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Welcome to our Reader’s Corner!

Below, you will find a collection of virtual book displays and bibliographies that we have put together.  Some of these are traditional genres, some are based on current events. For our bibliographies centered on seasons and special celebrations, check here.

This is always expanding and being updated, so check back in!  Each book on the virtual displays has links to a physical copy, and ebook and e-audiobook versions!  Please note that the physical copy will tend to be the non-large print version of the title.  You can always click on the physical link and search for the large print copy from there.  As always, if you need help finding a version of a title, we are here to help!

If you prefer a paper bibliography, we have formatted versions of our virtual book displays ready for you to download.   They paper are available in the library and have a quick description of each book.


Are you as obsessed with Bridgerton on Netflix as we are? Check out some of these Bridgerton read-alikes to keep you going until your turn on the waitlist is up! These Regency Romances will keep the heat turned up this winter! 


The truth is often stranger than fiction. These authors tell the sometimes funny, sometimes searing  stories of their lives and experiences. Try one today!


Escape to different worlds, typified by fantastic aspects, such as magic or different beings!

Science Fiction

Explore strange new worlds while never leaving your house with these great science fiction titles. Alien
planets, spaceships, or even our own planet’s future, with the turn of a page.

Science Fiction

Historical Fiction

The past is another country – explore it! Set at different times in different places, these books are the
next best thing to time travel from the comfort of your own home.

Historical Fiction



RIP Beverly Cleary

The iconic children’s author passed on March 25, 2021.   She is perhaps best known for her Henry Huggins, Ramona, and Ralph S. Mouse series, but wrote many wonderful, humorous books for children.  This display gives the first 3 books in the above-mentioned series, several collections, and a couple of the stand-alone books.  Please look towards the Hoopla books (with the lightning symbol) for always-available titles!

RIP Larry McMurtry

Writers of novels set in the Wild West and current day Texas, Larry McMurty passed away on March 25, 2021.  Apart from writing “Terms of Endearment”, he is perhaps best known for his “Lonesome Dove” series which was adapted into several Emmy winning television mini-series.  He also adapted screenplays including “Brokeback Mountain”.

Comic Books

Are you completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of comic books out there? Not sure why everyone is freaking out over ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier?’ We got you. This list will show you original source material of the most popular comic content out there and where Marvel and DC are headed.

Comic Books


Settle in for some delightfully creepy Halloween Horror, sure to get you into the ‘spirit’ of the season

Halloween Horror Books