/11/27 Rep. landslide p.1
11/18/27 Women oganize Dem. club p.1
11/18/27 GOP strong p.1
1/6/28 Dem. chairman p.1
3/2/28 Roosevelt delegates p.1
4/5/28 Only 8 voters at primaries p.1
4/19/28 Hot contest in Dem. meet p.1
6/21/28 Hoover wins nomination p.1
6/21/28 Meet p.1
7/5/28 Smith picked p.1
8/5/28 Macy speaker p.1
7/5/28 The 2 prohibition planks p.1
7/12/28 Rep. candidates p.1
7/12/28 Editors greet Hoover p.1
7/19/28 Vote your choice p.1
8/2/28 Which road to White House? p.1
8/9/28 Presidential poll p.1
8/9/28 Local man for sheriff p1
9/6/28 Vote now in Pres. poll p.1
9/13/28 Hoover leads in vote p.1
9/20/28 Follow lead of Maine again? p.1
9/20/28 Small number vote p.1
9/20/28 Presidential poll close p.1
Political Activities
9/27/28 Hoover leads in close vote p.1
9/27/28 Largest women’s delegation p1
10/4/28 Crowds at GOP rally p.1
10/11/28 Make sure you are registered p.1
10/11/28 Chairman Macy appointed p.1
10/18/28 Voting machines installed p.1
10/11/28 Women are registering p.1
10/25/28 Registration increase p.1
10/25/28 Rep. rally p.1
11/1/28 Vromen flays Tammany hall p.12
11/1/28 Voters literacy certificates p.1
11/1/28 Vote early p.1
11/1/28 Ottinger makes tour p.1
11/8/28 County…largest vote p.1
11/8/28 Hoover sweep greatest ever p.1
11/29/28 Victory dinner p.1
12/13/28 Committee only at dinner p.1
12/13/28 Victory dinner p.1
12/27/28 Weidner receives job p.1
1/3/29 Enrollment is 12,000 greater p.1
1/3/29 Women to dine p.1
1/10/29 GOP’s victory dinner p.1
1/10/29 Halsey elected p.1
1/17/29 May have 2 judges p.1
1/31/29 Moriches delegation p.1
2/14/29 Program for county p.1
2/28/29 Organize Rep. club p.1
3/7/29 Organize GOP p.1
3/14/29 Furman…Federal judgeship p.1
3/21/29 Deny reports of desertion p.1
3/21/29 GOP program p.1
4/4/29 New club p.1
4/11/29 Receive 40 more members p.1
4/11/29 Defends new judicial plan p.1
4/25/29 Applications coming p.1
4/25/29 Discrimination on the island p.1
5/9/29 More members, 46 p.1
5/9/29 Must muster rural voters p.1
5/16/29 Reply to Macy’s criticism p.8
6/6/29 Rep. club meets p.1
6/13/29 Assessments p.1
7/3/29 Pick GOP candidates p.1
7/11/29 Change name of GOP club p.1
8/1/29 Battle in GOP ranks p.1
8/1/29 To change name p.1
8/8/29 Says broke promises p.1
8/8/29 Dreyer…Neville p.1
8/8/29 Rep. incorporate p.1
8/15/29 Rep. club outing p.1
8/22/29 Ask Dems to endorse judge p.1
8/22/29 Rep…outing p.1
8/29/29 Few contests…primaries p.1
8/29/29 Committeemen give facts p.1
9/5/29 Contest for town clerk p.1
9/12/29 To federal office p.1
9/12/29 Rep. meeting p.1
9/12/29 Non-partisan judiciary p.1
9/19/29 Jones denies being out of race p.8
9/19/29 Van Hise defeats Young p.1
9/26/29 Town convention p.1
9/26/29 Macy elected chairman p.1
9/26/29 Official primary margin p.1
10/10/29 Sunrise GOP’s enthusiastic p.1
10/3/29 Interesting meeting p.1
10/3/29 Neville for supervisor p.1
10/3/29 Dems choose Robinson p.1
10/24/29* Plans to sweep county p.1
10/24/29* Praise Callaghan p.1
10/10/29 Hold theater party p.1
10/24/29* Schedule rallies p.1
10/24/29* Big time at rally p.1
10/10/29 Davis endorses Callaghan p.1
10/24/29* Hold party p.1
10/31/29* Boost Callaghan p.1
10/17/29 Big rally p.1
10/31/29* Sunrise meets p.1
10/31/29* Rep. club successful p.1
10/17/29 Rep. club party p.1
10/31/29* Rep. enthusiastic p.1
10/17/29 Kahn chairman p.1
10/17/29 Lawyers for Callaghan p.1
10/31/29* Kahn entertains GOPs p.1
11/1/29 Calls suit “Tammany trick” p.1
11/1/29 Rep. make clean sweep p.1
11/1/29 Rep., 11th meeting p.1
11/1/29 Summer residents vote here p.1
11/1/29 Resume law practice p.1
11/27/29 Votes, 50,000 p.1
12/19/29 See candidate in Callaghan p.1
12/19/29 Select county judge p.1
12/26/29 Blue to clean out office p.1
12/26/29 Furman…re-election p.1
1/9/30 Rep. to meet p.1
1/16/30 Special meeting p.1
1/23/30 Sunrise club re-organize p.1
1/23/30 Guests of honor in NY p.1
2/6/30 Rep. crisis p.1
2/6/30 Sunrise club meeting p.1
2/13/20 Meeting p.1
2/20/30 Rules p.1
2/27/30 Dreyer speaker p.1
3/6/30 Meeting p.1
3/13/30 Yield office to Hulse p.1
3/13/30 Rep. club meeting p.1
3/27/30 Judge Furman to speak p.1
3/27/30 Lawson loses job p.1
4/3/30 Judge Furman will speak p.1
4/3/30 Over 3,000 enrolled p.1
4/10/30 Meetings p.1
5/8/30 Blue at GOP meeting p.1
6/5/30 County leader to talk p.1
6/12/30 Meeting p.1
6/26/30 Candidates chosen p.1
7/3/30 Patchogue night p.1
7/10/30 Sunrise GOP meet p.1
7/17/30 Good meeting by GOPs p.1
7/31/30 Meet p.1
8/7/30* Democratic ticket p.8
8/7/30 Ready for sail p.1
Political Activities
8/14/30 Rep. on sail p.1
8/21/30 Candidates ready p.1
8/28/30 Will have a big time p.1
9/4/30 Set for a big night p.1
9/11/30 Dancers make big hit p.1
9/11/30 Big night at GOP club p.1
9/18/30 Light voting at primaries p.1
9/25/30 Meet p.1
10/2/30 Meet p.1
10/9/30 Literacy tests for new voters p.1
10/9/30 Sunrisers visit Patchogue p.1
10/9/30 Meeting p.1
10/16/30 Rep. dinner p.1
10/23/30 Tuttle visits Suffolk p.1
10/23/30 North Side visits Sunrise p.1
10/30/30 Over 200 attend dinner p.1
11/6/30 Meets p.1
11/12/31 About 100 attend GOP meeting p.1
11/13/30 Senator Thompson talks p.1
11/20/30 Sunrisers visit Freeport p.1
11/26/30 Big events coming p.1
12/4/30 Club goes to Freeport p.1
12/4/30 Macy elected chairman p.1
12/11/30 Sunrisers…Freeport trip p.1
12/18/30 Close year with party p.1
12/18/30 Sunrise clubs “On the Air” p.1
12/24/30 Broadcast p.1
12/24/30 Change made by chairman p.1
1/8/31 Mastic night…on air p.1
12/31/30 Sunrise…1st broadcast p.1
1/8/31 Put decision up to Macy p.1
1/8/31 Sunrisers meeting p.1
1/15/31 EM broadcasts well p.1
1/15/31 Chairman Macy busy man p.1
1/22/31 Eastport night p.1
1/29/31 Make plans for fall p.1
1/29/31 Sunrisers broadcast p.1
2/5/31 Assn. of Rep. publishers p.1
2/5/31 Churches broadcast p.1
2/5/31 Big night for Sunrise p.1
2/12/31 Manorville to broadcast p.1
2/12/31 Welcome Patchogue p.1
2/19/31 Large crowd at Sunrise p.1
2/19/31 Manorville to broadcast p.1
2/26/31 Manorville to broadcast p.1
2/26/31 Rep. to meet p.1
2/26/31 Rep. broadcast…WPOE p.1
3/5/31 Brookhaven night on air p.1
3/12/31 Sunrise Hour’s last broadcast p.8
3/12/31 Good speakers p.1
3/26/31 Rep. organize p.1
4/2/31 State chair. Macy here p.1
4/9/31 Chairman Macy visits Sunrise p.1
4/30/31 Sunrise meet p.1
5/7/31 Rep. meeting p.1
5/14/31 Rep. comm. p.4
5/21/31 GOP committee at Patchogue p.1
6/11/31 Club meets p.1
7/9/31* GOP’s meet p.1
7/2/31 Warta for sheriff p.8
8/6/31 Rep. to meet p.1
8/13/31 GOP convention p.1
8/13/31 Address by Macy p.8
8/20/31 Candidates p.1
9/3/31 Rep. convention p.1
9/10/31 Sunrise meeting p.1
9/24/31 Have faith in Macy p.1
9/24/31 Party meeting p.1
9/24/31 Dem. caucus p.1
10/1/31 Schoenfeld in Dem. party p.1
10/1/31 Neville unanimous choice p.1
10/1/31 Big night at Rep. club p.1
10/8/31 Turn out here p.1
10/22/31 Dem. pack schoolhouse p.1
10/22/31 Rep. rally p.1
10/22/31 Rep. rally p.1
10/22/31 Andrew D. Havens chosen p.1
10/22/31 Dem. rallies p.1
10/29/31 Rep. rally p.1
10/29/31 Dems rally p.1
10/29/31 Crowd attends Rep. rally p.1
11/5/31 Rep. business talk p.1
11/5/31 Dems gain p.1
11/5/31 Unusual crowd for Dem. rally p.1
11/5/31 Rally at Mastic p.1
11/26/31 Blue made GOP district leader p.l
12/3/31* GOP plans big times p.1
11/26/31 Dem. form East End club p.1
12/10/31 GOP party p.1
12/17/31 Rep. party p.1
12/17/31 Dem. club adds members p.1
12/24/31 Rep. event p.1
12/24/31 Dems form Brookhaven club p.1
12/31/31 Club elects p.1
1/7/32 Meeting for Sunrise club p.1
1/14/32 Dem. club meets p.1
1/14/32 Dine Judge Furman p.1
1/14/32 McLain to head Sunrise p.1
1/21/32 Dems add 24 members p.1
1/28/32 Install Sunrise officers p.1
2/4/32 Rep. meet p.1
2/11/32 Dem. club meets p.1
2/11/32 Hildreth gives address p.1
2/11/32 Local ’32 club organized p.1
2/18/32 Dem. crowd hall p.1
2/25/32 Hear county judge p.1
3/3/32 Enrollment figures p.1
3/3/32 Big crowd coming p.1
3/10/32 Dems hear Judge Oliver p.1
3/10/32 Delegations visit Sunrise p.1
3/17/32 More in Dem. club p.1
3/31/32 Card party p.1
4/7/32 Crowd out for GOP party p.1
4/7/32 GOP’s visit Patchogue p.1
4/14/32 Dems meet p.1
4/21/32 Election dates set p.1
4/21/32 Sunrise meeting p.1
4/28/32 Two nights for GOP’s p.1
5/5/32 Democrats card party p.1
Political Activities
5/5/32 Sunrise Rep. meet p.1
5/12/32 Dems have fine crowd p.1
5/12/32 Fine speakers p.1
5/19/32 Dems enthusiastic p.1
5/26/32 Opening campaign p.1
6/9/32 Sunrise campaign p.1
6/9/32 Hill announces candidacy p.1
6/16/32 Dems hear speakers p.1
6/23/32 Sunrise Rep. meet p.1
6/30/32 Sunrise Rep. meet p.1
7/7/32 Want Donovan for governor p.7
7/7/32e Battle in Rep. party p.1
7/7/32 Hear benefits of police p.1
7/14/32 Dems back ticket p.1
7/14/32 Sunrise Rep. picnic p.1
7/14/32 Rep. name candidates p.1
7/21/32 Dems meet p.1
7/21/32 Rep. clambake p.1
7/28/32 Meeting for Sunrise rep. p.1
8/4/32 Rep. clam bake p.1
8/11/32 Fine card party p.1
8/11/32 Dem. club meets p.1
8/11/32 Rep. name delegates p.1
8/11/32 Rep. picnic p.1
8/11/32 Rep. campaign p.1
8/11/32 Notables at Rep. club p.1
8/18/32 Cornelius Vanderbilt to run p.1
8/18/32 Radio Rep. campaign p.1
8/18/32 Many at Dem. club p.1
8/18/32 Rep. picnic p.1
8/25/32 Dems moonlight sail p.1
8/25/32 Response good to radio league p.1
8/25/32 Sunrise picnic success p.1
8/25/32 Rep. rally p.1
8/25/32 Think GOP’s will take NY p.1
9/1/32 Big Rep. meeting p.1
9/8/32 Dems big rally p.1
9/8/32 Heat fails to stop Rep. p.1
9/15/32 Sunrise meeting p.1
9/22/32 Reception to Whitneys p.1
9/22/32 Dems rally p.1
9/29/32* Dems don’t agree on judges p.1
9/22/32 Returns to radio league p.5
9/29/32* Rep. to have rallies p.1
10/6/32 GOP’s plan big time p.1
10/6/32 Crowd at Mastic rally p.1
10/6/32 Donovan heads GOP ticket p.1
10/6/32 Dems nominate candidates p.1
10/6/32 Radio league grows p.1
10/6/32 Tammany drops Justice Vunk p.1
10/13/32 Callaghan gives address p.8
10/13/32 Dems plan meeting p.1
10/13/32 GOP’s have fine rally p.1
10/20/32 Dems meet well attended p.1
10/20/32 Nassau District Atty. to speak p.1
10/20/32 Whitney stops here p.1
10/20/32 Last chance to register p.1
10/27/32 Dems plan rallies p.1
10/27/32 Rep. to meet p.1
11/3/32 Davison well suited for job p.1
11/3/32 Dems plan rally p.1
11/3/32 Van Hise praised p.1
11/3/32 Reception for Col. Donovan p.1
11/3/32 Sunrise election p.1
11/16/33 File election expenses p.1
11/16/33 New members…Dem club p.1
11/23/33 Smith faces loss of position p.1
11/30/33 Rep. plan party p.1
11/30/33 Party faithfuls named p.1
12/7/34 Dems gain 5,750 p.1
12/14/33 Rep. party p.1
12/14/33 Dem club to elect p.1
12/21/33 Dem meet p.1
12/21/33 Rep. enjoy party p.1
12/28/33 Smith will head new board p.3
12/28/33 Sezauer not candidate p.1
1/4/34 Mohns head GOP club p.1
1/11/34 Mohns chosen GOP head p.1
1/11/34 Defeated candidate gets reward p.1
1/11/34 Dem. clubs meet p.1
1/18/34 Murdock head Dem. club p1
1/22/31 Freeport installation p.1
2/8/34 GOP names new committees p.1
2/15/34 Organization club to meet p.1
2/15/34 Night of fun for Dems p.1
2/15/34 GOP play cards p.1
2/22/34 Dems have good time p.1
2/22/34 Rep. plan party p.1
3/1/34 Rep. party p.1
3/15/34 GOP’s met p.1
3/15/34 Dance p.1
3/22/34 Patriotic playlet p.1
3/29/34 Rep. plan meeting p.1
4/5/34 Sunrisers debate NRA p.1
4/12/34 Dems dance big success p.1
4/12/34 East End Dems meet p.1
4/12/34 Dem club meeting p.8
4/19/34 Homan addresses Dem club p.1
4/19/34 Dems endorse Buckley p.1
4/26/34 Sunrisers meet p.1
5/3/34 Skinner endorsed by FDR club p.1
5/11/34 Dem. club meets p.1
5/11/34 Dems endorse Vund & Skinner p.1
7/13/34 Moonlight sail p.1
5/18/34* Dem. club formed at MB p.1
5/18/34* East End Dems meet p.1
5/25/34 Dems install officers p.1
6/15/34 Dem. club to meet p.1
6/15/34 Dems to fete Bishop p.1
6/15/34 Dems endorse Vunk-Skinner p.1
6/22/34 Mastic club hears Williamson p.1
6/22/34 Bishop testimonial p.1
6/22/34 Dems moonlight sail p.1
6/29/34 Rep. hear Saxtein p.1
7/6/34 Dems hear Vunk p.6
7/13/34 Rep. meet p.1
7/20/34 Dems outing p.1
7/20/34 Harmony prevails p.1
7/20/34 Dems have clambake p.1
Political Activities
7/20/34 Marran…tax appointment p.1
7/27/34 Brookhaven GOP comm. p.1
7/27/34 Sunrise GOP beach party p.1
7/27/34 Clambake draws thousands p.1
8/10/34 Italian-American Dem. officers p.8
8/10/34 Dem club moonlight gathering p.1
8/24/24* Dems beach party p.8
8/24/34* Rasquin resigns p.1
8/24/34* Leaders agree on Morrell p.1
8/30/34 Robinson pledges time…p.1
9/6/34 Beatty, a full-time senator p.3
9/6/34 Offers $10 for best slogan p.6
9/6/34 Chairman p.1
9/13/34 East End Dems rally p.1
9/13/34 Sunrise disapproves of Biggs p.1
9/20/34 Un-scheduled contest at primary p.1
9/20/34 Dems rally p.1
9/20/34 Beatty addresses Dem. p.1
9/20/34 To pick leader p.1
9/20/34 Glen Cove man wins prize p.1
9/27/34 Dems select new leader p.1
9/27/34 GOP rally p.4
10/4/34 Hail Beatty tax plan p.3
10/4/34 Skinner heads Dems p.1
10/4/34 Francais guest of governor p.6
10/4/34 Youth needed in Albany p.3
10/11/34 GOP hear candidates p.1
10/18/34 Literacy test for new voters p.1
10/18/34 Claims Thompson…retirement p.1
10/18/34 Rep. to rally p.4
10/25/34 Sunrise GOP meet p.4
10/25/34 Pastor endorses candidate p.6
10/25/34 Beatty, the man p.7
10/25/34 Columbia prof. p.1
11/1/34 Changes in county machine p.7
11/1/34 Republicans to rally p.1
11/1/34 Francais censures utilities p.6
11/1/34 Aid to Lehman program p.1
11/1/34 Building trade council endorses p.1
11/8/34 How Brookhaven township voted p.1
11/8/34 Lehman, Dem. ticket elected p.1
11/8/34 Suffolk stays in Rep. fold p.1
Poosepatuck Indian Reservation
10/15/26 Poospatuck Indians p.1
5/29/29 Aunt Martha…95th b’day p.8
5/15/30 Aunt Martha Mayne, last squaw p.1
6/5/30 Annual June meeting p.1
6/18/31 Meeting p.1
6/16/32 June meeting p.1
Port Jefferson, N.Y.
1/2/30 Open Mather Memorial p.1
1/23/30 Gravel dredging…posts land p.1
5/29/30 Dredging case p.1
2/25/32 Sheldon services p.1
Port Jefferson, N.Y. Fire Dept.
1/23/30 Wins spelling match p.1
10/6/32 Westphal wins compensation p.1
Potokin, Michael
2/11/32 Man pays $25 p.1
Potokis, Mike
1/22/31 Is up for Grand Jury p.1
Potter, Hamilton F., N.Y. State Assemblyman
1/28/32 Bill to break deadlock p.1
1/29/31 Solving unemployment problems p.8
Production Credit Assn.
3/29/34 Dairy income gains $16,000,000 p.1
3/29/34 New chance for wheat growers p.1
3/29/34 Federal loans for farmers p.1
See also: NYS “Drink More Milk” Campaign
Public Service Commission
6/8/34 Water pollution threatened p.4
Pulver, Fred B., United States Marshall
9/18/30 Made US Marshall p.1
Queens Motorcycle Club
8/3/34 Plans rough ride p.8
Quogue Businessmen’s Assn.
2/18/32 Want control of bay tide changes p.1
Quogue Council for Roadside Beauty
10/9/30 Form council p.1
Quogue, N.Y.
6/14/28 Build flying field p.1
6/15/34 Game end in free-for-all p.1
R-Own Gang
1/14/32 Party p.1
1/21/32 Holds card party p.1
2/25/32 Holds card party p.1
3/24/32 Holds card party p.1
4/21/32 Gang closes series p.1
9/15/32 Gang plans p.1
10/20/32 Gang postpones p.1
11/3/32 At Riverhead p.1
10/29/31 Active p.1
11/26/31 Food sale p.1
12/17/31 Party p.1
12/24/31 Card party scores p.1
1/6/28 Hear National broadcasting p.1
3/22/28 Give 2 scholarships yearly p.5
3/22/28 Stations: WEAF, WJZ, WPG p.5
4/11/29 Patchogue station p.1
12/26/29 Wireless with Peru p.1
1/8/31 Talk on business outlook p.1
7/2/31 When you’re inside p.3
11/26/31 Long Island leads in radios p.1
1/7/32 Report Lake Placid olympics p.8
8/11/32 Programs p.7
9/1/32 Programs p.7
9/8/32 “How I became a radio star” p.7
9/8/32 Vast voice links in air travel p.8
12/7/33 Balloonists…radiophone p.8
8/10/34 Palmolive theatre fills wide void p.3
8/17/34 Adams praises Barter Lady p.7
8/30/34 Singers…telephone serenade p.7
9/6/34 Cathedral of the underworld p.2
10/18/34 Gives talk on family problems p.7
11/8/34 Red Davis & Family p.7
Radio Controversy
10/8/26 Protest radio interference p.1
10/1/26 Against spark transmitter p.1
12/3/26 Bacon to iron out radio muddle p.1
12/24/26 Wave length to be changed p.1
2/4/27 Radio relief promised p.1
3/4/27 Volga estate wants damages p.1
4/22/27 May end interference p.1
5/6/27 Protests on interference p.1
5/13/27 Answers…radio ass’n p.1
6/10/27 Radio fans reply p.1
7/22/27 Radio outlook promising p.8
7/29/27 Volga claim p.1
8/26/27 Hearing against Marconi co. p.1
10/7/27 Radio men visit p.1
1/13/28 Interference stopped p.1
Radio Corporation of America
3/24/32 Rake’s progress p.1
Rafuse, Kenneth
2/26/31 Rushed to hospital p.1
Raynor, Fred
9/29/32* Hen “hot and bothered” p.1
Raynor, Mr. & Mrs. Burdetter
1/14/32 “Old timer” greeting p.1
Raynor, Walter
7/27/34 Glider flown at Patchogue p.4
Realty Relief Reconstruction
9/22/32 Help on mortgages p.1
Rebekah Lodge
10/21/27 Officers installed p.1
1/20/28 Elects officers p.1
5/17/28 District Deputy here p.1
9/13/28 Entertains at Montauk Point p.1
9/20/28 Program at assembly p.1
10/18/28 Install officers p.1
11/15/28 Has big night p.1
11/15/28 Members dine at Babylon p.1
12/20/28 Odd Fellows & Rebekahs meet p.1
1/3/29 Enjoy big Christmas party p.1
1/17/29 Initiate new Rebekahs p.1
2/28/29 Washington social p.1
3/14/29 Receive applications p.1
3/21/29 Benefit picture p1
5/2/29 Have official visit p.1
6/20/29 Hold last meeting of summer p.1
10/31/29* Officers installed p.1
3/13/30 Card party p.5
4/3/30 Entertains Patchoguers p.1
6/19/30 Officials make visit p.1
7/17/30 Field day p.8
10/2/30 Officers elected p.1
10/30/30 Officers installed p.1
11/20/30 Represented at conf. p.1
12/4/30 Playlet given p.1
1/29/31 Official visit p.1
4/9/31 Silva member…Deputy Pres. p.4
4/30/31 Deputies visit p.1
7/2/31 Officers installed p.5
7/16/31 Have day at lake p.4
7/30/31 Annual day at lake p.1
9/17/31 Silva activities p.1
10/8/31 Busy month p.1
10/8/31 Antiques exhibit p.1
10/15/31 Rebekahs active p.1
10/29/31 Installation p.1
11/19/31 Installation p.1
2/18/32 Party at EM p.1
2/25/32 Meeting p.1
3/10/32 Lodge entertains p.1
4/7/32 Entertain Past Nobles p.1
4/14/32 Meet p.1
9/15/32 Hold card party p.1
9/29/32* Card party p.1
9/29/32* Food sale at Hedges store p.1
10/13/32 Installations p.1
10/20/32 Installs officers p.1
11/3/32 At homecoming p.1
3/22/34 Card party p.1
6/22/34 Card party successful p.1
11/1/34 Installs officers p.1
Redfield, Frances Masury
1/4/34 Masury heiress sues for divorce p.1
Reeve, H. M. & Sons
1/21/27 Ovation on anniversary p.1
9/2/27 Reeve starts west p.1
Religion: A.M.E. Zion Church (Bellport)
4/19/28 Zion churches gather at Bellport p.4
Religion: Bell A.M.E. Zion Church
10/31/00 Schedule p.5
11/25/27 Klansmen meet p.1
1/13/28 Church nearly completed p.1
5/24/28 Hold musical tea p.1
7/26/28 Give Biblical play p.1
7/18/29 Campaign for new church p.1
5/22/30 Helps in clean-up p.1
Religion: Bible School Conference
2/1/34 Convene at Pa. p.1
Religion: Brookfield Church (Manorville)
5/17/28 Give violin recital p.1
Religion: Brooklyn & L.I. Church Society
10/21/27 Church dinner p.1
Religion: Center Moriches, N.Y.
12/24/26 Christmas observances p.1
4/8/27 Services p.1
4/22/27 Services held on Easter p.1
12/23/27 Union services p.1
1/6/28 Union services p.1
4/5/28 Churches plan service p.1
5/17/28 Churches honor Mother’s day p.1
12/28/33 Special Xmas services p.1
Religion: Christian Endeavor Society
10/31/00 Young people’s society p.5
11/11/27 Convention at Patchogue p.1
11/18/27 Convention coming p.1
11/25/27 Convention…success p.1
2/10/28 Meet at Moriches p.1
5/10/28 Organize in this village p.l
5/10/28 Party p.1
5/24/28 At Presbyterian church p.1
5/31/28 To meet at Albany p.1
6/27/29 Picnic at Peconic bay p.1
10/25/28 Meet at Patchogue p.1
7/24/30 Meet p.1
11/6/30 Hold Hallowe’en social p.4
6/8/34 Bennett to speak p.8
10/11/34 Meet at Riverhead p.5
12/4/33 Murdock heads p.1
Religion: Christian Science
5/21/31 At Port Jeff. p.8
6/2/32 Unemployment advances bldg. p.8
Religion: Community Bible Class (Moriches)
4/26/28 Elects p.1
6/14/28 Celebrate year’s work p.1
8/28/30 Large attendance p.1
Religion: East Moriches, N.Y.
10/14/27 Rally day exercises p.1
Religion: Eastport, N.Y.
10/25/28 Church workers p.1
10/25/28 Sunday school convention p.1
11/1/28 Sunday school convention p.1
Religion: Congregational Church (Patchogue)
5/14/31 Father & sons dine p.8
Religion: Long Island Bible Society
10/31/00 Annual meeting p.4
Religion: Long Island Presbytry
11/25/27 Meet at Sag Harbor p.1
12/2/27 Local members to Pt. Jeff. p.1
5/21/31 Holds Riverhead meetings p.1
12/21/33 Klos to head group p.1
Religion: Mastic Beach Mass Guild
7/13/34 Hear mass p.1
8/24/34* Enjoy cards p.8
Religion: Methodist Episcopal (Brookhaven)
1/6/28 Brookhaven minus its pastor p.1
Religion: Methodist Episcopal
10/31/00 Services p.1
9/10/26 Good times at picnic p.1
10/15/26 Sunday school workers meet p.1
12/31/26 Entertainment well attended p.1
1/21/27 Elects Sun. school officers p.1
2/11/27 Want parish house p.1
2/25/27 Holiday program p.1
3/11/27 Comedy in parish house p.1
6/10/27 Epworth League members party p.1
7/1/27 Banquet p.1
7/22/27 Will add to church p.1
8/5/27 Thimble Club holds fair p.1
8/19/27 Children selling “bricks” p.1
10/14/27 Addition approved p.1
10/28/27 Thimble club, $100 at supper p.1
11/4/27 Halloween party p.1
11/4/27 Hold song service p12
12/9/27 Thimble club, $200 at sale p.1
12/9/27 Comedy crowds church p.1
12/16/27 Santa makes visit p.1
12/23/27 Program p.1
12/30/27 Pageant given p.1
1/13/28 Missionary talks on Africa p.1
1/20/28 Society studying future p.1
1/27/28 Elect p.1
2/10/28 Ladies aid luncheon p.1
2/10/28 White elephants p.1
2/10/28 Comedy given at Brookhaven p.1
3/2/28 Union meeting of ladies p.1
3/9/28 Hear mission talk p.1
3/15/28 Children conduct service p.1
3/15/28 Hold Bayport service p.1
3/22/28 Holds St. Patrick’s social p.1
3/29/28 Crowd enjoys chicken p.1
3/29/28 Minstrels p.1
4/12/28 Easter exercises p.1
4/12/28 Pageant presented p.1
5/17/28 Reception p.1
5/24/28 Install League heads p.1
5/31/28 Plan children’s day p.1
4/25/29 Ministers change p.1
5/2/29 Hold reception p.1
6/20/29 Noted speaker, Hon. Howard p.1
10/10/29 Annual dinner p.1
10/18/28 Rally day p.1
1/2/30 Watch Night service p.1
3/13/30 Rally at CM p.1
Religion: Methodist Episcopal
5/1/30 Epworth League play p.5
5/22/30 Vamps will attend in uniform p.1
10/23/30 Send gifts to China p.1
12/4/30 Entertainment Christmas night p.8
12/24/30 White gift Xmas p.1
12/31/30 Has Xmas program p.1
2/12/31 Many enjoy “Family album” p.4
2/12/31 Noted speaker p.1
2/19/31 Songalogue presented p.1
3/12/31 Repeat “Family album” p.1
4/9/31 Give Easter pageant p.1
4/23/31 Welcome pastor back p.1
5/21/31 Junior Leagues rally p.1
5/21/31 Musical program p.1
6/18/31 Fine service p.1
8/13/31 Ladies Aid sales, $200 p.1
11/5/31 Men’s turkey supper p.1
1/7/32 Training school to Center p.1
1/14/32 Sunday school leaders meet p.1
2/25/32 Church school finished p.1
3/24/32 Give turkey supper p.1
4/21/32 Reception…Sabin p.1
7/7/32 Tom Thumb wedding p.1
1/18/34 Thimble Club reelects p.5
1/25/34 Goldsmith heads Ladies Aid p.5
1/25/34 Will give “Oh, Didn’t It Rain” p.1
2/1/34 Oh, didn’t they laugh p.1
2/8/34 Sunday school officers p.1
3/15/34 Hand given luncheon p.1
3/22/34 Thimble club tea p.5
3/29/34 Famous choir p.1
4/5/34 Easter service p.1
4/5/34 Famous choir at church p.1
4/12/34 Houghton choir sensation p.1
5/11/34 Mother’s day p.1
5/18/34* Rev. Sabin returned p.1
5/25/34 Birthday party for Sabin p.1
6/15/34 Children’s day p.8
6/29/34 Picnic p.1
7/6/34 Thimble club party p.1
7/27/34 To Peconic for picnic p.1
9/27/34 Thimble club meeting p.1
10/18/34 Annual election p.5
11/1/34 Negro spirituals heard p.1
Religion: Methodist Episcopal (EM)
10/31/00 Services p.1
9/17/26 Half century of Methodism p.1
12/30/27 Christmas exercises p.1
1/27/28 Judge Furman speaks p.1
2/17/28 Lincoln’s b’day service p.1
4/5/28 Dine at Clearview p.1
4/12/28 Pageant presented p.1
4/19/28 Lowell to Bridgeport p.1
5/3/28 Alpha Kappa society comedy p.1
5/10/28 Elect officers p.1
5/10/28 To decorate church p.1
5/10/28 Reception to Pastor Devers p.1
5/17/28 Give play p.1
5/17/28 Services for Mother p.1
10/18/28 Rally day p.1
3/20/30 Fireman’s hall filled p.5
5/1/30 Alpha Kappa…fine play p.5
12/24/30 Gives program p.1
2/19/31 Alpha Kappa play p.1
2/26/31 Alpha Kappa presents play p.1
3/5/31* Present play p.1
3/26/31 Alpha Kappa repeats play p.1
4/16/31 Hold farewell for Dover p.1
5/21/31 Branch Class entertain p.1
3/22/34 Play a success p.1
4/12/34 “Introducin’ Susan” played p.1
10/18/34 Church has 58th birthday p.5
Religion: Methodist Episcopal Conference
4/19/28 Shifts made in churches p.4
4/7/32 Changes in pastors p.1
Religion: Methodist Men of Long Island
10/27/32 Attend 9th dinner p.1
Religion: Methodist Protestant Ch. (Eastport)
10/31/00 Schedule p.5
2/14/29 Continue meeting p.1
2/21/29 Many at meeting p.1
12/24/30 Enjoy novel exercises p.1
4/30/31 Dedicate parsonage p.1
1/21/32 Last revival services p.1
1/28/32 Meetings close p.1
4/14/32 Bible school coming p.1
4/21/32 Bible school opens p.1
1/7/32 Services p.1
12/21/33 Calvary pastor at Eastport p.1
1/11/34 Evangelist p.1
1/18/34 Revival ends p.1
4/19/34 Bennett to speak p.1
4/26/34 Bible conference p.1
6/15/34 Church has 100th birthday p.4
8/10/34 Annual meeting p.5
11/8/34 Rev. & Mrs. Pepoon feted p.5
Religion: Methodist Protestant Ch. (Moriches)
10/31/00 Services p.1
10/31/00 New church edifice p.5
9/9/27 Holding tent service p.1
9/16/27 Many at services p.1
11/11/27 Reception for pastor p.1
7/5/28 Services p.1
11/15/28 Methodists gather p.1
11/29/28 Rev. Toms welcomed p.1
10/3/29 Toms to remain at Moriches p.1
1/2/30 New hall p.1
10/8/31 Conference p.1
12/24/30 Moriches exercises p.1
11/19/31 Music features services p.1
2/4/32 Enjoy musicale p.1
11/16/33 New pastor p.1
11/30/33 Depression…Lord’s coming p.1
Religion: Methodist Protestant Ch.(Moriches)
1/18/34 Pastor to challenge atheists p.5
2/22/34 Holding hands at services p.1
3/1/34 Services p.1
5/18/34* Won’t have fair p.1
5/25/34 Dollars coming in p.8
6/8/34 Raising funds p.1
7/20/34 Meet every Thurs. p.1
8/24/34* Fifty out to bible class p.4
8/30/34 Riverhead pastor to preach p.1
Religion: Methodist Protestant Ch.(So. Haven)
12/27/28 Church has long history p.1
Religion: Methodist Protestant Conf.
5/13/27 Will provide permanent pastor p.1
Religion: Montauk, N.Y.
1/20/28 Attend church opening p.1
Religion: Moriches Bay Area
4/12/28 Many at union services p.1
12/31/31 Watch Night service p.1
Religion: Patchogue Jewish Center
4/26/34 Sisterhood hold festival p.1
Religion: Presbyterian Church (EM)
10/31/00 Services p.1
8/5/27 Societies take in $180 p.1
12/30/27 Celebrate Christmas p.1
12/24/30 Annual exercises p.1
10/22/31 Hold fine service p.1
3/24/32 Sheldon holding services p.1
4/7/32 Services close p.1
Religion: Presbyterian Church of the Moriches
10/31/00 Services p.1
10/15/26 Sunday school rally day p.1
12/17/26 Corinthians distribute toys p.1
3/18/27 Davis…Kute Kiddie contest p.1
8/5/27 Tells of work in Chinatown p.1
8/6/27 Picnic at beach p.1
9/2/27 Supper take $250 p.1
10/28/27 Guild elects officers p.1
11/11/27 Men’s club formed p.1
12/2/27 Students league…crowd p.1
12/2/27 Speaker on Chinese customs p.1
12/23/27 Entertainment p.1
12/30/27 Church filled p.1
1/27/28 Musical service p.1
1/27/28 Hold party p.1
2/3/28 All day meeting p.1
2/17/28 Ladies aid society meeting p.1
2/24/28 Patriotic party p.1
3/2/28 Guild gives dinner p.1
3/15/28 Social held p.1
4/5/28 Elects officers p.1
4/12/28 Program Easter sunday p.1
4/19/28 Five years…Rev. & Mrs. Crosier p.4
4/26/28 Hold 5th year celebration p.1
5/3/28 To Easthampton p.1
5/17/28 Installation p.1
5/31/28 Give play p.1
5/31/28 Attend in honor of soldiers p.1
7/12/28 Farewell party p.1
2/7/29 Hold successful supper p.1
11/6/30 Over 200 at festivities p.4
12/24/30 Church crowded p.1
12/31/30 Hold annual meeting p.1
1/8/31 Watch New Year in p.1
1/22/31 Church may have social hall p.1
1/29/31 Ladies give shower p.1
2/5/31 Progressing with plans p.1
2/12/31 Illustrated lecture p.1
2/19/31 Valentine party p.1
3/26/31 Plan every member canvass p.1
4/9/31 Church is crowded p.1
4/9/31 Want addition to church p.1
4/16/31 Vote to build addition p.1
5/7/31 Meet here p.1
5/14/31 Missionary day p.1
6/11/31 Children have day p.1
6/18/31 Trustees approve addition p.1
8/13/31 To start work p.1
9/3/31 Observe 100th anniversary p.1
9/10/31 Anniversary plans p.1
9/17/31 Good speakers coming p.1
9/24/31 Church hall nearly completed p.1
9/24/31 Anniversary plans p.1
10/8/31 Anniversary plans p.1
10/29/31 One hundredth anniversary p.1
11/5/31 Anniversary plans p.1
11/12/31 Church set for 3 day events p.1
11/19/31 Celebration a big success p.1
11/19/31 Trip to NY p.1
12/24/31 Senior play at church hall p.1
4/5/34 King of Kings at church p.1
11/3/32 Given toys at theatre p.1
11/16/33* Install pastor p.1
11/23/33 Chichester heads guild p.1
11/23/33 New pastor installed p.1
12/7/33 Guild to try new scheme p.1
12/28/33 Kiddies have good time p.1
1/11/34 Ladies Aid reelects p.1
1/25/34 Penney honored p.1
1/25/34 Crusade boy singers p.1
2/1/34 Crusade singers p.1
2/1/34 Officers installed p.1
2/22/34 Fraternity night p.1
3/8/34 Penney feted p.1
4/5/34 Impressive service p.1
4/12/34 Annual meeting p.1
5/3/34 Men hold supper p.1
5/3/34 Gospel services p.1
5/11/34 Mothers day p.1
6/22/34 Children’s day p.1
8/3/34 Sunday school picnic & sail p.5
9/1/32 Fine picnic p.1
11/1/34 Hallowe’en party p.1
Religion: Presbyterian Conference
2/7/29 Presbyterian, Methodist may unite p.1
Religion: Presbytery of Long Island
9/13/28 Fall meet at Remsenburg p.1
Religion: St. John’s Protestant Episcopal Ch.
8/1/29 Have sale p.1
6/22/34 To re-open p.1
6/29/34 Resumes services p.1
Religion: St. John’s R.C. Church/School
10/31/00 Services p.1
10/31/00 Sunday schools p.1
10/8/26 Father Dolan to leave p.1
12/31/26 School has fine program p.1
2/11/27 Students stand well p.1
4/29/27 Receive large class p.1
5/6/27 Communion To 42 children p.1
5/20/27 Form Blessed Virgin sodality p.1
6/3/27 Members…sodalities p.1
7/22/27 To hold bazaar p.1
8/26/27 Fair p.1
11/18/27 Young ladies sodality p.1
11/25/27 Scanlon inaugurates bus service p.1
12/30/27 Midnight mass p.1
12/30/27 Gives Christmas play p.1
8/16/28 Grounds animated scene p.1
12/6/28 Card party p.1
4/25/29 Sodality to present comedy p.1
6/13/29 To open auditorium p.1
6/20/29 Preparing for party p.1
6/27/29 Holds fine exercises p.1
6/27/29 Open auditorium with party p.1
7/11/29 Large class confirmed p.1
8/8/29 To have bigger event p.1
8/15/29 Hold annual bazaar p.1
8/22/29 Bazaar p.1
8/29/29 Bazaar a success p.1
2/6/30 Ladies card party p.1
2/13/30 Over 200 attend ladies society p.1
4/24/30 Catholic ladies social p.1
5/29/30 Sodality play p.1
6/19/30 Exercises p.1
6/19/30 Present good 2-act comedy p.1
6/26/30 Graduates p.1
7/3/30 Graduation class p.1
7/3/30 Party well rendered p.8
8/21/30 Annual bazaar p.1
8/28/30 Rare exhibition p.1
9/4/30 Bazaar…good crowd p.1
9/11/30 Opens with new record p.1
10/23/30 Displays new signs p.1
11/13/30 Show motion pictures p.1
12/4/30 Crowd…relief benefit p.1
12/11/30 Special pictures p.1
12/18/30 Moving pictures p.1
12/18/30 Holy Name branch est. p.1
12/31/30 Entertainment by Sodality p.1
1/8/31 Benefit card party p.1
1/29/31 Entertainment p.1
2/5/31 Entertainment p.1
3/19/31 Present “King of Kings” p.1
6/11/31 Sodality…”Howling success” p.1
6/18/31 Commencement exercises p.1
6/25/31 Program p.1
6/25/31 Excellent regent’s record p.5
7/2/31 Graduates p.1
8/27/31 Annual bazaar p.1
9/3/31 Runs more nights p.1
9/3/31 Tots dance at bazaar p.1
10/22/31 Sodality…Hallowe’en cabaret p.1
11/12/31 Plan country fair p.1
12/17/31 Holy Name meeting p.1
12/31/31 Successful party p.1
1/14/32 Holy Name meeting p.1
2/25/32 Give splendid program p.1
4/14/32 Holy Name meeting p.1
6/2/32 Dramatic club to give play p.1
6/16/32 Holy Name meeting p.1
6/30/32 Make record at school p.1
7/14/32 Good Regents marks p.1
7/14/32 Impressive rites p.1
7/14/32 Holy Name men meet p.1
8/18/32 Annual bazaar p.1
9/1/32 Bazaar draws crowd p.1
9/8/32 Bazaar closes p.1
9/22/32 Thank Holy Name society p.1
10/20/32 Dramatic club barn dance p.1
11/3/32 Dance a success p.1
11/16/33* Holy Name meeting p.1
11/30/33 Little dancers entertain p.5
12/7/33 Scanlon to attend H.N. meeting p.1
12/24/33 Havens to head Holy Namers p.1
12/21/33 Minstrel p.1
1/4/34 Holy Name show rehearsals p.1
1/11/34 New numbers for minstrel p.1
1/18/34 Emmeluth Holy Name VP p.1
2/1/34 Holy Name for minstrel p.1
2/8/34 Minstrel time p.1
2/15/34 Show runs two nights p.1
2/22/34 Holy Name forms troupe p.1
3/15/34 Gift to Grover Bremmer p.1
3/29/34 Holy Week services p.8
4/5/34 Ford talking picture p.1
4/19/34 Society plans supper p.1
5/18/34 Will hold smoker p.8
6/8/34 Holy Namers smoker p.8
6/29/34 Graduation exercises p.1
8/24/34* Annual event p.1
8/30/34 Repeat bazaar p.1
9/6/34 New principal p.1
9/6/34 Bazaar prize winners p.1
9/13/34 Bazaar financial success p.1
10/4/34 Summit shrine p.1
10/18/34 Society enrolls members p.1
11/1/34 Holy Name entertainment p.1
11/8/34 Holy Name entertainment p.1
Religion: Suffolk County
8/1/29 To make survey of churches p.1
2/15/34 Clergy to hold Retreat p.1
Religion: Suffolk County Evangelistic Assn.
12/12/29 Have meeting p.1
Religion: Suffolk County Sunday School Assn.
10/31/00 Sunday schools p.1
5/13/27 Many delegates to convention p.1
4/11/29 Meet p.1
5/23/29 Convention p.1
11/12/31 Twelve churches at convention p.1
Religion: Westhampton Presbyterian Church
9/10/26 Recital p.1
Religion: Young Men’s Christian Assn.
1/3/29 Boys conference p.1
Remensenburg, N.Y.
5/10/28 Estate sold to physician p.1
12/20/28 Dogs kill poultry p.1
1/17/29 Hilles estate improved p.1
1/31/29 House breakers p.1
2/28/29 Realty active p.1
Remsenburg – Speonk School District
5/3/28 Approve budget p.1
6/7/28 Votes down more land p.1
Retail Druggists Exchange Inc.
12/18/30 CM man helps project p.1
Retail Liquor Stores Assn.
3/8/34 To get charter p.3
Rhodes, William H.
4/4/29 Held for assault p.1
Ridgeway, Mr. & Mrs. James J.
6/18/31 Golden wedding p.1
Riker, Sarah
5/11/34 Aunt Sarah…94th year p.1
Ringhoff, John
5/20/27 Ringhoff wins verdict p.1
Riverhead Civic Club
4/18/29 Old home week p.1
Riverhead Country Fair
9/30/27 Greatest crowd p.1
Riverhead, N.Y.
12/10/26 Griffin house sold p.1
4/22/27 Court House gutted by fire p.1
9/2/27 Hotel cost $50,000 p.1
6/12/30 Plan vegetable auction p11
6/25/31 New pharmacy p.1
7/9/31* Opening of Barnard’s store p.1
1/4/34 New theatre opened p.7
9/22/32 Protest odors p.4
8/3/34 Doesn’t want sewage plant p.7
Rogers, Vernon A.
12/17/31 On technology staff p.8
Rokahr, Mary
9/27/34 Challenge faces women of today p.2
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano, U.S. Pres.
8/30/34 Confidential advisors p.1
11/8/34 Photograph & drawing p.1
Roper, Janet
7/20/34 Roper finds distant seas p.7
Rose, Bart
10/10/29 Drop In cider p.1
Ross, Aunt Lil
12/10/31 Conquers flames p.1
Ross, J. T.
7/22/27 Celebrates birthday p.1
Ross, Lanny
9/8/32 “How I became a radio star” p.7
See also: Radio
Ross, Marvin C.
3/25/27 Carnegie Grant p.1
4/18/29 Wins $2,000 fellowship p.1
10/4/34 Baltimore paper lauds p.1
Ross, Sarah
5/17/28 Oldest resident (age 90) p.1
Ross, Roy
8/30/34 Troopers locate stolen boat p.1
Rowland, Mrs. Alonso
7/18/29 Youngest G’mother (age 36) p.1
Russell, Dolores
6/20/29 Give original party p.1
Safety League for Boys & Girls
11/8/34 Drive for million members p.7
Sag Harbor, N.Y.
11/25/26 Hold up Sag Harbor man p.1
Salvation Army
9/27/28 Committee working p.1
7/3/29 Appeal p.1
Sands, Commander S.R.
4/1/27 Farewell banquet p.1
Sapion, William
11/6/30 Gets 6 mo. p.1
Saratoga County, N.Y.
11/8/34 Bald eagle attacks man p.6
Sayville, N.Y.
8/10/34 Missing Mastic boat found p.8
Sayville, N.Y. Fire Dept.
2/4/32 Fire puts cables out of order p.1
8/3/34 Moonlight sailors…fogbound p.7
Schoenfeld, August D., Jr.
12/31/30 Before Nassau Judge p.1
Schulte, Paul
5/24/28 Surprise… p.1
Seagrave, Col. O. R.
7/9/31* Locate fish with autogyro p.1
Sexauer, F. E.
5/26/32 Fine leather plant p.1
Shelter Island, N.Y.
5/11/34 Suspended, theft of flowers p.1
Shinnecock Canal
9/12/29 Plan Lynn bridge p.1
4/17/30 Improvements, $25,000 p.1
5/22/30 Hail canal improvements p.8
2/8/34 Vessels, 5,116, used canal in 1933 p.1
Shinnecock Yacht Club
9/5/29 Races p.1
Sinnickson, Thomas
10/25/34 Wins roller skates p.1
Smith, Clarence G. T.
9/8/32 Estate valued $791,683 p.1
Smith, Helen J. & William Sidney
10/31/00 Great South Bay division p.4
Smith’s Point
6/20/29 Expect good summer p.1
Smith’s Point Bridge
7/16/31 Plans finished p.1
Smithtown, N.Y.
7/27/34 Shark drags canoe for miles p.1
8/22/29 Refuse dredging rights p.1
8/3/34 Relief fraud charged p.3
8/30/34 Horse show p.7
South Haven School District
3/15/28 Dedicate new school house p.1
1/2/30 Play has fine attendance p.1
12/31/31 Santa visits p.1
South Manorville School District
11/29/28 Opening p.1
South Shore Yacht Club
7/14/32 Annual cruise p.1
South Side Teacher’s Assn.
10/31/00 Convention p.5
Southampton Hospital
8/19/27 More contributions p.1
Southampton, N.Y.
6/27/29 Bridge to beach drive p.1
8/22/29 Jewel robbery p.1
11/12/31 New theatre a marvel p.6
11/19/31 New playhouse opens p.1
11/26/31 Glynn’s theatre on RKO circuit p.1
2/1/34 Bars outsiders from fishing p.1
8/3/34 Open amateur race season p.2
Southern New York Firemen’s Assn.
12/11/30 Bughouse vamps fete p.1
Southside Garden Club
6/20/29 Flower show p.1
9/19/29 Have flower show p.1
Sowiak, William
6/9/32 Man dies in mixer p.1
Spanish War Veteran’s Camp
10/8/26 English heads camp p.1
Speonk, N.Y.
11/8/28 Big fire p.1
12/6/28 House ransacked p.1
12/20/28 Has foot amputated p.1
1/17/29 House breakers p.1
1/17/29 Cold weather forecast p.1
3/14/29 Hospital…saved p.1
10/4/28 Robberies upset quiet p.1
8/29/29 Fine race p.1
6/12/30 Hold-up artists foiled p.1
7/24/30 Fierce fire at duck farm p.1
4/14/32 Home razed by fire p.1
Sperry, Elmer A.
2/6/30 Gets another medal p.1
2/20/30 Has sketch in Eagle magazine p.1
Sperry, Mr. & Mrs. Elmer A.
9/18/30 Hold memorial to the Sperrys p.1
Steffens, Emil
9/8/32 Old-timer lost at inlet p.1
9/15/32 Charles Steffens…CG negligent p.1
9/15/31 Find body of drowned man p.1
9/22/32 High honors for Steffens p.1
Steinhilber, Doris
5/25/35 Young love conquers all p.1
Stony Brook Business & Improvement Assn.
1/28/32 Rescinds vote p.1
Stony Brook School District
5/11/34 Board charges & countercharges p.1
Stype, Helen
10/17/29 Record duck picking p.1
Suffolk County
10/31/00 New Manorville road p.1
10/31/00 Official directory p.1
10/31/00 Our county almshouse p.1
10/31/00 Great South Bay division p.4
10/31/00 Sidepaths p.8
10/15/26 County…243rd anniv. p.1
1/7/27 Damage by dogs p.1
1/14/27 Counterfeiters visit p.1
1/21/27 Assessors…new law p.1
1/28/27 Receipts increased p.1
2/4/27 Make Suffolk separate district p.1
3/4/27 Court House plans p.1
3/18/27 Increase for Judges p.1
3/25/27 Office at Patchogue p.1
4/1/27 Runners caught by police p.1
4/22/27 Meet with assessors p.1
5/18/27* Refuse aid in work relief p.1
5/20/27 Motorcycle officer…summons p.1
5/20/27 Agricultural org. to Farmingdale p.1
5/27/27 Traffic cops issue “tickets” p.1
5/27/27 County’s 1st park p.1
7/29/27 Big day for farmers p.1
8/19/27 Delay in court house work p.1
8/26/27 Dredge creek p.9
9/30/27 Exterminate mosquitoes p.1
9/30/27 Bids for court house p.1
10/7/27 Reject bids p.1
10/14/27 Register new voters p.1
10/28/27 Voters exams p.1
10/28/27 Many attend meetings p.1
11/4/27 Work on court house p.1
12/2/27 Rules proven success p.1
12/9/27 Normal school for LI p.1
1/6/28 Realty active p.1
1/13/28 More than $2 mil. added p.1
1/13/28 Real estate active p.1
1/20/28 Cost of court house going up p.1
1/20/28 Prosecute drivers p.1
2/3/28 Need more protection here p.1
2/3/28 Farm realty at record prices p.1
2/3/28 Threaten Fish & Game law p.1
2/10/28 Civic org. form assn. p.1
2/17/28 High school track meet p.1
2/24/28 Warns against auto memberships p.1
2/24/28 Bonds bring premium p.1
3/2/28 Get 10 troopers p.1
3/2/28 Release quail p.1
3/2/28 Seeking information p,1
3/9/28 Swezey & Newins to open stores p.1
3/15/28 Sheriff’s salary bill p.1
4/19/28 Outbreak of store thefts p.1
5/3/28 Song festival p.1
5/24/28 Grade schools field day p.1
6/7/28 Festival postponed by sickness p.1
10/11/28 Board meets p.1
10/18/28 Danger in Suffolk Co. p.1
11/1/28 Duck growers…higher prices p.1
11/22/28 Cross country run p.1
12/13/28 Athletic programs announced p.1
12/27/28 Much road construction p.1
1/10/29 Large sum for welfare work p.1
1/10/29 Taylor makes appointments p.1
1/17/29 Bills p.1
1/17/29 Telephone growth p.8
1/31/29 Introduces mosquito bill p.1
2/21/29 May clean up tax sale lots p.1
3/14/29 Blazing fires p.1
3/14/29 Office improvements, $188,000 p.1
3/21/29 Jurors…increase in pay p.1
3/28/29 Catch stink bombers p.1
3/28/29 Commission proposed p.1
3/28/29 Fire wardens meet p.1
3/28/29 Tax law approved p.1
4/4/29 Potato planting p.1
4/4/29 Price named p.1
4/4/29 Plan better ferry service p.1
4/11/29 Open court house p.1
4/18/29 Acquit stink bombers p.1
4/25/29 Must borrow money p.1
5/2/29 Clerk appointed p.1
5/2/29 Accept court house p.1
5/16/29 County health better p.1
5/16/29 May dredge bays channel p.1
5/29/29 Advises against law p.1
5/29/29 Land is under assessed p.1
6/13/29 Gets $12,375 health aid p.1
7/18/29 Water shortage p.1
8/1/29 Too many gas stations p.8
8/8/29 Manages county farm p.1
8/15/29 Thieves rob stations p.1
8/22/29 Game increasing p.1
8/29/29 Roads in good shape p.1
9/5/29 Scholarships given p.1
9/12/29 Capture gang p.1
9/19/29 Many forest fires p.8
9/19/29 Hold tax sale p.1
9/19/29 Second in NY health dept. p.1
2/26/29 Much danger of fires p.1
9/26/29 Rob bread truckman p.1
10/17/29 Gets $55,000 gas tax p.1
10/11/28 Ross pres. of Health board
Suffolk County
11/7/29 Realty makes gains p.1
11/14/29 Hawkins is probable head p.1
11/21/29 Planning board p.1
11/27/29 Lower tax rates p.1
12/12/29 Several indicted p.1
12/26/29 Blue’s plans p.1
1/2/30 Change Blue’s office p.1
1/9/30 Car sold at big bargain p.1
1/30/30 Will have health deputies p.1
2/6/30 Able to vote, 42,934 p.1
2/27/30 Trial jurors drawn p.1
3/6/30 Appoint Lawson auditor p.1
3/6/30 Appoint an attorney p.1
3/6/30 Lost state revenue in past p.1
3/13/30 Draw extra for Supreme court p.1
3/20/30 Jurors drawn p.1
4/3/30 Plans aerial map p.1
4/24/30 Appoint Mrs. Lawson p.1
4/24/30 Strike snag in office change p.1
4/24/30 For air map p.1
5/1/30 Jurors for court p.8
5/1/30 Behind in tax collection p.1
5/1/30 Vote to improve offices p.1
5/8/30 Jurors get $2 raise p.1
5/22/30 Employees using cars p.1
5/22/30 Remodel clerk’s office p.8
7/3/30 Gains in tax money p.1
7/3/30 Shows increased value p.1
7/10/30 Gains in population p.1
7/10/30 Much road building p.1
7/24/30 Survey shows better highways p.8
7/31/30 Approve road bonds p.1
8/14/30 Treasury well conducted p.1
9/25/30 Bond issue, $5,000,000 p.1
10/2/30 Troopers patrol farms p.1
10/9/30 Officers on duty p.1
10/16/30 Several on jury p.1
10/23/30 Budget $2,035,211 p.1
10/30/30 Registration decreases p.1
10/30/30 Absentees ballots granted p.1
11/6/30 Budget set p.1
1/8/31 Children’s welfare, $128,022 p.4
11/20/30 Report on expenses p.1
12/4/30 Brookhaven 3rd in taxes raised p.1
12/31/30 Decline pay raise p.1
1/8/31 Nine positions abolished p.1
1/15/31 Sees good year ahead p.1
1/22/31 Pick men for fire wardens p.1
3/5/31* Consider program p.1
3/12/31 Interest in improving co. p.1
3/19/31 County is awakening p.1
3/26/31 Bond issue to benefit p.1
3/26/31 Endorsements p.1
3/26/31 Oppose extention of villages p.1
4/2/31 Bond issue p.1
5/14/31 Urge equality in assessing p.1
5/14/31 County is crime free p.1
5/14/31 Judgeship p.5
5/28/31 Not deterred by suit p.1
6/11/31 Bond trial p.1
7/2/31 Realty deal in Shelter Is. p.3
7/2/31 Tax payments ahead p.1
7/30/31 Bond hearing p.1
8/6/31 Bond delay costly p.1
8/6/31 Summer court p.1
8/13/31 Bids on bridges p.1
8/27/31 Beach changes p.1
9/10/31 Aiding on unemployment p.8
9/10/31 Investigation of co. p.8
10/1/31 Gains 20 million p.1
10/29/31 Register unemployed p.1
11/5/31 Budget increases p.1
1/7/32 Fail to name chairman p.1
1/7/32 New officials p.1
1/7/32 Reports jail condition p.1
1/7/32 Hawkins heads assessors p.1
1/7/32 Will fight bond issue p.1
1/14/32 Continue deadlock p.1
1/21/32 Third session…no choice p.1
1/28/32 Four meetings…no chairman p.1
1/28/32 Tax records broken p.1
2/4/32 Select temp. chairman p.1
3/3/32 In 3rd month…no chairman p.1
3/10/32 Bill introduced p.1
3/17/32 Suspended agents out p.1
3/17/32 Automatic lights for blvd. p.1
3/31/32 Board at deadlock game p.1
4/7/32 No action taken p.1
4/14/32 Homan chairman p.1
4/14/32 Spud growers, $35,000 an acre p.2
4/21/32 Talks on bond issue p.1
5/5/32 Bond issue approved p.1
5/12/32 Cars for sheriff’s force p.1
7/7/32 Sheriff asks mileage cut p.1
8/4/32 Bond decision expected p.1
8/11/32 Sunrise “benefits” confusion p.1
8/18/32 One million for highways p.1
9/8/32 Refutes charges of corruption p.1
9/9/32 Rebinding…cost $87,634 p.1
9/15/32 Shiebler outlines plan p.1
9/29/32* In Warta’s favor p.1
9/22/32 Shiebler reports on costs p.4
9/22/32 Tax sale postponed p.4
9/22/32 Warta work frustrated p.1
10/13/32 Voters opposed to police p.1
10/27/32 County budget high p.1
10/27/32 Over 19,000 acres tax-exempt p.4
11/3/32 Vote on budget p.1
7/7/32 Oppose water bill p.4
11/16/33 Properties sold for taxes p.1
11/16/33 For hour’s work, $25 p.8
11/30/33 Push mosquito fight p.1
11/30/33 County mortgages taxes p.1
11/30/33 Van Hise denied aid p.1
11/30/33 Taxpayers to pay judgement p.1
11/30/33 Seek tax penalty cut p.1
11/30/33 Votes cast…70,585 p.2
12/7/33 Many local people on jury p.1
12/21/33 Banks to increase capital p.1
Suffolk County
12/21/33 CWA & PWA of the NRA p.4
12/28/33 Creates new $1,800 job p.1
12/28/33 Johnson charges trickery p.8
1/4/34 Cost $6,226 for probation p.5
1/4/34 Smith heads supervisors p.8
1/4/34 Claude C. Neville, Supervisor p.1
1/25/34 Taxes on dogs $36,037 p.1
2/1/34 Voted…$100,000 p.1
2/8/34 Gets $235,255 from autos p.6
2/8/34 New bill to split tax payment p.1
3/8/34 Two courts opened p.1
3/22/34 Employees evaded wage cut pact p.1
4/12/34 For Potter bill p.1
5/3/34 County jail no residence p.1
5/25/34 Buyer complained of p.1
6/1/34 Warta evicted p.1
6/8/34 Warta defies Board p.1
6/15/34 Drop indictments in duck rackets p.1
6/29/34 Name 2 new Boards p.1
7/6/34 Relief…furnish mosquito workers p.6
7/13/34 Uncollected taxes…$1,867,671 p.1
7/20/34 Confer with water board p.1
7/27/34 Park at PonQuogue lighthouse p.2
8/3/34 Liquor tax nets…$148,112 p.1
8/3/34 Refuse increase for investigators p.1
8/3/34 Grand jury indicts 35 persons p.1
8/17/34 Set date for county reform p.1
8/30/34 Budget kept down p.5
8/30/34 Ask U.S. to buy Suffolk potatoes p.1
9/13/34 Favor exec. head for co. govt. p.7
9/27/34 Has $250,000 in Relief Bonds p.7
10/11/34 Economic council p.1
10/11/34 Grand jury…31 indictments p.2
10/18/34 To cut sheriff’s budget p.1
10/25/34 Cut in budget p.1
10/25/34 Budget items debated p.1
11/1/34 Value of $297,741,194 adopted p.1
11/1/34 Budget adopted, tax rate lower p.1
Suffolk Co. Agricultural Society Fair
9/6/28 Fair soon p.1
9/13/28 Fair opens p.1
9/20/28 Jardine gives address p.1
2/20/28 Southside grange wins 2nd prize p.1
9/27/28 Most successful fair p.1
2/7/29 County fair a week later p.1
4/25/29 Fair gets allotment p.1
9/12/29 Fair to be biggest ever p.1
9/26/29 Fair is larger than ever p.1
1/30/30 Be agricultural for 50 years p.1
7/24/30 County fair p.1
9/11/30 All ready p.1
8/20/31 Getting ready for fair p.1
9/10/31 To see real baseball p.1
6/2/32 Appeals for aid p.1
8/11/32 Fair…five Days p.1
9/9/32 Added features p.1
9/15/32 Ball games p.1
9/15/32 Archery innovation p.1
10/6/32 Fair…success p.1
7/27/34 Ash can derby p.2
8/24/34* Auto polo p.3
8/30/34 One attraction p.2
9/6/34 Roll-over auto to perform p.3
9/6/34 Horse show feature p.1
9/6/34 To open p.1
9/6/34 Boast a “fairway” p.1
9/6/34 Daily programs p.1
9/27/34 Exhibit at co. fair p.3
11/1/34 Board is given $8,000 p.1
8/10/34 Thrills galore p.7
8/24/34* Fair…82nd annual p.3
Suffolk Co. Alcoholic Beverage Control Board
11/16/33* Liquor board busy p.1
2/8/34 Liquor stores open until 10 p.1
7/13/34 Liquor board to move p.1
9/13/34 Board now in Riverhead p.1
10/18/34 Notice to license holders p.7
Suffolk Co. Almshouse at Yaphank
4/17/30 Give good reports p.1
5/8/30 Plan changes p.1
12/24/30 Patchogue men are suggested p.1
1/22/31 In good condition p.1
2/19/31 To paint almshouse p.1
2/19/31 Will have registered nurse p.1
Suffolk Co. Bar Assn.
5/23/29 Discusses courthouse changes p.1
Suffolk Co. Basketball League
2/24/28 Decide date for games p.1
Suffolk Co. Board of Health
7/10/30 Attention to smallpox p.8
Suffolk Co. Board of Welfare
7/9/31* Welfare board…$7,000 p.4
Suffolk Co. Celebration Committee
2/8/34 Hear final reports p.6
Suffolk Co. Child Welfare Board
12/5/29 Caring for 140 children p.1
Suffolk Co. Dept. of Elections
3/22/34 Creighton gets $2,200 post p.1
Suffolk Co. Duck Grower’s Assn.
12/27/28 Duck growers form new body p.1
1/3/29 May build feather factory p.1
Suffolk Co. Economic Council
10/25/34 Council lauds Olsen’s stand p.7
Suffolk Co. Emergency Relief Comm.
12/10/31 Big sum ready for unemployed p.1
4/21/32 More relief needed p.1
5/12/32 Receives $303,542 relief aid p.1
Suffolk Co. Emergency Relief Comm.
6/23/32 Approve work plans p.1
10/6/32 Many families receive relief p.1
11/8/34 Officials view relief projects p.7
Suffolk Co. Evangelistic Assn.
8/28/30 Hear Australian preacher p.1
Suffolk Co. Farm Bureau
2/17/28 Poultrymen to meet p.1
3/2/28 Poultrymen at EM p.1
6/6/29 Local poultrymen aided p.1
11/1/28 Holds fertilizer meetings p.1
4/30/31 Potato growers speaker p.8
7/2/31 Annual potato tour p.6
7/9/31* Meeting p.1
11/5/31 Poultry raisers to have lecture p.1
4/28/32 Hurd to address chicken men p.1
9/1/32 Potato prices low p.1
9/1/32 Nurseryman’s school innovation p.8
9/15/32 Spud Growers unite on prices p.4
10/6/32 Poultrymen auction p.1
1/18/34 Farmers form credit assn. p.8
Suffolk Co. Field & Track Meet
5/29/29 Track champs to meet p.1
Suffolk Co. Fire Insurance Corporation
2/17/28 Organize Fire Insurance co. p.1
7/5/28 Fire company holds election p.1
10/18/28 Insurance company authorized p.1
Suffolk Co. Fire Dept.
3/13/30 Fire wardens meet p.1
11/26/30 Meet state fire rangers p.1
12/11/30 Heads confer p.1
Suffolk Co. Highway Dept.
3/7/29 Highway heads gather p.1
3/28/29 Road widening p.1
1/8/31 Roads bring protests p.1
3/12/31 Make awards for road damages p.1
5/7/31 Highway rights cost $100,000 p.1
1/5/31 New cross – co. road completed p.1
12/31/31 Approve projects p.1
1/4/34 Costs $97,944 more p.5
4/12/34 Attempt to discredit Davis p22
6/8/34 Bishop supt. p.1
Suffolk Co. Historical Society
8/20/31 Welcomes public p.1
Suffolk Co. Home Bureau
10/11/28 Mothers to have course p.1
Suffolk Co. Interscholastic League
5/20/27 Meet at Riverhead p.1
Suffolk Co. Master Shoe Rebuilders Assn.
1/25/34 Form county group p.7
Suffolk Co. Medical Society
5/9/29 To wage campaign p.1
8/27/31 Paralysis cases are few p.5
Suffolk Co. Mosquito Extermination Comm.
11/26/31 Plan mosquito elimination p.1
4/5/34 Bill before Assembly p.1
7/13/34 Ross to mosquito comm. p.3
8/3/34 Conducts experiment p.8
8/10/34 Inspects mosquito work p.2
8/17/34 Note to editors p.1
9/27/34 Quotes health laws p.7
10/4/34 Owners properties to enter p.3
10/11/34 To give talk p.5
10/18/34 Many see mosquito movies p.1
10/18/34 Property owners hamper work p.7
11/1/34 Mosquito control p.7
11/8/34 Mosquito control p.6
Suffolk Co. Public Health Nursing Assn.
2/13/30 Meets p.1
3/13/30 Meets p.1
Suffolk Co. Radio Protective League
10/1/26 Against spark transmitter p.1
See also: Radio Controvery
Suffolk Co. Relief Committee
2/6/30 Appoint new deputies p.1
11/20/30 Support relief plans p.1
Suffolk Co. Sunday School Assn.
5/3/28 To have meeting p.1
5/10/28 Get together p.1
5/21/31 Annual convention p.4
2/22/34 District training course p.1
Suffolk Co. Supervisory Dist. Sch. Conf.
10/2/30 Many from Moriches at conf. p.8
Suffolk Co. Supreme Court
3/14/29 Pick grand jurors p.1
5/29/29 Lectures…exempting juryman p.1
10/24/29* Many escape indictments p.1
3/10/32 Dismiss all cases not ready p.1
Suffolk Co. Supreme Court for Naturalization
7/13/34 Welcomes 103 new citizens p.1
Suffolk Co. Tax Lands Sales Corporation
11/1/34 Board approves Johnson plan p.1
Suffolk Co. Taxpayer’s Assn.
8/11/32 Wants salaries cut p.1
Suffolk Co. Teacher’s Assn.
10/4/28 Teacher’s convention p.1
10/4/28 Gather in new Eastport school p.1
Suffolk Co. Tennis Assn.
2/1/34 Organize p.3
8/10/34 Championships p.3
Suffolk Co. Tuberculosis & Public Health Assn.
10/28/27 Seal activities p.1
7/16/31 Provides public health nurse p.5
10/13/32 Bond issue for relief p.1
10/27/32 Stamps soon p.4
11/30/33 Christmas seal p3.
10/11/34 Quarterly meeting p.5
Suffolk Co. Tuberculosis Sanitarium
8/7/30 Need care for TB’s p.1
12/26/29 Holtsville…entertainment p.1
11/13/30 Buildings fit for pig sty p.1
12/4/30 Will improve sanitarium p.1
Suffolk Co. Volunteer Firemen’s Assn.
5/3/28 Meets p.1
8/30/28 Gather p.1
3/28/29 Vamps to banquet p.1
8/15/29 Big time coming p.1
2/20/30 Third dinner p.1
5/29/30 All set for tournament p.1
7/31/30 Tourney p.5
8/7/30 Tourney at Northport p.1
8/21/30 Tourney opens p.1
8/28/30 Two thousand in parade p.1
10/16/30 Met p.1
7/9/31* Go to Southold p.1
8/6/31 Center vamps enter tourney p.1
10/8/31 Vamps get fined p.1
5/19/32 Vamps at tourney p.1
8/11/32 Vamps enter meet p.1
8/25/32 Leave for tournament p.1
9/1/32 Tourney held p.1
10/27/32 Firemen meet p.1
7/13/34 Entries filed for tourney p.1
Suffolk Flyers, Inc.
3/14/29 Organized p.1
3/28/29 Woman flyer at Patchogue p.1
4/4/29 Many flights at Patchogue p.1
5/29/29 Patchogue Flyers buy 1st plane p.8
Suffolk Hotel Men & Restauranteur’s Assn.
3/22/34 To hold 1st dinner p.1
Suffolk Mills, Inc.
12/27/28 Meeting p.1
1/16/30 All directors re-elected p.5
Suffolk Society of the Arts
3/3/32 Have musicale p.1
Sukerman, Leon
8/18/32 On trial p.1
Sunrise Firemen’s Protective Assn.
4/15/27 Insurance rates investigated p.1
4/22/27 Rate committee meets p.1
5/6/27 Practicing…tourney p.1
5/6/27 Meet at Quogue p.1
6/3/27 Center Moriches wins cup p.1
7/29/27 Ladies feted at the Clearview p.1
5/3/28 Center Moriches wins 5 cups p.1
7/12/28 Meet p.1
11/29/28 Dine p.1
4/11/29 Plan tournament p.1
4/18/29 Plan tournament p.1
7/3/29 Vamps meet p.1
7/11/29 Vamps meet p.1
11/21/29 Meeting p.1
11/27/29 Hold party p.5
1/15/31 Tourney p.1
1/16/30 Plan several affairs p.1
4/10/30 Meet p.1
4/10/30 Will have tournament at Center p.1
4/17/30 Vamps busy p.1
5/1/30 Preparing for tournament p.1
5/15/30 Camp Fire Girls join parade p.1
5/22/30 Tournament at Red Ridge p.1
5/29/30 Largest display of prize cups p.1
6/5/30 Big crowd for contest p.1
7/10/30 Meeting p.8
4/16/31 Vamps getting ready p.1
5/7/31 Tourney p.1
7/9/31* Duck dinner enjoyed p.1
2/11/32 Vamps hold party p.1
4/14/32 Vamps heads meet p.1
4/14/32 Vamps tournament p.1
6/2/32 Quogue firemen carry honors p.1
7/7/32 Vamps meet p.1
10/6/32 Vamps meet p.1
3/29/34 Name comm. for 46th tourney p.1
6/1/34 Firemen win cups p.1
7/6/34 Outing p.1
7/27/34 Have clambake p.1
Swan Island, N.Y.
1/31/29 Island for shooting p.1
Syosset School District
8/3/34 Church becomes principal p.5
Syracuse University
5/1/30 Airplanes menace p.1
Tangier Smith Property
2/18/27 Interest revived in Tangier park p.1
3/25/27 Sale again postponed p.1
4/15/27 Tangier property sold p.1
Tank, Joseph
3/20/30 Owner of garage arrested p.1
Temporary Emergency Relief Administration
3/15/34 Millions to 2,500,000 persons p.2
See also: N.Y.State Emergency Relief
Terry. Capt. Phil
10/31/00 The crabbing industry p.5
Terry, Charles
10/17/29 Secretary to Roosevelt p.1
Terry, Colonel
7/9/31* Tries to make inlet years ago p.1
Terry, M.B.
7/16/31 Burglars get car from garage p.1
7/23/31 Stolen car found p.1
Thayer, Warren T., United States Senator
3/3/32 License boat operators p.1
Thomas, Norman
3/22/34 Urges aid for schools p.1
Thompson, George L., New York State Senator
1/16/30 Introduces bills p.1
4/3/30 Would abolish town trustees p.1
2/19/31 Bill to improve canal p.1
2/19/31 Normal bill up again p.1
2/8/34 Ill at Albany p.1
Tilburne, Rev. Edward O.
4/25/29 Interesting history p.1
Tollefsen, Mr. & Mrs. Carl
8/22/29 Tollefsen trio to broadcast p.1
9/26/29 Have party of Scandinavians p.8
10/2/30 Summer res. broadcast concert p.8
6/11/31 To give musicale p.1
6/18/31 Have excellent music p.1
Toms, Virgil
2/11/32 Man gets honor p.1
Traveler’s Aid Society
7/7/32 Welfare organiation p.8
Tuchahoe, N.Y.
2/8/34 Conducts trial by phone p.6
Tuthill, Frank
8/11/32 “Doc” and roll disappears p.1
9/1/32 Find clues in Tuthill nurder p.1
Tuthill, W. B.
3/2/28 Contrast shown by old diary p.1
Tuttle, Alva
8/14/30 Injured in gas explosion p.1
Tuttle, Charles H.
10/30/30 Make 3 appearances p.1
Tuttle, Mrs. Preston
1/8/31 Unusual card party p.1
Twaddle, Henry J., Jr.
9/12/29 Lad overturns in sloop p.1
Twining, Dr. Lewis A.
11/21/29 Trial…favor of Kingston p.1
United Civic Bodies of Suffolk County
3/9/28 Civics unite p.1
8/2/28 Meet p.1
8/9/28 Hear talk of zoning p.1
1/17/29 Act on zoning plan p.1
1/31/29 Attend meet p.1
United States Army
3/1/34 Air mail p.2
U.S. Army Air Corps
4/9/31 Air meet p.4
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
4/23/31 Waterway tour p.1
4/30/31 Officials see inlet p.1
8/4/32 Survey of inlet p.1
2/1/34 Industry needed for so. shore p.7
10/11/34 Survey at Sag Harbor p.7
U.S. Board of Harbor Engineers
3/27/30 Approve channel, Fishers Island p.1
U.S. Census Bureau
2/20/30 Suffolk…350 enumerators p.1
2/27/30 Distribution…on census p.1
3/13/30 Start counting people p.8
3/20/30 Business census answer demand p.1
3/27/30 Make complaint of impostors p.1
4/10/30 Task of enumerating Indians p.1
1/2/30 Count Uncle Sam’s family p.1
3/27/30 Will ask about job p.8
U.S. Civil Works Administration
12/14/33 Work Relief at low ebb p.1
U.S. Coast Guard
2/11/27 Search for drowned CG men p.1
10/4/28 Forge River men rescue cow p.1
8/29/29 Rescued p.1
9/26/29 Holds banquet p.8
1/23/30 Ask pensions p.1
2/20/30 Blue…investigate shooting p.1
2/27/30 Patrol boats on north shore p.1
7/31/30 Coast Guard 9 bows p.4
7/31/30 Capture rum runner p.1
9/4/30 Capture rum laden ship p.1
1/22/31 Cuttters have talk links p.6
5/7/31 Coast Guard burned p.1
5/14/31 Berry taken to SI p.5
8/20/31 Lighthouse replaced p.1
9/10/31 Miller’s action saves lad p.1
11/5/31 Lessons for pilots p.1
U.S. Coast Guard
12/3/31* Coast Guards watch game p.1
9/15/32 Coast Guard make 35 rescues p.1
9/29/32* Witnesses praise work p.1
6/8/34 To mark inlet wreck p.1
6/22/34 Inspects wreck p.1
6/29/34 Local folks attends meet p.1
12/14/33 Hunters caught in storm p.1
U.S. Constitution. 18th Amendment
12/7/33 Just another day p.1
U.S. Interior…Office of Indian Affairs
7/3/30 Are full-blood Indians vanished? p.1
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
12/28/33 Guards forest, phone networks p.8
U.S. Economy
3/9/28 Hard times refuted p.1
12/26/29 What will the new year bring? p.1
2/6/30 Expect building boom p.1
4/23/31 Prosperity? Sure! p.1
9/24/31 Route old man depression p.1
12/18/30 Businesses see better conditions p.1
2/18/32 War on depression p.1
3/3/32 “Battle Orders” to Am. Legion p.1
3/3/32 War…rout depression p.1
8/4/32 Rentals indicates up-turn p.1
9/22/32 Employment increase p11
12/21/33 Economic highlights p.1
1/11/34 Economic highlights p.8
U.S. Federal Trade Commission
5/21/31 Small and big potatoes p.3
U.S. Marine Corps
8/3/34 Still recruiting p.3
U.S. Mobilization for Human Needs
9/20/34 Agencies unite p.7
U.S. Navy
3/13/30 Naval powers make progress p.8
1/15/31 Atlantic fleet to LI p.1
2/5/31 Plan sports for visitors p.1
6/25/31 Fleet coming to Montauk p.1
7/2/31 Los Angeles to Ft. Pond bay p.1
7/16/31 Many inspect ship at Montauk p.4
7/16/31 Committee to receive fleet p.1
7/23/31 Many expected at Montauk p.1
7/23/31 Welcome fleet p.1
7/30/31 Big plans for fleet p.1
8/6/31 Baseball teams…with Navy p.1
8/6/31 Visit of Atlantic fleet p.1
8/13/31 Program to entertain sailors p.1
8/13/31 Fleet has various activities p.1
8/20/31 Navy boys enjoy visit to Center p.1
9/10/31 Band to fair grounds p.1
7//13/34 A million visitors p.7
U.S. Postal Service
10/31/00 Good Ground to Bayhampton p.4
10/31/00 Post offices p.5
3/4/27 Examinations coming p.1
9/9/27 Robber caught p.1
5/10/28 Air mail week p.1
6/7/28 East Moriches mail damaged p.1
8/9/28 Service to France p.1
10/25/28 Eastport PO moved westward p.1
3/14/29 Postmasters appointed p.1
3/21/29 Postmaster resigns at EM p.1
6/20/29 Additional service p.1
12/5/29 Asks for cooperation p.1
4/24/30 Postal receipts increased p.1
5/8/30 Mail for Mother’s day p.1
7/17/30 Mastic Beach has PO p.1
7/17/30 New equipment in EM p.1
12/4/30 Dates for Christmas mail p.1
12/18/30 Will make 2nd class? p.1
12/31/30 Center Moriches to 2nd class p.1
3/5/30* More post offices p.1
5/7/31 New electric clock in PO p.1
5/14/31 Post office 2nd class p.1
5/21/31 Examinations…Mastic PO p.1
6//25/31 Becomes 2nd class p.1
7/23/31 Not to close on Sat. p.1
9/3/31 Change postal rates p.1
12/10/31 Mail packages p.1
12/31/31 Washington’s birth stamp p.1
1/28/32 East Moriches moving day p.1
3/17/32 McLain re-appointment p.4
6/16/32 East Moriches moving p.1
6/23/32 Postage increases p.1
11/16/33 New buildings p.1
11/23/33 Tower takes over EM p.1
1/25/34 Tooker gets PO appointment p.1
2/1/34 Hawkins gets postal job p.1
4/12/34 Outgoing mail p.1
10/11/34 Everybody knows…Patchogue p.1
U.S. Power Squadron
3/3/32 Motorboat owners pass course p.1
5/19/32 Plans p.1
U.S. Sen. Comm. on Foreign Relations
7/9/31* Telephones link youth p.3
U.S. Treasury Dept.
7/11/29 New bills are out p.1
4/23/31 Warning…$10 & $20 counterfeits p.8
7/16/31 Plan nipped p.1
3/24/32 Counterfeit bills flood country p.1
8/18/32 Counterfeit bills in Suffolk p.1
9/20/34 Watch…warns bank p.1
U.S. Treasury…Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms
11/25/26 Montauk rum scandal case p.1
2/11/27 Raid p.1
U.S. Treasury…Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms
3/25/27 Moonshine found p.1
1/24/29 Clean up Suffolk liquor p.1
2/7/29 More raids p.1
3/21/29 Make more raids p.1
4/11/29 Warn of speakeasies p.1
9/26/29 Hotel Montauk raided p.1
9/26/29 Raids on North Sea p.8
1/16/31 Speakeasy sentence p.1
3/6/30 Rid of biggest gang p.1
3/27/30 Blue raids speakeasy p.1
4/3/30 Seize rum in daylight p.1
4/10/30 Truck seized p.1
5/22/31 Troopers raid still p.1
7/17/30 Raids on LI hotels p.1
7/24/30 Agents seize radios p.1
7/24/30 Raid at Montauk casino p.1
8/28/30 Raid 4 gambling resorts p12
9/4/30 Raid on Shinnecock casino p.1
9/11/30 Blue raids breweries p.1
10/2/30 Catch rum runner at EM p.1
11/26/30 Pistol battle with D.A. p.1
12/11/30 Furniture hides illegal cargo p.1
12/31/30 No “cheer” in spuds p.1
8/6/31 Rum runners captured at dock p.1
12/3/31* Potatoes stop…bullets hijackers p.1
9/28/32 “Dead man” found much alive p.1
3/10/32 Coast Guards sentenced p.1
3/31/32 Boat captured by Coast Guards p.1
4/7/32 Find huge still at Brookhaven p.1
5/12/32 Coast Guard shot in rum seizure p.1
5/26/32 Still seized on Eastport road p.1
6/2/32 Charge local in still seizure p.1
6/2/32 Machine gun…at Montauk point p.1
6/9/32 Seize small still at Eastport p.1
9/13/34 Extends stamp rule p.1
U.S. Veterans Hospital at Northport
4/2/31 Making poppies p.1
U.S. War Dept.
7/30/31 Will probably approve bridge p.1
U.S. Internal Revenue Service
1/18/34 Foundation benefits tax exempt p.7
2/15/34 Aid with income tax problems p.6
U.S. Liquor Taxing Act of 1934
1/18/34 Liquor dispensers…fed. tax p.8
2/8/34 No return of champagne tax p.6
U.S. Veteran’s Bonus Bill
3/15/34 Bonus a political gesture p.1
United Veteran’s Corps
1/25/34 Staff appointed p.7
3/8/34 Meet p.1
Van Meter, Joseph H.
10/11/34 Gets $7,500 in death of son p.1
Vanderbilt, Edward W.
3/18/27 Wins will contest p.1
Vessel “Charles R. Linde”
7/9/31* Largest boat on bay p.4
Vessel “Edna A.”
7/27/34 Sunken “Edna A” to be removed p.1
Vessel “Harry Bowen”
11/20/30 Ship gets stranded p.1
Vessel “Morro Castle”
9/20/34 East Moriches man was seaman p.1
11/8/34 Vernon Rogers…experiences p.3
Vessel “Old Ironsides”
8/27/31 Old Ironsides draws crowd p.1
Vessel “Osprey”
9/12/29 Grounded in fog p.1
Vessel “The Franklin”
4/5/28 Another true story p10
7/18/29 Steamship Franklin, 55 years ago p.1
Vessel”William N. Page”
1/8/31 Freighter is aground p.1
1/22/31 Stranded ship is off p.1
1/29/31 Repairs cost nearly $175,000 p.1
Veterans of Foreign Wars
2/1/34 Install post at Medford p.1
6/21/34 Post formed here p.1
3/1/34 Medford to give relief p.1
6/15/34 Form post here p.1
1/11/34 Qualify for VFW p.1
Vitako, Paul
4/17/30 Three year old explores CM p.1
Voorhees, Capt. Lee
7/6/34 Gets swordfish off inlet p.1
Voter Registration
11/3/32 Registration on increase p.1
11/1/28 Voter literacy cert. at polls p.1
10/9/30 Literacy tests for new voters p.1
Vunk, John R., Suffolk Co. Supreme Ct. Justice
8/11/32 Testimonial to Vunk p.1
8/18/32 Praise Vunk p.1
Wallabout Square
2/1/34 Suffolk farmers to discuss p.6
Warner, Dr. & Mrs. D. S.
3/20/30 Loses valuable diamond ring p.1
Welach, William
10/22/31 Farmer killed by fractious calf p.1
Welfare Council – Daughters of America
7/16/31 Install officers p.1
Wescott, James
3/27/30 Raincoat thief found p.1
Westhampton Beach School District
3/31/32 Suit against school dismissed p.1
Westhampton Country Club Yacht Squadron
7/17/30 Race at Speonk p.1
7/24/30 Races p.1
7/31/30 Race p.1
7/31/30 Ladies handle boats p.1
8/21/30 Slow wind for races p.1
7/7/32 Boat for EM wins p.1
7/7/32 Races p.1
7/14/32 Races, 42 boats p.4
7/21/32 Local boats winners p.1
Westhampton, N.Y.
8/23/28 Old grist mill is transferred p.1
6/19/30 Youngsters at “War!” p.8
Whaley, Gordon W.
11/6/30 Man retires p.1
6/23/32 Honors p.1
Wiggins, Mary
8/3/34 Female daredevil at fair p.8
Wilcox, C. H.
6/3/27 Talks on ducks p.1
Wilcox, Leroy
4/14/32 Has fine bird collection p.1
Williamson, Charles J.
10/9/30 Owes $28,309 to town p.1
10/23/30 Goes before the board p.1
11/6/30 Report on former town clerk p.1
12/31/30 Will brook no further delay p.1
1/22/31 Another 2 weeks p.1
1/29/31 Will brook no further delay p.1
11/13/20 Questions need to return fees p.1
10/6/32 Review p.1
Woloski, Mr. & Mrs. John
8/17/34 Merry time at christening p.1
Woman’s Christian Temperance Union
1/20/28 Negligence in Volstead act p.1
11/6/30 New p.1
11/20/30 Meets at local church p.1
1/22/31 Meet at Moriches p.1
2/19/31 Big joint meet at EM p.1
3/26/31 Meeting at EM p.1
4/23/31 Meeting here p.1
5/21/31 Meets at Methodist church p.1
6/18/31 Meet at Manorville p.5
9/17/31 Meets at EM p.1
10/29/31 Meets at Center church p.1
11/19/31 Leadership unchanged p.1
1/21/32 Holds victory day p.1
5/19/32 Prizes awarded p.1
5/26/32 School prizes p.1
6/23/32 Covered dish luncheon p.1
10/27/32 Meet p.1
11/3/32 Lively meeting p.1
11/16/33 Suffolk meeting p.6
11/30/33 Crosier heads p.1
4/12/34 National secy. addresses p.1
6/8/34 Poster contest winners p.1
11/8/34 Has 46th annual convention p.3
Woman’s Club of the Moriches
3/29/28 New library books p.1
6/21/28 Club incorporated p.1
6/28/28 Elects p.1
8/30/28 Benefit picture p.1
10/18/28 Receive new books p.1
1/10/29 Specialty tea p.1
1/17/29 Specialty tea p.1
3/7/29 Reviews year p.1
3/7/29 Talk on girls p.1
3/14/29 Protest felling of trees p.1
3/14/29 Caterpillar contest p.1
3/28/29 Back YWCA drama p.1
5/2/29 Meeting p.1
5/23/29 Issues appeal p.1
6/13/29 Hold party p.1
6/13/29 Dance successful p.1
6/20/29 Presents satire on divorce p.1
6/27/29 Entertainment p.1
7/18/29 Hold card party p.1
7/25/29 Holds party p.1
8/8/29 Will have library p.1
8/29/29 Fine entertainment p.1
9/5/29 Club improvements p.1
9/26/29 To take library on 1st p.1
11/14/29 Make progress on library p.1
1/30/30 Elects p.1
2/20/30 Reception p.1
5/15/30 Talk on antiques p.1
5/29/30 Want to save trees p.1
5/29/30 Hear antique talk p.1
6/19/30 Card party p.8
6/26/30 Parties p.1
7/3/30 Library open eves p.8
7/3/30 Card afternoons p.1
7/10/30 Afternoon parties p.1
7/17/30 Many attend parties p.1
7/31/30 Plans affairs p.4
8/28/30 Bazaar p.1
9/4/30 Benefit card party p.1
10/2/30 Party successful p.1
10/23/30 Have a good speaker p.1
Woman’s Club of the Moriches
10/30/30 Club party p.1
11/26/30 Card party p.1
12/4/30 Lectures p.1
12/11/30 Enjoy talks p.1
1/15/31 Talk on art p.1
1/29/31 Closes season p.1
3/5/31* Tent caterpillar contest p.1
3/19/31 Holds party p.1
4/27/31 Makes plans p.1
4/23/31 Card players party p.1
4/30/31 Plan programs p.1
5/14/31 Talk on table setting p.4
5/21/31 Holds party p.1
5/21/31 Want signs removed p.1
6/4/31 Events p.1
6/25/31 Holds garden party p.5
7/23/31 Enjoy garden parties p.5
7/30/31 Exhibition p.8
8/13/31 Punch & Judy show p.1
9/3/31 Federated societies meet p.1
9/24/31 Federated bodies meet p.1
10/29/31 Activities p.1
11/19/31 Meets p.1
12/17/31 Sale p.1
12/24/31 Sale successful p.1
12/31/31 Open house p.1
1/7/32 Visit club on New Years p.1
1/28/32 Has successful year p.1
2/11/32 Card party p.1
3/3/32 Fine talk given p.1
3/24/32 Party p.1
3/31/32 Library growing p.1
4/7/32 Club lectures p.1
4/21/32 Enjoy cards p.1
5/26/32 Garden showing p.1
6/2/32 Garden showing p.1
6/16/32 Card party p.1
6/23/32 Unusual musical by club p.1
6/23/32 Card party p.1
6/30/32 Many enjoy musicale p.1
6/30/32 Plans program p.1
7/14/32 Card party p.1
8/25/32 Holds party p.1
12/14/33 Hold Xmas tea p.1
2/1/34 Frowein heads club p.1
2/22/34 Gives 19th annual report p.1
3/8/34 Committees named p.1
3/15/34 Hears talk p.1
3/29/34 Plans exhibition p.1
4/19/34 Club entertains p.1
5/25/34 Makes improvement p.1
6/1/34 Berrien club speaker p.1
6/29/34 Garden party p.1
7/6/34 Garden fete p.1
7/27/34 Bridge luncheon p.1
8/17/34 Children’s party p.1
8/30/34 Delights children p.1
8/30/34 Hartell speaks p.4
9/27/34 New books p.1
9/27/34 Talk on Marie Dressler p.5
10/25/34 Dana hostess at benefit p.5
11/1/34 Meeting p.5
Woman’s Clubs of Suffolk County
5/23/29 Meet p.1
Woman’s Committee on Subsistence Gardens
7/20/34 Benefit bridge p.4
9/20/34 Suffolk has 2,000 gardens p.7
Woodhull, General Nathaniel
11/12/26 Grave of LI hero p.1
12/6/28 Woodhull honored p.1
Yaphank, N.Y.
3/9/28 Treat at Yaphank home p.1
6/7/28 Woman hit by Cannonball express p.1
7/3/29 House razed p.1
8/11/32 Fire razes home p.1
10/18/34 Summons for ticket jumpers p.1
Young Men’s Social & Athletic Club
8/10/34 Eastport dance p.1
Young Women’s Christian Assn.
5/27/27 Local girl…at conf. p.1
10/15/26 Triangle clubs conf. p.1
3/15/28 Finale at Bayport p.1
4/12/28 Officers meet p.1
4/19/28 Little tots to sing p.4
10/30/30 Hold annual drive p.5
1/15/31 Drama tournament p.1
Zakewicz, Andrew
7/10/30 Runaway caught p.8
Zimmerman, Henry
4/30/31 Dig up Indian tomahawk p.1
Zimmermann, Fred J., N.Y. State Assemblyman 2/15/34 War on advertising signs p.4
of Available Issues
of the
Center Moriches Record
Volume 1 #1 from October 31, 1900
and issues from September, 1926 — December, 1934
Index prepared by
Maurine R. Donnelly
with assistance from
Nan Peel, Director
Center Moriches Free Public Library
Published by the
Center Moriches Free Public Libray
235 Main Street
Center Moriches, N.Y. 11934
Copyright 1997
The Moriches Bay Historical Society was given bound volumes of the Center Moriches Record from the library of Gus Stout. They then made these available to the Center Moriches Free Public Library for microfilming and indexing by the library. This index will become part of a statewide project headed by Stony Brook University in which local history is made available to researchers through the study of newspaper articles of the past.
Irma Davin, formerly a reporter for The Moriches Bay Tide, supplied the library with the first issue of The Record, dated October 31, 1900, which had been given to her by John Cummings. It has been transcribed and articles from that issue are included in this index.
To find information on a specific event in the Index of the Center Moriches Record, consult the index heading. For example: under the heading, “Suffolk County you will find the listing, “11/30/33 Votes cast…70,585 p. 2” — the first set of numbers indicates the month/day/and year of the issue. The title of the article in the example is, “Votes cast…70,585” which is followed by the page number, 2. Entries are listed in chronological order which allows the reader to follow the progress of news items by reading the index.
Subject headings for all the churches, synagogues, and religious meetings begin with the word “Religion”. Unless a specific town is named in the heading, the church is located in Center Moriches.
Lodges are listed by the title of the lodge, such as Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks, Catholic Daughters of America, International Order of Odd Fellows, Junior Order of United American Mechanics, Knights of Columbus, Modern Woodmen of America, Order of the Araranth, Order of the Eastern Star, Rebekah Lodge & Order of Free Masons.
Clubs and societies are listed by their titles, such as, Daughters of the American Revolution, and Woman’s Club.
An alphabetical listing of death notices appearing in The Record is found under the heading, Obituary Notices.
An asterisk following the date of issue means that there was a typographical error in the dating of the paper and so the searcher may need to consult several issues of the paper to find the specific article in question.
The newspaper served to bring all sorts of information and entertainment to the readers. Books & articles often were serialized in the weekly paper. Serializations are indicated in The Record with Book Series as a general heading. The date listed before the title of the book means that the book serialization begins in that issue, and the volume number that follows is from that first serialization.
Continuation articles have the date and volume number of the first article in the series listed, and are found under the heading Center Moriches Record. Some titles of continuations are, “Economic Highlights”, “Round About Long Island”, “In The Good Old Days”, “Can It Be Done”, with a drawing showing the new invention, and the column of school news, “Sunrise Student”, which written by the students of the Center Moriches School District.
Although The Center Moriches Record made no specific mention of Black Friday, the date of the stock market crash and the beginning of the Great Depression in 1929, articles in the years following indicated that our area was in the midst of economic depression, and indicated how groups banded together to help. The Record gave free advertising for anyone looking for a job, benefit card parties were held by various groups, and a druggist gave free labor on all Rx’s. The Record included Editorials of encouragment, and the American Legion was mobilized for the War against Depression.
The motto used to describe Center Moriches was: “On the South Side of Long Island where the Sunshine Lingers Longer.” The spelling of the of our village was debated in the issue of 11/3/32; whether it should be Centre or Center.
Some things stay the same: a cartoon in the January 1, 1927, issue says, “Ultimate in Futility to try to find a parking space on Saturday afternoon.”
And some things change. Our current health regards cause all to be aware of the dangers of smoking. But not so in the 20’s. In many of the 1927 issues of the paper are advertisements for cigarettes, using prominent figures, such as actors and senators. The issues of May 27th, June 3rd and June 10th in 1927 shows ads quoting Senator Charles Curtis, Leader of U.S. Senate, Senator Cameron, and actress Blanche Ring.
The advantages of piano lessons for the children used quoted Walter Damrosch in the issue of April 5th, 1928.
Johnson’s Photography Studio, in Patchogue advertised in the issue of February 11th, 1927.
An article in the August 15th, 1929 issue, tells that Justice Neville issued a warrant for Bruno, charging abduction. It seems he had owed the landlady $50 and was told to leave if he didn’t get work. So he left, and the landlady’s daughter left with him.
On March 18th, 1927, it was reported that Capt. W. O. Chichester returned from a 5 week trip to Florida. He went to Havanna on the Steamship Seneca on the Clyde Line with Captain Byron Leek and reported that Miami business is at a standstill because of too many hotels.
The famous Bloomer Girls were to play in Center Moriches, September 1st, 1932. And on July 2nd, 1931, it was reported that the only surviving pony express rider, Charles Miller, also known as Broncho Charley, was to cross the continent on horseback.
On January 14th, 1927, it was reported that since the bay froze over, Isaac Osborn had been felling trees and cut down a 200 year old hickory tree on the Ruchart farm to make room for more farming. In the July 3rd, 1929 issue one is told where to go to see the rare night blooming cereus plant in East Moriches.
In the first issue of The Record, a headline reports, “Moriches is to boom if Charles E. Blaney’s plans are all carried out.” The article tells of how Mr. Blaney has purchased a tract of 68 acres on Old Neck since the rents in the city are too expensive for his enterprises. A well-known playwright, he planed to build winter quarters for his circus on the tract at Old Neck, with an auditorium for theatrical performances. Also it is noted that the cranberries grown in Perkins Marsh in Riverhead are the size of robin’s eggs and that pickers make excellent wages on account of the immense size of the berries – 12 cents a pail.
Reading the old newspapers gives an overview of life as it was then, and provides a useful comparison for the life of today’s reader, giving an insight about life staying the same, even as it changes.