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Library Owned Device Policy

The Board of Trustees of the Center Moriches Free Public Library authorizes the issuance of cell phones, laptops and other relevant devices to designated employees in order to facilitate library functions. Possession of these devices is contingent upon continued employment at the Center Moriches Free Public Library, and the equipment remains the sole property of the Library.

Employees must sign a receipt acknowledging that they have received the device and that they recognize the responsibilities and guidelines outlined below. Non-compliance with any of the below stated conditions may lead to forfeiture of the device possession or disciplinary action.

  • The Library will install within any item provided any work related and/or monitoring software. Installation of other software or applications by the user is prohibited without prior authorization.
  • When technologically possible, devices should be password protected.
  • Devices should not be synchronized to the employees own personal devices or personal accounts.
  • Use of the device is for the employee only. No family or friends are to be permitted to access the device.
  • The employee may be required by the Director or Board of Trustees to produce the device for inspection.
  • Employees are expected to abide by all applicable state or federal laws and regulations regarding the use of electronic devices at all times.
  • Employees are expected to refrain from using their mobile devices while driving unless they are able to place or accept calls in a manner that complies with all state and local laws.
  • Employees are expected to protect their devices, data, and/or equipment from loss, damage or theft. In the event of loss, theft or damage, the employee is to notify the Director or Board of Trustees President as soon as possible. An employee may be held responsible for the replacement of the item. In the event of a lost or damaged device, the Director has the final authority to determine the replacement cost. If the user is the Director, the Board of Trustees shall possess the final authority.
  • The Library shall provide all work related equipment and protective devices. A user may provide his/her own equipment or protective device at his/her own cost and risk only with the approval of the Director or her designee.
  • The content existent within any device or equipment may be reviewed by the Director or his/her designee at any time and without notice.


Approved by Board of Trustees on 3/18/19